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  1. MaryK Honored Member

    The Komondor sounds absolutely delightful, lovely to see a dog like that, he must have great humans. LOL hope Todd didn't drown in slobber:D

    Very much like the sound of your puppy classes. Ours will only take them after their vaccinations, but do not continue on and last only four weeks. Then it's on to Adult Doggy School but in the junior classes. Full Agility is usually 12 months old, to ensure their skeletal and muscular development has matured. The 'mini' agility course in junior class is really to get their little minds thinking and working, not as a fore runner to full on Agility.

    LOL they sure were cute and kept everyone in fits of laughter. Yes Leaf was also a rescue from an abusive environment but the full details are not made known, so I've had to 'guesstimate' some of what has happened to her from her reaction to different things happening in her life.

    Congratulations to Leah! That's fantastic making it to second round in Britain's Got Talent, not easy to get through that's for sure. No hadn't realized how close their names were, will have to be careful as I'm the world's worst typist!

    Am going to check the videos now, fingers crossed.

    I know absolutely shocking! We humans are so darned boring compared with a fun playmate:rolleyes: Sounds like another young lady at her junior agility class:rolleyes: Oh dear, Todd has discovered the dubious delights of smelly fish! What is it about stinking, smelly fish which is so attractive to dogs??? Oh nothing like a drop of fishy breath, really isn't that what you always wanted? How could you be so unkind as to dunk him in a bath after all the trouble he went to to get that distinctive manly odor "Fishy Delights":D

    Todd reminds me of a beautiful Golden Lab I used to walk for an elderly lady. This chap delighted in finding the dirtiest, most stinking water you could imagine! Then he'd wallow for ages, refuse to come out (and one lot I sure wasn't going in heaven only knows what had died in that water) until he was covered in gunk and stank like a Skunk. The worst part was, to get him home I had to walk through the main shopping center, with all it's street cafes etc. I did try to 'disown' him but he was such a friendly chap it was just impossible! I also had to hose him before returning him to his dotting owner!

    Sounds like Todd still has quite a bit of growing to do, he's going to be probably top end of height for a BC boy.

    Blossom is still growing lengthwise, but there is a move upwards as well. My partner keeps saying she's out of proportion, her head is too tiny for her body! I think she's beautiful, her own individual self. And besides she was always going to be 'interesting' with a cross like hers. I've some new photos of her, just got to find the time to resize them. Then I'll upload to her profile page.

    Looking forward to seeing the walks you take, I know I'll be jealous I miss the British countryside so much!
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Awwwwwwwwwwww the videos are so cute and Leah's doing a fantastic job training young Todd. She's a natural dog trainer that's for sure. Todd is really smart too, he's doing so well! Love the way he chases after his ball. Blossom love her ball too, or anything else rolled along for her to chase.

    Getting Todd to go under the stool is a very good idea, that will also help when he's out and about, you just never know what he may need to do and nothing worse than a dog who baulks at things like going 'under' something.

    Had a look at his growth Patella, I could see it quite clearly when he had his paw on the stool, and he's going to be a biggish boy but not over the top huge! A Lovely sized, beautiful BC:D
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    Not me. You can keep your puppies. Give me a tearaway teenage pup any day :rolleyes:
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    You are thinking of "Unlisted" :cool:
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    Zac rarely rolls but he once in a while he rolls in fish, there is one part of fish, it looks like a fluid filled sack, maybe the swim bladder? that really stinks if the dog manages to burst it.
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL you sound just like my late Mom. She always said she was glad when puppies grew up!
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thanks Running Dog, had a total brain fade - oh maybe 'puppy induced' brain fade! Sure doesn't help when they're 'helping' you on the computer:rolleyes:
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Leaf's not too bad, just the odd stinky roll. Wondering what Ms. Blossom will be like though, she seems to like stinky Apricots, over ripe fallen off the tree! She's often sporting a leg or two covered in gooey, sticky, stinky, over ripe Apricot!
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    I'm not Mary or rd, but once Todd consistently (a in pretty much all the time), can be cued to do something, you don't want to treat every single time. It's called variable reinforcement and it makes the treat much more valuable cause Todd won't know when it's coming, but when it does....woo hoo!
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