Whaddya Think Of Morkies?

Chloe and Buddy

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Molly is home and is energetic as ever! Buddy is up in my dads room because he is trying to step on her. I think it's just because he is excited... He'll be better tomorrow.

My mom's camera is dead so I can't put pictures on now, but I definitely will later

This dog is freaking adorable. She was shaking but I think thats because her tail was wagging so fast. :)


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WHOOT!! CONGRATS CHLOE!!! I'm going to go look at your page!! We want every detail!! Lots of descriptions!!! I'm so proud of you!! and i bet you are having such a great great time with your new baby there!!:ROFLMAO::love::D


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OH SHE'S ADORABLE!! Here, i will post one of your Molly photos here for you only bigger sized:



^HOW CUTE is that dog??????????? WHAT a happy looking doggy!!:D


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OMG is she EVER CUTE!!!

And yes, I do believe she's a Bichon x, her face is EXACTLY like my Zoe's, who is a Bichon x Lhasa Apso, though to be fair, Maltese and Bichons are very closely related (both came from small poodles :) )

Here, I have a photo of Zoe, in almost the exact same position, with the same epression... though Zoe has more hair...

Chloe and Buddy

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Thanks for putting up the bigger photo, tigerlily :)

I know, she is adorable! Buddy and her are getting along well.
wow, sara she is in the same positon! Zoe is adorable. So fluffy...

tigerlily: oh, she's my mom's baby. she already told me Molly's hers... *Rolls eyes* On monday I get Molly all to myself since my moms gonna be a work. yay!!!


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Wow, I missed this whole thread:confused: - congratulations on the new family member!!! She's ADORABLE!! :love: And the best part - you gave a senior dog a second chance at a forever home. Kudos to you!!! (And did your mom get her lap dog?)