I Fell Off The Wagon... Petfinder

Adrianna & Calvin

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And you can peel a banana without everyone come running for some !!
YES! I can even open a bag of chips, if the dog is sleeping :) No problems with loud trucks, jackhammers, sirens, and apparently screaming kids are a lot more interesting and fun if you can't hear the screaming :)

There's a website specifically with special-needs animals like this fine girl:

I can't tell you how many people cluck their tongues and say oh, poor thing when they learn that Calvin is deaf. Deaf and deaf/VI dogs are routinely put down in some places, as Calvin would have been in Nebraska, just because they're considered so much less adoptable.


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yeah, same for d.a. dogs, extremely shy/reactive dogs,
and some breeds.
the dog pound i took buddy from said they always line up the border collies first for euthanasia, cuz "that breed always gets returned..":(

i wonder what % of the millions of homeless dogs are deaf dogs?


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well, SouthernGirl is right, in reply #53,:ROFLMAO: where she *tries* to talk us all down again, lol, pointing out that most of here have no business drooling over petfinder dogs, for one reason or another,
but, to Bekah who posted border collies are hard to find in Canada:
bazillions of sites popped up when i typed into the browser:
"border collie rescue canada"
Canadian Rescues
Border Collie Club of Canada Rescue
Border Collie Rescue Ontario
Ontario Border Collie Rescue Network
That'll Do Border Collie Rescue





tons of sites...that is just first few on list.
good luck! WHATEVER one wants in a dog,
that dog IS on one rescue webboard or another.......:ROFLMAO:


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OHhhh, dogster, the dog with the famous ears is now "on hold" (someone is being checked out to get the dog or something)
sorry for your daydreams, dogster,
but YAY for the dog!! One less dog waiting to be chosen. YAY!!


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I would like a
or a dog that's blind,
or a dog with three legs,
but I'm worried that if I go on Petfinder, I will
fall in love,
and go
head over heels
for a dog.
And here I go again,
sigh. Ohhh Petfinder....:ROFLMAO:
It would be awesome to adopt a blind/deaf, handicapped, or senior dog. They always get looked over and don't have much as a chance as little puppies do. But there are awesome people out there who really care for them :)


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I love it when they have video! What a good looking boy. Why don't you adopt him? It's so strange to me that it's so hard to find homes for deaf or blind dogs, it's just not such a big deal to be a deaf dog. If you are in a rural area or need a working stock dog, it's understandable, but most of us use yards and leashes with our dogs and there's no problem there.
I would in a heartbeat but since Remi is still a puppy, I don't want to add the chaos of other dog just yet. Plus I'm in the process of getting a new place so its best to wait until everything is figured out. But I want my next dog to be specials needs.


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lol, you should talk to Holly about that. She is little, a pug X, and we do obedience and agility and she is very talented at both (and she has tried flyball and seemed like she would learn that very well if it was available). And she learns tricks and has tons of energy ;)

I can't think of anything that a larger dog can do that she can't. You just have to bend over more, but she has the advantage of being easier to pick up :)
I agree, I love little dogs, and no doubt are they just as good as larger dogs. Its just for me I've only had one athletic small dog in my life and all the others are just lap dogs. And so darn moody. It just isn't worth getting another one, unless thats all I could have do to living conditions. By the way Holly sounds like an awesome little dog. :)


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Also they are fragile and I have little nephew and a niece on the way and would be scared they would hurt it.
This too! I work in a daycare with kids anywhere from a year to 10 years old and I take my dog to work. I would be to nervous with a little dog around them, or even my nieces. I feel like if one of the kids drops 'em or picks 'em up wrong they could be easy injured.


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OHhhh, dogster, the dog with the famous ears is now "on hold" (someone is being checked out to get the dog or something)
sorry for your daydreams, dogster,
but YAY for the dog!! One less dog waiting to be chosen. YAY!!
OH WAIT, no, Paisly is on hold for heartworms...aw, poor baby....such a sweetie pie face...:(

Yep, I thought so too. But yeah, she has heartworm.:( She won't be able to be visited or adopted until October. Gives me a lot of time.....:sneaky::ROFLMAO: