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Discussion in 'Meet the Dogs' started by MaryK, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    Hello Everyone, my big sister Leaf has told me all about this forum, so I would love to be a part and join in (if she hasn't chewed up the computer - puppies Leaf's aside) be quiet Leafy, sorry doggies, I'd better introduce myself hadn't I.

    My Breed: I'm a Border Collie x Tenterfield Terrier. Yes I know 'interesting' as one of the vet nurses put it - and no don't ask 'how' fur Mom's not saying! Maybe read the Doggy Karma Sutra, may help, just saying :giggle::giggle:

    My Age: I was just six weeks old when I arrived at my new forever home. I'll explain why I was so young later

    My Birthday: September 17, 2014.

    My Star Sign: Virgo

    My Favorite Things: My Mom and Dad, Big Sister Leaf (though she may tell tails on me), all my toys, chewing (everything in sight including me *sigh* Leaf)Huh has she forgotten what it's like to be a puppy! My vet and all the nurses. Food and well just about everything a young puppy can do. I love life now!

    My Least Favorite Things: Having a bath though I'm very well behaved. Not being allowed to chew the cushions or anything else I want to chew.

    My Schooling: At present, due to not having had all those ghastly injections, I'm being 'home schooled' but am enrolled in the next term for Puppy School. Then next year when the new term begins I'll go to the big doggy school. Leaf says it's so much fun there.

    My Tricks: At present I am still wearing my L plates, but I know sit (especially for food), drop isn't too bad, recall although I do have 'selective hearing' at times, stay - errrh what's that?. And I can walk on my lead around the garden and driveway. Potty training, well it's not too bad, just the odd accident when Mom and Dad are too slow to take me outside, I'm not quite sure how to 'ask' yet. Oh and I almost forgot! I can do 'sit pretty' I copied Leaf, though I'm a bit wobbly:giggle::giggle:And Mom's very pleased the way I quickly learned not to jump up on her legs when she's getting my food ready, I really do sit like a very good girl. Pays too, otherwise she just stops and waits for me to sit again.;)

    My Characteristics: I'm very energetic, loyal, loving and Mom says smart. I also have a good sense of humor (we all need that with her around:rolleyes:) Leaf, I do have a sense of humor and no I'm not naughty just a puppy:p . Mom says when I grow up I'll probably be a good watch dog, that's the Tenterfield Terrier coming out, as I'm very alert to everything around me (yes and runs for the door the moment a dog barks) Leaf, do you want to write this?? No little sister but you must always tell the truth! O.K. so at present I run away from dogs barking next door, but I won't when I'm a big grown up girl! I adore every one, even the two cats, but truth does compel me to say I'm not so sure they love me - honestly if looks could kill :eek: but I guess, one day in the distant future, they may just grow to love me. Don't you think they will?

    My Ambitions: To be the very best doggy. A little bit too young to make solid career choices yet, but maybe modelling, Canine Freestyle, Getting a very good education, that's so important in life. And enjoying life to the max!

    Now my 'story'. It's not all that long, well I'm only 9 weeks old now, but even so I've had my adventures in life.

    Mom knew, a while ago, some people but she didn't see them for ages. Then one day, when she was walking Leaf, the lady stopped her and asked her for help. Seems her two dogs, yes Jasmine the Border Collie and Jackson the Tenterfield Terrier had done what my Mommy warned the lady they would do and as a result, Jasmine had five beautiful puppies. So Mom, being a sucker for a 'doggy hard luck story', offered to help the lady find homes for the puppies.

    One though, the lady said, she was going to have euthanized (Kleenex tissue time) because her hind legs weren't the best. Euthanize? My Mommy was horrified! She really did hot paw it round to find out exactly what was wrong with the 'deformed' puppy. To be honest she didn't have too much faith in the woman and good thing she did hot paw round too because she found moi! After looking very closely at my hind legs, she said to the woman that yes they weren't quite as straight and steady as the other puppies, but she felt with good food, fresh air and exercise, along with massage and Reiki, the puppies legs would be healed. Of course, no prizes for guessing who that puppy was, moi of course:D

    Honestly, Mom wasn't too happy to find that we spent our lives in a very small bathroom and only occasionally got to run out side or in the kitchen. Not enough exercise for, as we all were then, five week old puppies. Seems the woman couldn't handle us all and it was 'easier' to keep us locked up. Mom explained, very politely, that we all needed more exercise and made a lot of suggestions, which weren't really followed. But with regards to me, Mom said, at first she wasn't going to have any more puppies, Leafy is only 20 months old and still quite a pup herself. However, more threats of 'euthanizing' me started to become too much for my Mom.

    At first she offered to bring me here every day, give me Reiki and Daddy would massage my legs. The woman agreed to this for a few days, however, she had some 'weird' relations staying with her and they, for some reason or another, got it into their dumb heads that my Mommy would 'harm' me. I think it was Mom saying Deer Antler were good for us to chew. Our vet burst out laughing when she heard that, she couldn't believe anyone would say that about Mom.

    The result was the woman told Mom she wouldn't be home at the agreed 'pick up time', which was 9.a.m. because she was going to church. Mom suspected she was telling porky pies and asked her what time she would be home in the morning. The answer, after a moments thought, was the woman was leaving at Now Mommy knew for sure she was lying because she also knows the church this lady attends and knew full well that there wasn't any service starting that early. Plus she over heard a 'stage' whisper the woman made to the 'weird' people. Right Mommy promptly replied that she would call at 7.a.m. Not quite the expected answer.

    Sunday morning, bright and early with Daddy in the car waiting around the corner, Mom rang the bell. No answer! No surprise either! She rang again and one of the weird people opened the door and started to abuse Mommy big time! Mom stayed calm and just said she was expected. Door was slammed in her face but she did hear as it was being slammed the weird person yelling to the woman to get up. Ummm, leaving in 15 minutes for Church and not even out of bed??? I really don't need to say more do I, Mom was right big porky pies being told that's for sure. The woman came to the door, with me thank goodness, and said I had to be back by 1.p.m. because my Mom was harming me. Mom said no, it's too hot them, Blossom (as Mom had named me) will be back at her usual time. Thereupon the whole lot, yes all the other weird occupants had got out of bed by now, started to abuse Mom. They threatened to kill her, said Jasmine (my fur Mom) was going to kill me, then said she was missing me, then threatened to sue Mom (by seance perhaps, well they did say they would kill her) and loads more besides. I've heavily edited this, as it's not fit for normal, kind people's ears! Mom, by now, had me safely in her arms and just said, very quietly "She's six weeks old tomorrow and she's never coming back - ever" (Mom had already told the woman she would keep me and paid her for me, so she couldn't do much except continue to abuse Mom). So, with my little head bobbing on her shoulder Mom run back to the car and told Daddy all about what had happened. He was pretty cool and just said to Mom that that would teach her to get involved with 'weirdos'.

    I have to say, Mom's still alive, though she avoids walking past their place. I'm thriving and now my legs are virtually straight, healthy legs. My vet said that there wasn't any sign of a luxtating patella, only that I had a little more fluid around the hips, however, she also said that that was quite normal with some puppies. Just to not allow me to gain weight too quickly (I gained a lot of weight once I had good food and not just irregular meals of weet bix), and congratulated Mommy and Daddy on their fine, lovely new puppy. Our vet also said she was sure with time and all the care I was now receiving, that my legs would straighten.

    They are virtually straight now, just a times you can see a wee 'bow'. Mom said so long as I'm happy, healthy and not in pain, she doesn't care if I'm a bit bandy. She said she'll tell every one I spent a lot of time on horse back :giggle::giggle:

    I love, love, love life here. Big Sister Leaf is just wonderful, the very best Big Sister a little puppy could have. We play together and now I can do puppy zoomies, though WOL (woof out loud) I've a long way to go to keep up with the Little Pocket Rocket as Mom calls Leafy.

    Plus Mom has promised, when I've had all my puppy injections, we'll go to a place called 'the Beach'. Leafy said that's a grand place and she'll show me how to chase Seagulls (not if I can help it - Mom here) and how to sniff all the really, seriously good smelly things (Oh no, not two of them stinking:oops:) and oh oh so much more! Leaf said she'll introduce me to all her friends there and we'll have a blast. I can hardly wait!
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes I know, Mom had better put up some photos of me. She had problems getting the post to load, somehow even though she 'logged in' she got the error message 'you must be logged in' so she had to log in and fiddle. Sorry, you'll have to wait, Mom forgot to resize them and now it's our dinner time! Don't know what's a matter with her, maybe it's because I've woken up, seems she gets a bit 'forgetful' when I'm awake. Cannot imagine why:rolleyes::rolleyes::whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:
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  3. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Welcome Blossom! Can't wait to see pictures of you, you sound like a wonderful pup! :)

    That's horrible that you had to go through all of that Mary, I'm just glad Blossom has an AWESOME home now! :D I look forward to hearing lots more about her! What happened to the rest of the pups?
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Welcome Blossom I can't wait to see pictures of you, you sound like a super great puppy. I'm excited to get to know you as your mom posts about your antics, adventures, personality and so on.
    P.S you are lucky to have such a great owner, and Leaf as a big sister.
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Ms. Kad
    Thank you Ms. Kassidy:) Mom, Dad and Leafy think I'm wonderful too, but the cats are still giving me evil looks:cry:

    Thank you Kassidy, it wasn't the best time I've ever had but the main thing is Blossom is alive, well and thriving, she's safe and very much loved by all, LOL except the cats who are thinking of packing their bags and leaving home!:)

    Unfortunately I don't know what has happened to the other puppies.:( I pray they'll end up with safe, good homes. The woman said she was keeping one, poor mite, she claims not to be able to upkeep the two she already has, with injections, schooling etc. maybe she could stop buying stuff, two draws full of make up gives you an idea of what I'm saying. Sorry I feel so bad I cannot do more for the other puppies but my partner is afraid that if I report them, the people will realize who is behind that and they are definitely NOT very nice people.

    I did hear that someone else has reported them. There's another dog living there, lovely dog, who belongs to the weirdos. She's not being well treated and is also now pregnant. :(:cry:
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Ms. Danielle:) I've already had one big adventure, a story to write about when Mom's got time, maybe today before she starts work I hope:)

    I love my new Mom, Dad and Big Sister so much. The cats still don't like me and I'm a little scared of them, but Mom's working hard to get us to all live peacefully. I think I'm a very lucky puppy and Mom says I reward her all the time cuz I'm such a darling, loving baby. Hee hee now Leafy is no longer the baby and she helps me so much with my school work, as well as playing all the time with me.:):cool:
  7. MaryK Honored Member

    O.K. Drum Roll Please! Mom's finally resized my photos. She's got loads but we'll just post some of them! Video will follow, when Daddy gets around to shooting it, he's a bit slow on some things:rolleyes:

    I'm checking out the 'wild' part of the garden. Maybe there are faeries hidden in the plants.


    Discussing Life with my Big Sister Leafy. Maybe I'll be a Philosopher when I grow up?


    Leafy was that were I peed before?


    It's soooooooooo good to feel grass under my little paws:D Hey Dad the grass needs mowing - hint hint!

    blossrunning grassresized.jpg

    And to scent all the wonderful aromas of Spring:D


    Big Sister Leafy and I playing it's soooooo much fun here:D Psst, she may look savage but she's not really;)


    Leaf's worried her bum looks big in this picture:whistle::whistle: Please be kind and say it doesn't, she's very sensitive:sneaky:;):)


    I was only six weeks old, just arrived, when Dad took these pictures of me. I've grown as you would expect quite a bit but more in length rather than height!

    Any suggestions as to what size I'll be when I grow up? Our lovely vet thinks I'll be about 10 kilos, kinda miniture Border Collie. What do you all think? Mom says I'll be very beautiful cuz I'm already a beautiful baby, Daddy loves my eyes and lashes and my dainty face, but says I have HUGE paws (I think he's exaggerating a little). Both just want me to be happy, healthy and well mannered and of course loved:)

    More photos of me a little older will follow, when Mom get's the time! Seems I do take up a lot of her time at present:giggle::giggle:
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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    Just couldn't resist putting up this photo of my Big Sister Leaf, she's so beautiful. A puppy is so lucky to have her as a playmate, mentor and all round fun doggy.:D I'm so proud of her:D

    My Beautiful in every respect Big Sister Leaf:love::love::love: Aren't I just the luckiest puppy in the whole wide world!:D

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  9. southerngirl Honored Member

    Oh my gosh Blossom you are so so soooo cute.:love: You luck like a little fluff ball in some of the pictures. I"m interested to see what you will look like when you grow up.
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Ms. Danielle:) I am a little fluffy, Mom's not sure whether I'll keep that fluffy coat when I grow up, or if it's just 'puppy coat'. Everyone is very interested to see what I'll look like when I grow up. Cuz my cross is a somewhat unusual one. Mom and Dad think maybe I'll look like a miniture Border Collie, which would be quite cute don't you think?:)
  11. running_dog Honored Member

    Welcome here Blossom :) Welcome back Leaf :)

    It's great to finally see what Blossom looks like (and to see and hear how nice and kind Leaf is with the newbie). She does have a very border collie look to her. I think a terrier border collie mix sounds really good fun - lots of energy and drive.

    What very very odd and ignorant and unpleasant people there are in the world, when mixed up with nasty and domineering things become much much worse. Maybe if the relatives leave there will be some way to help the woman be more sensible about her dogs, it sounds like you might have eventually got somewhere with the woman if the relatives hadn't interfered. Mary, I'm so happy for Blossom that you were able to rescue her. I'm sure you, Leaf and Blossom are going to have a lot of fun together.
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  12. kassidybc Experienced Member

    Oh my goodness Blossom is sooooooooo adorable!!! I'm sure she will be super adorable when she grows up too, a mini border collie doesn't sound too bad. ;)
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Running Dog:)

    She's just so cute and yes I love her mix LOL she already has tons of energy and drive. Leaf of course thinks that's absolutely fantastic to have another very energetic doggy to party with, it does get hectic here at times, but so much fun:D

    I agree, those people were honestly impossible to speak too! Just screaming and yelling, half the time I couldn't even understand them. Well maybe, it would be good to get through to the woman but she's not the brightest around. I'd only know if the relatives left if I bump into her around the streets as I have NO intention of going anywhere near the place again.

    I'm so happy one of the little puppies has a great home now, believe me Blossom is delighted, she's not looked back at all. No crying for her 'lost' fur mom or siblings at all. She's a ball of energy, asleep at present, but once she's awake she's full on playing.
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Kassidy:) I think she's adorable too, though LOL I'm a very biased Mom!

    I agree, a mini BC would be just too cute for words. So far, she's still growing length wise but not height wise. I'll have to take some more photos so you can all follow her 'growth'. Her dad keeps asking her when she's going to grow 'up' (as in height), guess we'll just have to wait. But whatever height she grows too, she'll be a real cutie pie that's for sure.

    LOL at present she makes Leafy look HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek::D
  15. toddandco Active Member

    Aww Mary that is such a sad story and a terrible start to Blossom's life :( She got lucky when she found you and I have a sneaky suspicion she is going to be spoilt every day for the rest of her life :) She definitely looks like a BC puppy at the moment. Only time will tell but I am sure she will be cherished forever no matter what her adult physical form.

    Leaf and Blossom will have many happy years together and I am sure Leaf will always be there to protect her, even though poor Leaf is currently being terrorised by one so small :)
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Toddandco:) Yes poor love her start to life wasn't the best but like all good stories it has a happy ending:)

    LOL oh yes the little 'terrorist' is already spoiled big time, but learning her manners too. I just love spoiling my doggies, they deserve it, both had a rotten start to their very young lives, and besides they spoil me too with so much love, fun and enjoyment.

    Blossom sure does look very BC and still looks BC. She's just getting longer all the time. Maybe a miniture BC who looks a bit like a sausage dog:rolleyes: :confused: But of course she'll be loved and cherished whatever she looks like in her adult form.

    Poor Leaf, though at times now I have to think poor Blossom as Leaf's decided the best way to educate a young puppy is to take a firm hold on her ear, or scruff and pull her off whatever she is attempting to chew!:eek: Blossom doesn't seem to mind but it looks like murder in the first degree! I love Leaf's thought on helping me train Blossom but oh boy wish she would find a gentler way of reprimanding her. But they're fabulous friends and love playing together all the time. Ah peace, they're both asleep right now:sleep::sleep::)
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  17. toddandco Active Member

    Aww poor Blossom - and poor Leaf too! It sounds as if Leaf has taken over being the mother figure and is making sure Blossom learns her manners quickly :eek::) Todd had small stumpy legs a couple of weeks ago. I swear they have grown approx. 4ins over the last two weeks! Everyone keeps telling me "He has huge paws. He is going to be huge!:eek: ".

    Huge paws, rats tail, one ear up and one ear down........I wonder what he will look like in a few months time?..... But we will still love him however strange he looks :love:
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL yes Leaf is wearing her Mommy Hat and she's obviously not into click/treat! If I were Blossom I be learning my lessons very quickly, Leaf's method looks somewhat painful!:eek:

    Most puppies, even the wee Chi's have big paws. The way to tell how big they'll grow, especially in height, is to check the growth patella, which is the knee joint on the front legs. The bigger the 'bump' the more growing they have to do - i.e. they'll grow pretty big if there's a huge 'bump'. Hard to describe but it's kinda 'gnarly' looking I guess. Stands out either side of the leg itself. So if it's very prominent they're going to be a big dog, small and they'll not grow much more. But Todd still has a lot of growing in him, he will grow so much in these first weeks. They seem to shoot up like weeds! Wonder if he'll go through the 'gangly' stage. Some dogs do and some don't, they look so cute when they're gangly looking.

    Blossom's paws are still at the 'big' stage but her growth patella isn't that big. Todd looks, from his photos, like he'll be a 'normal' size BC. Boys are always bigger than the girls but he won't be huge!

    LOL they do look so cute (and funny) at his age. My old dog, who crossed the Bridge two months ago, went through a stage with one ear up and one down for ages. So much so everyone thought he'd stay that way, but the other ear did eventually prick! Rat tail - poor Todd - he'll get feathers on it as he grows his adult coat. And he'll grow into his paws too. My partner keeps saying Blossom has huge paws, but the vet and I think she'll only be about 10 kilos, smaller than Leafy and to me, that's a very small dog. I always had German Shepherds, so even Leafy seems 'small' to me!

    He'll look like a proper BC and LOL of course you'll all still love him no matter what. Yikes the two terrorists are back again. Leaf, when not playing Mommy, has reverted back to very young puppy ways!:rolleyes: It's like having two 10 week old puppies in the house, except that one is much bigger and heavier!!!!!!!

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