What's the worst "chew toy" your dog has gotten a hold of?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by emmasmamma, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. hockey390 New Member

    Dog beds huh? My pup just recently got a new crate pad and I caught her chewing at the edge the other day. I don't really know what to do about this one.. Let me know if you come up with any idea's to stop that one.

  2. storm22 Experienced Member

    lolz thats true:doglaugh:
  3. wildagilitydogs New Member

    Quynn, my Border collie, loves to rip up tissues, or any crumpled paper he can find. He rips them to shreds - once I found a brand new roll of toilet paper completely disassembled. It really makes an awful mess! None of them have really ever destroyed anything of any value, but we've also lost countless wooden spoons to dog teeth.
    I find that supplying mutlitudes of doggy objects to chew on, from stuffed kongs to rawhides, tends to keep them out of trouble. :)
  4. luna may New Member

    Hahaha reading this board makes me giggle my head of... xD
    We could write a book- 'The wooden spoons lost to dog teeth- The woes of the cute, lovable, evil, for-legged house-shredders of DOOM! Muahahahaha!!!'.
    Hmmm... I'm kinda hungry. I think I'll have a jet plane ;)
  5. luna may New Member

    You know, I miss CollieMan's witty remarks. I wonder why he's not here, laughing at all of us and our poor desrtoyed valuables? :dogrolleyes:
  6. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, too true Luna. I'm sure he would have something inciteful to add to this little thread....but for some reason I don't see Ellie as being the chewing type. I could be wrong, though, I suppose. Lol. :dogsmile:
    A jet plane? No, no, might I suggest a cropduster instead? :dogwub:
  7. storm22 Experienced Member

    i come home to snow all the time i usually buy the dogs a teddy at the second hand stores (much cheaper than a pet store) and i quite often find fluff everywhere,
    as for their blankets storm loves dragging them and ripping them all up ive bought him a couple of house mats which have lasted longer than a normal blanket and he's taught koda that they can play tug with them:dogrolleyes:, late at night ill quite often find storm in the middle of the yard curled up on his blanket (shivering if its cold)
  8. CollieMan Experienced Member

    tx_cowgirl is correct - Ellie has never chewed a single item that doesn't belong to her. (I've learned from my past mistakes with other dogs.)

    However, I used to have a GSD which chewed up all of my sofa cushions, making the entire sofa next to useless. It had to be replaced.

    I haven't been around as much for a variety of reasons:

    1. Work stuff.
    2. We finally have a date (March 29) for Ellie's first exam (KCGC Bronze) and so I'm busy preparing her for that as much as is humanly possible.
    3. We've had some lovely weather here, and once the sunshine arrives, the computer and I generally part company as much as possible.
  9. luna may New Member

    Hehe it's nice to see you're still alive xD
  10. luna may New Member

    Oh gosh this is such a fun board! :doglaugh:
  11. jasper Guest

    Collieman- My Jasper's nature is to chew as it is in his breed. He has just started now to stop here and there. Great Pyrenees have to be kept busy all the while otherwise it's chew time, lol! Do you have a picture of Ellie?
  12. jasper Guest

    Ellie is a cutie! They love us unconditionally and such a big part of our lives. How old is she now? Is she a short haired collie? What do I know, lol! The collie I mentioned earlier had all the long fur. Her name was Bonnie Brae. I can't remember if that is Scotish or English since both my grandparents were of those nationalities. They were from Dundee, Scotland and Ipswich, England. Is Ellie good with other animals? My Jasper is and loves cats and children.
  13. CollieMan Experienced Member

    She'll be nine months of age in a couple of weeks. Yes, she is a short-coated Border Collie. I would expect anything with a name of Bonnie Brae to be Scottish. :)

    Ellie is great with other animals, as long as they are well-behaved. She'll tolerate poor manners from other dogs for a couple of minutes but after that she'll nip them to put them in their place.
  14. l_l_a New Member

    speaking of chewing stuff, and of Good Citizen tests!

    When my dog was preparing for his CGC test, things were going fine, he hadn't chewed a single thing at home in months either. Then about a week before the test I came home and found he had taken several magazines and books off the shelves and just scattered them all over the living room floor. Very uncharacteristic. They were not chewed or mangled either, he simply took them out. Then I saw ONE item that was ripped and chewed. It was the booklet of guidelines for the CGC test! we joke that he was rummaging through the books and magazines looking for the CGC test booklet to rip up as a political statement! ("I will not be made into a Canine Good Citizen, you and the rest of the establishment can have your booklet back!") :)

    I still have the shredded booklet on my shelf because I thought it was funny!
  15. jasper Guest


    Hi and thanks for your post. I cannot think of a single thing that my Jasper has not chewed. He did go to school but that was a mess. I could not help. Pain with my sciatica nerve killed me to stand and walk. So it was a waste. What he has learned so far now is from me and I am with him daily. His nature is to be mischevious. Good thing your dog didn't chew his book. That is a statement in itself, lol! I don't mean to sound dumb but what kind of dog is yours'? I watch the dog shows all the time and I should know. He's very handsome! I love white colored fur as my Jasper has it too. How old is he and what's his name? You are not all that far from me. I am East of you but not all the way East. :dogsmile:

    How come I clicked into the icon for smile and it comes out chewing? Finger slip?
  16. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Once Riley shredded a lottery ticket. ( I hope it wasn't a winner)
  17. snooks Experienced Member

    My golden boy did bite my rear end once accidently because I was running with his toy and it happened that he grabbed for it as it passed my rear. OWWWW Boy did that leave a hideous mark of many colors. Thank goodness it was an accident. I'd hate to see the missing flesh if he meant it.

    Neither present dog does more than detonate pinecones in the house.
  18. jasperaliceuk Experienced Member

    Ouch - that was not a good thing to chew - particulary when your health depends on it!

    I suppose the worst (or should I say most inconvenient) thing Milo has chewed is my glasses. Claimed on pair on insurance - don't dare claim anymore so I now wear them with chewed arms and a superglued frame till I feel flush enough to get a new pair. All my fault of course, forget to pick them up if I move.

  19. maven New Member

    My dog Pip chewed the walls when he was a puppy. He left holes in the drywall while laying in the hallway waiting for us to arrive home from work. Large holes. Triple fist holes.

    At first, since the hole was so close to the floor, we thought that maybe a mouse or squirrel had gotten into the wall someway and the Doxie that I had at the time was trying to hunt it down, but we finally caught Pip at it. He had rawhides, toys and chews, plus the doggie door for easy outside access, but apparently nothing worked for the waiting except gnawing on sheetrock.

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