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  1. toddandco Active Member

    Here is two vids of tonights fun. I have to wait for 13 year old daughter to send me the other links. I wont hold my breath! Todd is more reliable :)

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  2. running_dog Honored Member

    Thanks for sharing your videos. Todd is lovely and you are doing great with him. I am so so glad he has settled in with you now.

    One tip on Todd retrieving the ball (which he is doing brilliantly), when you click, click when he is moving towards you with the ball still in his mouth - even if you have to click when he is further away at first. The idea is that when a dog is learning a moving trick you click him when he is actually moving and doing what you want rather than after he has stopped.
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    So sorry for the delay, computer or rather our ISP has been playing up big time.

    Glad you found my help useful. Do just be careful though about over walking Todd, even with rests it can be hard on their little bodies, although it's not so bad if it's grass, just the hard paths etc. But I'm sure you take good care of him. Do you take a doggy water bottle/bowl on walks? Not sure how hot it is there, here I have to take water even for short walks now as it's quite hot even late afternoon/evening. Just a thought. I know you'll be able to judge whether Todd needs water on his walks or not.

    And do take your clicker along with treats on walks. It will help so much if he sniffs at something inappropriate like poop, or dead birds (a great favorite they smell wonderful to a dog). Along with other dogs, if he shows too much attention. The "look at me' is good for that one.

    So glad you're looking into puppy school, LOL never quite sure who has the best time as it's great fun but also so important for a puppy to socialize with others around the same age and size.

    That's a fabulous idea to involve your daughter with the agility course. It will help her to have quality time with Todd and trust me, she'll learn a lot too, we all do from our dogs even the puppies.

    Glad Todd has taken to clicker training, to be honest I haven't met a dog yet who doesn't love it. Blossom my little puppy is already clicker trained:)

    With the treats, once Todd really knows a trick, fade them out but still give the occasional treat, just to keep him honest:) You won't confuse him once he knows the trick, though at first he may look for his treat, but I always praise my guys for doing a trick. If you do decide at a later stage to do some form of 'formal' trick work, like Canine Freestyle, it pays to have a dog who will work without expecting a trick because after Novice level no treats are allowed in the ring. Same with Agility work.

    Oh I can totally emphasize with Todd hurting, those little puppy teeth are razor sharp, I know I'm going through that stage with Blossom. You're doing the right thing, folding your arms and turning away and you can also offer a toy and say something like "play with your toy - toy Todd". But unfortunately he won't stop that lark completely for a little while yet, he's still very young. It will ease though, he will get to realize you're NOT a toy. In the meantime, Aloe Vera is the best if he's broken skin, which they can easily do.

    Blossoms profile, along with pics is up now http://www.dogtrickacademy.com/foru...collie-x-tenterfield-terrier.7180/#post-72295

    Thank you for asking about my baby girl:) And don't forget, any problems with Todd just post and also any funny stories, there's bound to be some, we just love funny stories about our doggies, so post them too.

    Must find the video, I'm so far behind!
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Oh brother, my ISP didn't load the videos - :mad: I'll watch now sorry this is so frustrating LOL wish ISP could be clicker trained!
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Ooops for some reason I'm getting "private" the video will not play for me:(

    LOL can relate to your daughter being less reliable than Todd, my partner is less reliable than Blossom or Leaf:whistle::D
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  6. running_dog Honored Member

    It's lovely seeing Todd being trained. I meet someone with a year old dog that he hasn't trained at all - the poor dog doesn't even know her name!!!!!! He says he is too old to bother training her. Anyhow it is lovely to see a puppy like Todd with people like you who take the time to explain to him what you want.
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  7. toddandco Active Member

    Hi all. Sorry I have not been on recently. I am also having connection problems :( I managed to open your pics Mary. You have 2 gorgeous girls there. How old is Blossom?

    Todd is now 12 weeks old and has had his jabs so is able now to socialise with other dogs. We have met many dogs (and owners) of varying temperaments this week. From playful little puppies - which Todd obviously loves - to bad tempered old "characters" who give Todd short shrift and send him on his way lol!

    Today we went to the park. Todd was happily retrieving his ball when suddenly a Red Setter came bounding towards us. Todd was so startled he dropped his ball and the Red Setter nicked it and ran off! He kept running back to us and each time bowled Todd over. The dog kept jumping on me - With his paws on my shoulder, while his owner just looked on but did nothing. Todd, poor thing, was terrified and hid under a bench! The Setter was obviously very excited and playful - but very rough! Speaking to his owner I found out that the Setter was 3 years old and "Doesn't listen. It's a waste of time calling him" - Great!! :eek: I get exactly what you mean Running Dog.

    We are starting puppy training classes on Tuesday. I can't wait :) Todd has now learnt to crawl and to speak (Not at the same time lol!). The " Quiet" command is taking a while though :D He is hopeless at Beg - He simply falls over backwards but I guess that will come. Our favourite game at the moment is Hide and Seek. Todd is very quick to find the object (His tug rope) and even quicker to present himself at my feet for his treat :) I have plucked up courage to let him off the lead in large, fenced areas like the park or on public footpaths and woods and so far he has responded very well to recall every time. Fingers crossed.........

    I will try to fix the videos for you Mary. We are due for an updated one now anyway - If daughter can stick around long enough to take it! Clicker training would certainly come in useful there!

    Its lovely chatting with you. Speak soon x
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Can emphasize with computer problems hope all is fixed now:)

    Thank you they are two lovely young girls - but them I am biased:D

    Blossom is 10 weeks old today, just a shade younger than Todd:D Leafy is now a whole 20 months old, quite the 'mature' lady, well some of the time anyway.:D Blossom is now ready for her second lot of jabs, then two weeks after that we'll let the little terror loose on the public! On her leash though as there aren't any 'safe' areas around here, but she'll undoubtedly being heading to the beach and then - watch out world! She's doing well in the garden on her leash, most of the time, still has the odd moment when she tries to chew but 'off' (I have to use 'off' not leave as leaf and leave were too similar for my girl) stops her then she's busy looking for her treat.

    That's just awful what happened with Todd at the park. Honestly I do get a bit angry with people who just don't bother and claim their dog is 'too hard' to train properly. Red Setters are gorgeous dogs but it's scary for youngsters like Todd to have them nicking balls and jumping up at you. Poor Todd, hope it doesn't give him a prejudice against Setters or bigger dogs, that can happen so easily. I think, from her reactions to dogs barking next door, Blossom would have joined him under the bench.

    Oh you'll find puppy classes just delightful, I LOVE them, have fun and you'll learn so much too. Todd will have a blast:) Do let us know how he goes. LOL he'll probably totally forget all he's learned, they usually do, so don't be surprised if he turns into a 'little terrorist', that's normal.:rolleyes::D

    LOL was picturing Todd doing crawl and speak at the same time, the mind boggles:confused: He really is doing so well, you've got a very smart laddie there, and you're doing really well with training him too. Blossom has crawl, drop, sit and is trying to do 'sit pretty' - she copies Leaf - but she too topples over so I just allow her to put one paw (sometimes two) on my hand for support. So Todd will get sit pretty he just hasn't got the 'muscle memory' as yet, it will come though, so don't give up trying.

    Hide and seek is a great game, get's their little minds working but it sounds like you may have to make it a bit harder for your little 'brainiac' he's one smart boy!

    How is he going with the somewhat painful mouthing? Any improvement there?

    The 'quiet' command is a hard one, some dogs do learn quickly especially if they're like Leaf a naturally quiet dog, but others like Ms. Blossom it takes a bit longer, she still has her L plates on on that one too. Teaching them speak is a really good way to get them, eventually, to learn to be quiet. Also if Todd's barking outside, do you check to see what he's barking about? I always check and if it's nothing untoward just say something like 'it's o.k. quiet'.

    You're lucky to have a good safe park to let him off leash, so far so good, he's being such a bright boy.

    Will try the videos again, would love to see Todd in action:love::love::) Yes I too wish click/treat worked as well with humans, mine is the male variety and oh boy much prefer training dogs to men:eek:! Good luck!:whistle:(y)
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  9. toddandco Active Member

    Hi Mary. Aww its a shame we didn't live closer. maybe Blossom and Todd could have become best buddies - or sworn enemies lol! Leaf and Blossom are cute girls, with cute names too :)

    I don't think the experience with the Red Setter had any long lasting consequences - we met a large, playful one year old today and Todd stood his ground against him (Well some of the time!) I didn't know what breed he is so I just looked him up and he is a Komondor. Big, sloppy giant he is :)

    Todd doesn't bark outside. He only barks when my daughter comes in from school. She plays with him but he wants more and more and wont let up until she gives in. He just gets over excited to see her and thinks its playtime all the time she is around.

    Yes we are very lucky as we have lots of parks and woodland (and Beaches) in our area. Blossom sounds as if she is doing well too. The toppling over backwards at "Beg" or "sit pretty" is funny though isn't it? When you say "drop" is that how I would refer to as "lie down"?

    I think Todd is getting the message that I wont play with him when he mouths - but that doesn't stop him from having a sneaky nibble!

    I have just uploaded some pics from my phone onto the "Lets make a video" posts. I hope they have uploaded. I am useless trying to work my phone. Todd has grown very quickly in two weeks and has filled out - But his tail looks like a rat's tail now, compared to the rest of him. I am hoping he will get some feathers on it soon to make it a bit more impressive lol!

    Looking forward to puppy classes tomorrow and will let you know how it went. I only hope Todd behaves himself with all the other puppies around to play with :D
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  10. toddandco Active Member

    PS. How do I "like" peoples posts??
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes it is a shame. I'm sure Todd and Blossom would become best buddies, with big sister Leaf watching over them.
    Leaf was given her name by the son of the person who rescued her (he said she looked like a little Leaf) and took her from her abusive environment. As she went straight to a wonderful foster home I kept the name as I loved it, it suited her and didn't have any nasty connections. Blossom was the name of one of Leaf's siblings, so when I decided to take my Blossom the name just seemed to fit her too.:)

    Todd sounds like Leaf, she doesn't bark outside unless something really odd is happening, like men on a cherry picker working on the power lines, that did disturb her but once I checked it all and assured her it was all o.k. she didn't bother to bark again.

    With your daughter, I can well believe Todd doesn't want to stop playing, that's typical of a happy puppy. She just needs to be firm, quiet and use a cue like 'finish' - I also cross then open and cross again (hard to describe) my arms, holding them up in front of me, to signal 'finish' and ask Todd for sit. When Todd sits immediately click/treat him. If she hasn't got a clicker to hand, then use a marking word like "yes" and treat him. She may need to have some treats on hand the moment she comes through the door. LOL then she'll really be a certified dog trainer, treats in the pocket, bag and just about everywhere else!

    You are lucky, you've got it all, perfect for a puppy(n)

    Blossom is doing well I'm pleased with her progress. Sure is funny when they topple over and look so surprised "Hey Mom how did that happen?". I love the way puppies manage to do such funny things and the sheer naturalness of their antics:love::D

    Yes, drop/down is the same as lie down. If you mean of course Todd goes down with his front paws out stretched. But so long as he's down, that's the most important thing unless you plan on serious obedience/heel work.

    Glad Todd is getting the message that you're off limits for a little bit of chewing! Blossom has now decided if hands and arms are off limits, what about feet? Or hair? I've very long hair (it's grown a lot since my avatar pic) and she just loves to snuggle into my hair. Unfortunately though she 'forgets' herself at times and starts to chew/yank on it!:eek: Always something new to train with puppies.

    I'll go over and check out the photos of Todd. I'm not too good with my phone either, but I am better than my partner, hooray!!!!!!!!! Something he has to ask me how to do YEAH!

    Todd's tail may develop some feathers but I'm sure he looks cute with a 'rat's tail'. LOL let's hope he doesn't lash as hard as Leaflet does - one of her nicknames is "Madam Lash" for when she wags her tail it really does whip and is quite painful if she catches you in the eye as she did to me the other day:eek::eek: They grow like crazy at Todd's age, then seem to plateau for a short while and grown some more.

    Have fun at puppy classes and Master Todd you behave yourself, let them all see what a good trainer your Mom is, promise me young man no playing up!(n) I'll want a full report, warts and all, so behave little Todd!
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Easy peasy:D If you look at the bottom right hand corner of a post you'll see Like and Reply.

    Just hit the Like word and in a second you'll have 'liked' a person's post.:D(y)
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  13. toddandco Active Member

    Well we did our first puppy class tonight and I am pleased to report Todd was the star of the class :D There were around 15 puppies of varying ages from 11 weeks to 5 months. The puppies who had been attending classes were taken out to the field and the remaining 8 first timers were left inside.

    We learnt sit, down and wait - which Todd already knew, so whilst everyone else got on with that Todd and I concentrated on some heel work. He picked up the basics very quickly! I am so impressed!! I am going to concentrate on that during the coming week. During a recall exercise Todd was the ONLY puppy who came back straight away - he was also eager to run to anyone who called their puppies. Lucky I had him on a lead haha!

    Todd already knows "High Five" but I could not get him to raise his other paw for "High Ten". The instructor showed me how to do it so I will concentrate on that during the coming week also.

    My proudest moment today, however, was before puppy class. Todd was beginning to become a little restless (As he missed his afternoon walk as I didn't want to tire him out before class) so I thought I would attempt to teach him to unload the washing machine to keep him occupied. He took all of 5 minutes to get the idea! Daughter was well impressed when she came home from school to find her undies strewn all over the kitchen floor :D

    I will try to post a video of Todd's tricks to date over the next few days.

    Oh Mary don't talk about chewing of toes and hair! Todd surely has a foot fetish! Anyone who walks around our house barefoot does so at their own risk! And if we are wearing socks he insists on pulling them off! Some things he masters in minutes. Others......... :rolleyes: :whistle: And whilst I do not have long hair, Leah (daughter) does. And, yep! Todd loves it!

    Leah's school bus pulls in just across the road from our house so when I see the bus pull up I take Todd out saying "Where's Leah?" Leah calls him from the bottom of the street (Approx 50m) and I let Todd go unleashed to meet her. She gives Todd a treat (always in her pocket ;)) and they both run back up to our house. Leah's schoolfriends are very impressed with that and stand to watch him :cool:

    So all in all Todd remembered his manners at puppy class today :D I am hoping for a similar experience next week!

    I am useless at uploading from my phone, my OH is even worse :giggle: and Leah refuses to help me any more (She says I phones are clearly not meant for adults :notworthy:) but I have learnt how to "Like" posts - Thank you for the training!! :D
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Before I address your last post, my apologies I forgot to congratulate you both on Todd not being afraid of the Komondor! That's really impressive, as quite often young puppies get scared by a big dog, friendly as the dog may be, and it remains with them for ages! And a Komondor too! He/she must have been very well socialized because those dogs do have a bit of a rep. for being aggressive towards other dogs (cats and other animals are fine just dogs) so Todd met a real goof ball who's owners were obviously aware that their doggy needed good socialization. I was so tired when I answered your post, very remiss of me.

    Congratulations Todd(y)(y)(y) That's awesome that you remember all your lessons and didn't 'disgrace' yourself or your Mom. Absolutely thrilled to hear that and am grinning from ear to ear.:D

    I like that they take older puppies that's a brilliant idea, wish our Vet did that, they only take them up to 12 weeks old. But I have to say they don't have the facilities to separate the older puppies as they're in an inner suburb.

    Fantastic that Todd already knew sit, down and stay/wait!:)(y) To be able to concentrate on heel work is fabulous, especially at his young age, he's one very smart laddie and you're obviously doing all the right things in teaching him good doggy manners.(y)

    And he knows High Fives and now High Tens! That's fabulous he's doing so well, he'll be the trick champion before long.

    Good idea not to tire him out before class, they do use a lot of brain power at school. LOL I love the way he 'got' unloading the washing machine, that's priceless. Now all he has to learn is how to fold all Leah's undies and of course, put them away! Trust a puppy to 'get' the unloading then scatter the clothes all over the kitchen floor.:LOL::rolleyes: You've every right to be a proud Mom, Todd's a very smart puppy and seems to be very willing to work and learn. He's got a good work ethic, which will carry him a long way in the future.

    LOL typical good puppy, runs to anyone who has a treat. When Leaf was in puppy class (at the big dog school she missed the very young puppy class as she had to be kept with her foster Mom until after the court case) she learned very quickly to sit when greeted by the other trainers, in fact she plunk her little butt down the moment she saw any of the trainers, whether they were taking her class of not! Her recall, that's a very funny story, awesome at home but in class with her BFF - ummmm especially on the miniture agility course - she and Buddy (a Goldie) would just 'take off' and no amount of calling got them back. They went around the course, not necessarily in the right order or just on their side of the course, but all over the course jumping everything in sight. The long tunnel was time to have a wee bit of a cuddle then they both would emerge and take off again. Sooooooooooo embarrassing!!!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing his videos. Please don't use 'private', cannot think which one it is on YouTube, it's the one I always use, it's not public or private but the other one. That way they'll show up here but not be seen all over YouTube.

    Glad I'm not alone with the foot fetish. Blossom also loves jeans, long skirts, shoe laces and long housecoats:eek: They do grow out of it - eventually - but in the meantime stand still ask for 'leave' 'sit' and of course click,mark/treat. But, if Todds like Blossom his memory span may be short lived!:rolleyes: Poor Leah, she has my sympathy, nothing like a puppy hanging on to your hair!

    LOL Leah's well trained, always has treats in her pocket, good girl Leah you're a good dog trainer. That must be so cute the way he runs to her, love that and such good training for him too.(y) I well understand why her friends are so impressed, Todd's a little gem! And so cute to boot!

    I'm thrilled and impressed with Todd's good manners in class. He's done really, really well (hope my typing is o.k. both dogs are doing their best to distract and turn off the computer. I'm typing with one leg 'guarding' the computer on button). I'm sure he'll be even better next week.

    Keep up the excellent work Todd, you sure are a STAR Pupil! Top of the Class!!!!!:love::love:(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)(y)

    I'm not too bad with I phones, LOL typical teenager adults really don't know anything at all. In a few year's time she'll realize you're not totally useless and 'too old':rolleyes:

    Going to hit post before the two scallywags turn off the computer! So pardon any typos!
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Phew! Bit quieter so will just add, hope Blossom's legs lengthen, they need too otherwise she's going to have problems getting on the sofa:eek: Ah just heard my partner say 'You almost made it" which, from where they are, must mean the sofa! Her growth patella isn't huge though so I doubt she'll be a very tall dog.
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  16. kassidybc Experienced Member

    All of this puppy talk gets me in the mood for a puppy. :love: Thankfully I think I may be getting a BC pup this summer, super excited. :D
  17. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Todd sounds like a little genius! (y) Keep us updated!
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  18. toddandco Active Member

    Still having connection problems :( Thank you for your replies. I have written a lengthy reply, pressed send and had message "No internet connection" :( I will try again this evening
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  19. toddandco Active Member

    Hi Mary. The Komondor in question was a big, sloppy dog who carried a football in his mouth! The only risk to Todd would have been a risk of drowning through slobber!! :D

    Our puppy classes only take them after they have had their innoculations so 11 weeks old will be the youngest. The courses are for 10 weeks and then they go on to stage 2 and continue (if needed) up to 12 months. Agility classes are from 12 months. Awh I bet Leaf and her Goldie friend were so cute at agility class. It sounds like Leaf had a bad start to her life too :( Court case??

    Todd and Leah's vids should be open now ( I think he was around 9 weeks than). Leah entered Britains Got Talent and made it through to the second round. BGT contacted me to ask for videos so I closed everything that wasn't needed. Sorry! They are open again now. Do you realise with one typo we wont know if we are talking about my daughter or your daughter Mary! (Leah and Leaf lol!)

    Todd is in the doghouse this evening. Took him to the beach today. He was very well behaved - except on one occasion when he became so engrossed in playing with a Yorkie and refused to come back when I called him - Can you imagine a puppy wanting to play rather than return to his boring owner? Disgraceful! :D

    But the worst thing is he found a fish - a smelly, rotting fish - and proceeded to sit and nibble its tail, and then roll all over itl. He was absolutely stinking!! I heaved all the way on the journey home and never has a dog been dunked in the bath so quickly!! I don't know how many denti sticks he had tonight, in an effort to freshen his breath! Ugh!!

    The growth palette you speak of is very interesting! The problem is I don't have anything to guage it against :( The nodules at the sides of Todd's knees are about the size of large frozen peas (I cant think of anything else of that size).

    I will try to upload some pics of local walks we have been on over the past two days - just for you to see where we spend our days :D

    Ooh Kassidy. I look forward to your updates about your new puppy :)
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Really something to look forward too Kassidy:) And by then our puppies will be teenagers and we'll all be jealous!:D
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