I Think We Need A Thread On What Everyone Is Working On!

Discussion in 'Dog Tricks' started by sara, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. southerngirl Honored Member

    Missy's working on:
    rear end awareness
    Help me up- she knows it but needs some polishing
    hand stand-finding this hard, need to work on rear end awareness for it.
    loose leash walking- tried this when she was a pup till she 5 I gave up and got a head halter, it works but she hates it and I don't want her uncomfortable on a walk it's suppose to be enjoyable so I'm giving loose walking a go again this time with a anti pull harness. It's going really good she's a quick learner. Every time she pulls I stop and call her back to my side than continue walking.
    Calmly walking past dogs- very seldom does she freak out know when we walk past dogs she used to go berserk when we walked pass them, I'm so proud of her.
    Chase is working
    Loose leash walking- going pretty good he's just gotten to old to have the energy to pull me around like he used to. When I was little he pulled me down the outside stairs year for a while I wouldn't walk him(being pulled down stairs is painful) than a few years later he almost pulled me into a ditch. I slid onto my butt to anchor my self down, it worked. He's 60pounds.
    Shake- he knew this when he was younger but no one has worked with him for years, I just started clicker training him. He hasn't caught on yet.
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  2. charmedwolf Moderator


    Beg- Trying to get him with his feet underneath him so he can hold it. It's a lot of weight for him so I'm not asking for much but come on I just really badly want to show a Mastiff begging like a little dog...
    Heeling- Starting to add eye contact with moving. He tends to trips over his own feet if he looks up at me.:ROFLMAO:
    Elephant trick- I finally found a piece of wood that he can comfortably put both feet on!! Finally!
    Offleash Obedience- He started trying to chase bikes so I've got to work on this so he doesn't have to be kept on a leash in the yard when I'm there.
    Fetch- He's just started to mouth items. There is hope yet!
    Weave through legs- This is becoming the funniest trick because I am so short and he is sooo tall.
    Cop cop and guard- Cop cop is from between the legs and guard is facing me but going backwards. He doesn't like to step on my feet but he is getting less hesitant of it.
    Spin- Fading the hand signal.


    Beg- Fading the hand sign and working on distance from me.
    Eye contact- Working on it for reaction prevention.
    Recall- Through out the house and yard.
    Cop cop- Starting on the being between my legs.
    Weave through legs- We have one leg right now.
    Elephant trick- She goes only in one direction so far.
    Stay- Working on staying while I throw something and when I'm cooking.
    Manners in the kitchen- She likes to open the trash just to see what's in there and put her paws on the counter.


    Beg- She just started doing this as I was teaching Isis. Copy cat ;)
    Elephant trick-Only goes in one direction, the one Isis doesn't :confused:
    Say no- Still using hand signal and moving away from the corner.
    Eye contact- Working on it for reaction prevention.
    Recall- Through out the house and yard.
    Shoe retrieve- Only brings one shoe right now.
    Go to mat- Starting on distance and distraction
    Taking off socks- Working on add more force to her pulling.
    Roll in a blanket- She will pick it up then fall to the side.
    Roll over- Just retraining cause she stops half way now.

    Wow, I just realize how many tricks I have going at once. Time to get working on some of them to cross off the list!!
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  3. mewzard Experienced Member

    Oka is not doing alot at the moment because i've been so so busy!!

    Listening around other dogs!

    Reversing though my legs - only just started this one, trying to get her to stay facing away from me is hard, using a touch stick is helping and she can /back up/ nicely just trying to get it together .

    Back up in heel - without sitting down at the end!

    Downs in heel - so for her not to continue following me.

    Health/eye care - teaching her to stay still whilst i wipe near her eyes
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  4. Evie Experienced Member


    Every time I come browse this forum I find another trick that I desperately want to teach:rolleyes:

    - loose lead walking (need to have this down pat by saturday for dog school)
    - weaving in between my legs (our trick for dog school - we have 1.5 weeks to complete it)
    - pressing the door bell to go outside (she's done it about 5 times now without being cued)
    - stay with distractions (also need this for dog school) So basically Evie has to be able to stay, in the group of yappy dogs, with me dancing around like an idiot near her and at a distance. Not the easiest thing in the world for a 6 month old border collie :p
    - stand (also for dog school) It's funny how such a simple 'trick' can be so difficult. Evie does NOT grasp the concept of stand, and tbh, i don't work on it much as there's too much else to do.
    - holding objects (REALLY REALLY want to get this one working but Evie just doesn't get it, the only way I can keep an object in her mouth is if i tug on it, the moment i stop, she lets go. I know this is how most dogs start with this trick, but it just seems like she isn't progressing to longer holds. Like, she wont even hold it in her mouth for half a second before dropping it. Sigh.
    - Recall - I don't think we'll ever stop working on this.

    But yeah, loose lead walking, stay and weaving our our priorities at the moment simply because we're getting judged on it at dog school :p

    (wiping her paws has been temporarily thrown out the window simply due to the demands of dog school - and me needing to teach some rear end awareness before progressing any further.)
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  5. Teddy Weddy Well-Known Member

    Teddy is currently learning:
    Wipe face with paw
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  6. Ivy Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone!! I made a account a while ago but was busy when I made it! But now I can go back on more frequently!! I always come on here and read all the topics and get a lot of help and ideas from everyone here!

    Well what me and my schnauzer, cosmo are currently working on is

    The help me up trick! Which I just have to add a verbal cue!

    Fall on back: play dead. He's starting to ease back now with my help

    Lift left side legs up! Just about perfected!

    What we are going to start working on:
    Double Dutch
  7. winstonthedog Active Member

    I put together a wee video of Winston doing some of his tricks. They are by no means earth shattering but I am new to all of this and am so proud of him :) I am trying to teach him cover your eyes but I have essentially waxed the fur off of his nose trying to get him to get the tape off so I switched to an elastic as suggested but he only puts his paws up when the elastic is on...will keep working on it.

  8. Dogster Honored Member

    AWESOME!!!! Winston knows A LOT of trricks for a 5- month old puppy!!!!:D And the picture at the end is TOOO CUTE!!!!!:love: Great job!!!!
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  9. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    Hi! I too had trouble trying to teach this trick to Kodi. I finally came up with three methods that worked for my dog Kodi :) I'm posting the tutorial to my youtube channel, eliluvsdice on friday for Tiflovesbcs if you want to check it out! Your dog is adorable!!! :)
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  10. Evie Experienced Member

    Evie is currently working on 'steal.'

    My dad ALWAYS wears a cap/beanie/something on his head (usually a cap), so.... I've started teaching Evie to "steal" hats on command :D

    I don't live at home, so Evie and I are working on this one in secret and will try it on Dad when we've got it down pat.

    Basically I'm asking her to go to the hat (which is on a person's head) and to take it off of them and return it to me.

    As I've failed to teach Evie to "hold" items, the returning it to me is kinda hard, but she is currently very good at stealing hats off of heads and throwing them to the ground :p

    The best thing about this is that dad usually gets down on his knees/in a squatting position to greet Evie, so it should be easy for her to steal too.

    This is currently Evie's favourite trick... she LOVES grabbing the hat to the point that when i grab the hat now, i have to tell her to sit and stay, so that she doesnt instantly steal it lol
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  11. sara Moderator

    LOL a good trick! I love it! Wont your dad get a surprise :)
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  12. SD&B Experienced Member

    It would be great if you could set up a video camera unobtrusively and catch the action when Evie steals his hat. You and you Dad can enjoy Evie's trick again and again.
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  13. Evie Experienced Member

    Lol she got to test her skills today. After the first couple of time of me asking her to steal it, she became very sneaky... and would go up to dad, weasel her way onto his lap by giving him kisses and then grab his hat and run lol. It was quite entertaining. She likes stealing hats.
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  14. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Bella is working on
    Shy (duration)
    Stacking Paws
    Roll Yourself in a Blanket
    Elephant Trick.

    I'm gonna give teaching Jenny Roll Over.
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  15. Vizzla Experienced Member

    We work on the "pray" and "limp" trick :) I would like him to get the "limp" trick in two weeks so we can show people on the dog-show (a BBQ at night) and impress ;):cool:
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  16. Evie Experienced Member

    Evie's finally getting the hang of shy. And we're perfecting her tongue and the moment. She's great at licking her lips everytime, but now i'm only rewarding for tongues which go straight out and in rather than lip licking - because i'm fussy like that and I think it's cuter. She is getting the idea :p

    We're now working on the elephant trick (however I'm not 100% sure what i'm supposed to be doing), playing dead (I've found an awesome tutorial for a version of play dead but she needs to be able to sit pretty first and she can't do that yet without using my arm for support) and I'm still trying to teach her to hold things.
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  17. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwww!!!!!! LOVE the tricks!!! Wow, Evie has grown soo much, I haven't noticed until now!!!!:eek::D
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  18. Evie Experienced Member

    OMG!!!! I'm so so so SO happy :)

    Evie's finally learnt to "hold" objects. Only took me 6-7 months to teach it -.-

    It's something that'd we had been working on for a long time, but I'd just do one session every now and again before giving up again because no matter what I did she wouldnt hold the object unless I was tugging on it and then would always instantly let it go.... BUT yesterday we tried again and OMG IT WORKS! I didn't change anything, but she finally gets it. She can fetch objects too now :) So proud :)
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  19. Dogster Honored Member

    AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!!:D Get a pacifier, LOL:p:LOL:
  20. Mutt Experienced Member

    With Boef I'm working on:
    hind, putting her hind leg on a 2cm high wooden block, this is extremely hard for her! I didn't even know this was that tough for a dog, Mazzel didn't even need training, he just did it immediatly. But she is now understanding that is about her hindpaws.
    crossing paws left, crossing paws right is perfect, but left is a bit confusing for her
    up has been completed
    shame has been a while since trained this with her, but I'm a bit stuck, she will touch the tape on her nose, but doesn't seem to understand it without the tape.

    jipjip = elephant/rear awarness, almost perfected. just need him to make a full cirkel without my hand (without treat already) above his head). looking away from me is something he finds hard.
    LA = lift rear left paw, haven't worked on it since my introduction but is going quite well
    bow although he exactly knows how it works, he won't do it on cue yet. eventhough he sometimes offers me it as a behavior (I'm almost getting the idea he is fooling me!)
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