What's the worst "chew toy" your dog has gotten a hold of?


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Hi - I am owned by a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cooper (well Coober really as he was named after the Cooberpedy opal mine) - but we settled for Cooper. I am training him to do tricks for TV work and he loves it. The clicker training really does get remarkable results, quickly. I am sure his intellegence has increased because of this training.

I am also a breed judge (though don't do much these days, as I don't like the heat and I seem to knock back more than I say 'yes' to.)

I was interested to read about 'chewing'. My Mum had a Boxer and when she cam home from shopping one day he had chewed (and swallowed) the entire bottom half (wood) of a screen door - it was just gone!

By the way - how do we put a picture on the Froum?

I look forward to reading more posts.
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Welcome to the Academy Barbara! Saw your pics, very cute. ^^ Ouch, sounds like a mouth full of painful splinters.

We have one other aspiring movie-dog owner here that I know of. You should check out our past challenges and this month's as well--many fun tricks and lots that would be wonderful for TV work. This month's challenge is Easter egg hunting. Good luck, and enjoy the site!


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funny stories!!
Buddy's worst "chew toy"?

Poop. :dogtongue: That is the worst thing i've caught Buddy eating since we got him. :msnsick:YUCK!! Either that, or a bunny he just killed...:msniwonder:
Ha, Buddy too, tries to shoplift at Petsmart.. Pouts too, if he can't keep it.


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xDDDDDD Funny that you mention the shoplifting. Zeke was the same way when he was a pup, although now he's much more interested in the tennis balls than the snuggly stuffed animals. Zeke's first trip to Petsmart was when he was 3 months old, right after I got him...he was determined to get this giant stuffed moose that was 3 times his size, and he plucked it right off the bottom shelf and did not want to give it up. Then he gave me those sweet puppy dog eyes and just sat there. When he finally gave up he decided he wanted this big snake. I think he picked up five different toys before we left...I ended up getting the moose cause Zeke was just so darn cute with it. ^^


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I think I may have most of you all beat! My failure at fostering, Oliver, when home alone with my mother, has managed to chew a $100 CDN power chord for my Macbook, rendering me computer-less for a week, I have holes in a good portion of my socks, the rubber door stop, all 3 afghans have holes in them, my Mom's duvet, (that was a fun clean-up!) the pocket out of my jeans (yes the one I keep treats in) his crate bed, Scout's bed, Zoe's bed and the curtain in the bathroom. My Mom says it's impossible to watch him.... but he hasn't chewed ANYTHING when I am on duty hmmmmm. we have chew toys and bones scattered around the house for him, mostly he's content with them. he sure knows Leave-it now (with the help of a spray bottle) lol My sister's new baby westie was down on wed. she has a thing for my runners at the back door. they kept having to get after her for chewing them. finally they used the spray bottle, she backed off for 5 min, then went right back. Well Oliver went running over there, shoved her away from the shoe with his foot, then body blocked her. it's like he was saying "DONT, you'll get sprayed! its HORRIBLE!!!" funny guy! I love Terriers, especially big goofy ones!!! He is doing much better now he hasn't gotten anything valuable in the last few weeks, and he rarely gets something twice after a leave-it... he really does hate the spray bottle! lol


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Ha, just remembered, i have an afrikan basketjar on a low shelf. Catches Buddies eye, and he used to take it off the shelf to chew it.
I put it back, "Leave it".... the next day, he checked to see if that "Leave it" was... just for yesterday?:dognowink: Nope.

He never took it off the shelf again, but he does admire it now and then. I have seen him look at it, and then look at me, and walk away...:msngrin:

Ha, so yesterday, he was carrying his toy box around, the whole entire toy box! and he knocked that basketjar off onto the floor.....

So he soon spotted it on the floor, and ran over and started chewing on it, since it WAS on the floor...Cute, he musta figured since he did not take it off the shelf, since it was already on the floor anyway, = fair game to chew on?!!! He is so cute.


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Dude doesn't chew anything but I remember my sister having a little jack russell cross who ate her back door .. yes, the Whole backdoor (well apart from the handle)

brenda taulbee

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Kenzii has been really good about not chewing things. The only incident I can remember is the first two or three weeks after we found her she didn't have a crate yet, so she slept on this big goose down comforter. One night she decided comforters weren't just for sleeping on, they were pretty tasty too. She chewed a big hole right in the middle of the blanket. Unfortunately for her, she apparently has an allergy to goose down. When we woke up in the morning her little face was so swollen she couldn't open her eyes.

Also, I'm pretty sure she has influenced other dogs to be chewers. Whenever we leave her at home, we leave her in her crate. One day we happened to be watching a friends dog also, and left Maggie uncrated. Kenzii somehow broke out of her crate. When we got home Maggie (who had never before chewed anything of ours) was caught red-handed with a little wooden bird mangled all over the floor and Kenzii was chewing on her kong. The look she gave us when we walked in the door was definitely "See, moms? You didn't trust me, but I'm the good dog chewing on my own toy!"