I Fell Off The Wagon... Petfinder


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GOOD ON YOU SARA, wow,:eek: huge kudos!!

for anyone looking to volunteer in some way,
In USA, there are transport teams, which line up and meet, driving a dog(s) in need,
from one town to the next,
everyone doing a leg of the trip, and meeting to pass off the dog(s) to the next driver.

There are even some pilots who volunteer from time to time too.:eek:

of course, this isn't always available, and it takes some serious arranging to co-ordinate it all, on multiple rescue forums all over the net, so no one is left with 3 dogs at some restaurant parking lot in the middle of Kansas, but they get pretty expert at this type of planning......and, it's surprising how fast they can put together a "Dallas to Ohio" transport team....or wherever.
gotta love and admire the humans dedicated like that, and like Sara. HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE GOING ON FOR YOU !!!


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btw, Sara, that should be tax-deductible if you get vet bills, dog food receipts, etc, all verified by a 501c status org, (most rescue orgs do have 501c tax-exempt "charity" status)
well, in USA, anyway, those costs would all be tax-deductible. I bet you don't bother keeping receipts and stuff, but, you could deduct those costs from your taxable income if you wanted to.

(i know you, Sara, feed multiple dogs, but, you could turn in a dog food receipt after guesstimating how many bags per month that one rescue dog ate per month, for example)


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I'm not in the US, no such thing as 501c. But yes, it is tax deductable, and I did manage to get a little back on my income tax.

I'm actually on a couple of transport yahoo groups, and am in constant contact with a lady who sets up transports for D2CARE, which is the rescue Buck technically belonged to until he got into rescue in Ottawa.


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There are also multiple breed-specific boards for those wanting to volunteer for transport,
like this one,
for border collies.
^reading this may depress some ppl,:cry: i'm just warning you.

(there are multiple weboards for BC rescue, and for other breeds as well)
lots and lots of ways to tap into rescuing dogs,
whether it is transport,
or fostering,
evaluating dogs in dog pounds for those ppl who know how to do that,
or even just pulling dogs from pounds if they are too close to getting euthanized, taking dog to your own home for a day or two as agreed upon, til transport team or foster can pick up the dog, etc. My point there is, on these forums, you would pull the dog out of the pound as part of an move that the group has all agreed upon, if you can not foster that dog yourself.


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dang you Dilly, you made me look!!

so did you Jackie, wow what a sweeeeeet face on that dog....loved it.
That Westside GSD rescue DOES list their dogs on petfinder, too,
but does not seem to have Garrison on petfinders yet, wonder why, or maybe i just couldn't find Garrison on Petfinder?
Whoa, they have a ton of dogs in their rescue! :( My local GSD Rescue doesn't have that many….


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oh, i dunno, dilly, if you google your state, + word "german shepherd rescue" there are usually tons of dogs looking for one good human to give them a chance...

but, obviously, a bigger city like L.A. would have more listings..


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I'm not awesome. It was a pay it forward kinda thing, I suppose. The lady that rescued Oliver in Houston covered all his expenses, neuter, flight, crate, etc. I had the money at the time, so I was able to pass it on to Buck. He deserves the happiest of homes, he is the sweetest boy EVER!


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Poor baby is in my pound. Border Collies go a bit nutz in the pound it's a horrible place for them. He's just a pup, I hope someone gets him soon. :(


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Can't stop laughing at all the posts:ROFLMAO: Molly's just the cutest OMD now I want to fly her to Australia:D Darn, we're only permitted by law to have two dogs:((n)

Love the La Woof, so funny and the Woofy hy'a my guys woof in English, even though they live at present in Australia:D

What arrangements have you made to get Molly home to you? How CAN you resist those eyes:D