What's the worst "chew toy" your dog has gotten a hold of?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by emmasmamma, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. emmasmamma Guest

    I need some comiseration today.:( I use a c-pap machine at night due to sleep apnea. Yesterday I got out of bed quickly to help my husband as he was sick. I pulled my mask off and tossed it on the bed. By the time I returned to the bedroom, I found little foam and silicone pieces all over my bedroom floor! Emma had gotten my mask and pulled the cushion and seal off and chewed it to pieces. I had to go to the medical supply store yesterday to replace it. Imagine my :surprised: when they said it cost $60 (USD) What an expensive chew toy! Usually I put my mask in my bedside stand when I get up, but, due to the cicumstances that didn't get done:cry:

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Urg that sucks!! Sorry to hear that! That's why I have dedicated toys that my dogs can play with anytime they want, and everything else is off limit.

    For me, as puppy I think the funniest (or worst) would be finding Onyx unrolling a brand new roll of toilet paper... LOL.
  3. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Don't suppose I've ever had anything like that happen, lol. Unless trying to steal from Petsmart counts...
    One time when I took Zeke to Petsmart as a pup(I think he was three or four months old at the time), he snatched up a giant stuffed squeaking moose that was three times his size and wanted to carry it through the store. He likes things that he can snuggle with, and he just grabbed this big cuddly moose and started carrying it. Lol. It was hilarious, and he was so discouraged that I didn't get it for him. (One of these days I'll go back and get it, lol. ^^) Poor guy.

    Ah, wait! I remember one! Lol. We used to have a Bichon Frise named Corky. We had a glass bowl sitting on a table in the living room with assorted candies in it. We didn't worry about it because he never bothered anything he wasn't supposed to. We came home one day to find the lid in the floor, broken, and candie scattered all over the living room. Corky had random candies stuck all over his face, and he looked at us like, "What? It wasn't me, I didn't do it."
    Another time Corky's sweet tooth was stronger than his manners was one Christmas. My dad loves chocolate covered cherries, and every Christmas we get him some. A day or so before Christmas, we got some, wrapped them, and put them at the very BACK of the Christmas tree. All of the other presents surrounded it, and we assumed Corky would leave it be....not exactly. We came home and ALL the presents were moved out of the way, the box of chocolate covered cherries pulled out and ripped open. Corky was sick for a couple weeks.
    Needless to say, we never left food within reach ever again.
  4. marieke New Member

    I'd say the worst chewing toy Guus ever had was a glass christmas ball. He found it on the floor of a shop and chewed it to pieces. Luckily there was no damage done to his mouth of intestence. He also picks up glass if he sees it. I'm so glad I taught him the "let go" command when we just got him. With Guus it comes in handy all the time...
  5. emmasmamma Guest

    Much appreciated!

    Thanks for the stories! :msngiggle:It's nice to know that Emma's not the only one to get into trouble. She does have dedicated toys and everything else is off limits, but if we aren't there to tell her "leave it" she figures everything is fair game.:( (I've told you before, she's a diva) Almost nothing is out of her reach. Even though she is less than a foot at the shoulders, she can clear the kitchen counter in one jump! (I don't suppose they have a high jump competition for dogs do they?) On the bright side, it could be that Guus and I are soul mates. When I was a kid I ate the decorative glass grapes that my mom had in a fruit bowl on the buffet!:msngrin:
  6. marieke New Member

    Maybe you both were fakirs in a past life :doglaugh:
  7. Cavalier New Member

    the worst dog toy is the last roll of t.p.
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    koda got a toilet roll the other day and draged it through the house and out in the yard (i came home thinking someone had tp my house till i saw koda wraped up in it) its moments like those you dont have your camera:dognowink:

    the worst i can think of is when luka got hold of a used nappy:dogtongue: at my aunts house, luka put his head in the rubbish bin and got the out he ran all through the house with it and out side where it opened up (thank goodness it didnt rip open inside)

    but there is plenty of others too, we rescued a bull terrier rex, he was about 6 when we got him (for those that dont know the breed their a walking vet bill :msngiggle:lolz) he used to get into everything, rat poison, lollies, he once drank paint :dogohmy: but on one of the monthly trips to the vet, he ate a dead rat out of a creek he had to have an operation to get it out as he wouldnt sick it up, the vet opened him up to find large chunks of wood (his fav toy was sticks well logs were more the size of his sticks) rubber from a rugby ball that went missing, money (yes there was about $10 all up) and the rat:dogwacko: we had him for about 8years till he finally passed of old age but the vet told us he shouldnt of lived that long with the amount of trouble he got into lolz
  9. luna may New Member

    Hehehe, mabe ;)
    You never know, there's a guy in Guiness World Records (2007 I think) who ate a computer, a few bikes, screws, skateboards and an entire plane. A plane, get it? :eek: But bananas make him feel bad 0.0. :wierdo:.
    Like a friend of mine says- Live and learn, you may no be so bad off after all :doglaugh:
  10. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, your friend is very right. ^^
    A plane?! 0-0 My goodness.....
    You know you have issues when you wake up one morning and think, "Hmm, I think I'll have a plane for breakfast this morning."
  11. jasper Guest


    Boy I wish I had a dollar for everything my Jasper has gotten into and stolen for toys. I would be a filthy rich mom!! It doesn't matter what it is. He chews and eats whatever he feels like. It's the nature of a Great Pyrenees. He does love my husband's socks, his and my underwear and now he is going after our butts. Bend over and you get a butt nip!! He is just playing. Jasper thinks everything is a play toy! He is a herding dog and there is nothing to herd here (my husband would be a good idea, lol!) So when he is bored he gets into everything. So this summer he is going to get a little wagon to pull thinking he is doing a job, maybe filling it with rocks. Sounds silly but he needs to feel like he's doing a job at something. The other day I had some swiss cheese and the package has those separator wrappers for the slices. I threw one wrapper away and it fell to the floor. He must have thought it was the cheese because he ate it!! He also got into one of my scrip bottles that I pushed away from the edge of the table but somehow he still got to it and opened it. I didn't know how much he had gotten or if at all but I called the animal poison control and boy were they ever helpful. I had to give him hydrogen peroxide mixed in his food. So much per weight and it made him throw up which the control center wanted. He was fine. What a scare. :dogohmy:
  12. luna may New Member

    As I posted some time ago, Kesem ate a tub of margarine. A whole tub of margarine. And seeing as she weights about 4 Kg., thats really a lot.
    Why, with all the tasty foods existing in the world, why on earth eat margarine? Bleugh. My dog has severe taste bud issues, an extremely tapped nose or just a wierd taste :dogwacko:. After all, she eats dog food (or 'The Daily Rock-Chip Plate', whichever you prefer. That's our term for it ;)) . Whoever can endure that can endure anything.

    *Edit edit edit:*

    Cowgirl, you're the best (or at least one of the best) :doglaugh:
  13. drivingtenacity New Member

    The worst chew toy Zena ever helped herself to was her harness.
    We left one night to go to a friends house, and I guess she got bored, or was just pissed about being left, and when I got back, I picked up her harness to walk her, only to discover she'd chewed the buckles off.
    She's never done anything like that before or since. Good thing we had a back-up leash.
  14. marieke New Member

    Guus looooooves socks too! Naughty, naughty doggies :doglaugh: And our slippers. He knows he's not supposed to take them but he just cannot help himself. I always have to look for my slippers, usually I find them in his crate.
  15. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Lol, thanks Luna! :doglaugh: Dear oh dear, Kesem does have taste issues. :dogtongue: If you're gonna snatch a tub of something, at least snatch something good like ice cream or cookie dough or anything but margarine. Lol. ^^
  16. l_l_a New Member

    I had a nice "antique" (not quite, but pretty old) wooden flute....it was a gift....and my dog chewed it up and destroyed it!! It was worth $200....
  17. Cavalier New Member

    My wife sister came over a few weeks back, the day before term start to be exact. Wile she and Samanta the talking and working on the laptop it quit working afer a short investigation, they found Tucker at the end of the power cord. Fortunatly best buy had one in stock for 90 USD.
    That was one of the days when I got home and heard "guess what YOUR dog did", I guess he's always mine after he does bad stuff.
    AND yes he was ok, but I don't understand why he only bit it instead of chewing all the way through the cord? I could swear his ears are a little fuzzier now.
  18. luna may New Member

    Hehehe she's usually not a chewer... Thank god! :doglaugh:
  19. hockey390 New Member

    So far with Emma the worst thing is a piece of paper that a fan blew on the ground while I was out. Not BAD, but it was a mess to clean up.

    A dog my family had a long time ago ate an exotic plant my parents brought back from a trip to Hawaii... After eating it, it puked the entire thing back up on my dad's La-Z-Boy chair.. Not a pretty sight.
  20. bipa New Member

    Over the years, I can think of two times that I was really upset.... a bit with the pup but mostly with myself for not properly managing stuff and letting a puppy get at it. The first was a very pretty, lacy bra that somehow :dogrolleyes: ended up being placed so that a strap was hanging down within reach of the puppy. A while later, the bra strap had been chewed through and the plastic connecting pieces were in even more little pieces. And the lace had much bigger holes and gaps than originally.

    The second, and perhaps most expensive chew toy was a pair of my prescription glasses. Usually with a puppy in the house, I hide them overnight in a drawer, but I was tired and just left them out on top. Thankfully the glass itself was only well licked, but the ear pieces were completely chewed up. I still managed to wear them for a while before finally getting a replacement pair.

    Right now I'm in a bit of a battle with my dogs over their pillow beds and blankies. They used to cuddle up and just sleep or nap on them. Now they've decided that they're also great chew toys, and have discovered the joy of pulling all the stuffing out and scattering it around the place. We've got no snow outside, but today my living room looked like there had been a snowstorm inside. :dogmad:

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