Fourth Of July Fun!!! Lets Dye Our Dogs Red, White, And Blue!!!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Dice Smith, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Dogster Honored Member

    Then the tourbus should fly to England, to pick up all our DTA friends there.;) Then a DTA conference meeting!!!!!:ROFLMAO:

    And yes, there would be a lot of dogs on that bus!!!:ROFLMAO:

  2. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Tigerlily so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing my head of!!!!!!!! Dont forget to fly to Netherlands to pick up Anneke!! lol
  3. Dice Smith Well-Known Member

    2012-07-04 18.26.32.jpg 2012-07-04 18.31.06.jpg 1341539027479.jpg 1341547670935.jpg Okay. Sorry it took so long but I'm finally going to post Kodi's pics. I've been to busy lately.:rolleyes: The kool aid actually ended up looking more pink and green than red and blue lol. Oh well, what can you do! :eek:
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Kodi looks cute. I really wish I could have found stupid blue maybe next year.
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  5. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    ohmidawg!! It is kind of pretty!! rofl! What did your dog think of all that?:ROFLMAO:

    way too cute, such great photos!!:love:
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  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    did your dog try to lick it off?
    did he get any skin itching or anything?

    if your dog got WET, did the dye bleed all off onto your rug or anything like that?

    and last question, did your dog get hyperactive from the koolaid the way kids are supposed to?
    :ROFLMAO: j/k!!!!!!!
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  7. Dogster Honored Member

    LOVE the pics!!!!:love::ROFLMAO:

    ROFL, Tigerlily:ROFLMAO::rolleyes::ROFLMAO:
  8. southerngirl Honored Member

    Okay so I'm bringing this thread back sense in two days it is 4 of July. I'm going to try again to color Missy Red and blue(she already has white on her), but this time my store has red and blue. Wish tigerlily was here, man did we have fun with this thread.:ROFLMAO:
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  9. brody_smom Experienced Member

    I wondered about hair chalk. It may be brighter and easier to wash out when you want to.

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