Whaddya Think Of Morkies?

Chloe and Buddy

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Ok, so sometime in April my mom wants to get a "Little friend" for Buddy. And she means LITTLE. She wants a lap dog. She has been looking, watching dog shows, searching online, and narrowed it down. She really wants a Morkie.
Ya Know, Maltese x Yorkie
Oh gosh my mom.

So what do you know about Morkies? Are they good house pets? Friendly to other, bigger dogs? Good with kids?

It's not gonna be until April, if ever. (We have some weddings we're planning in the next few months) So, ya know, she could change her mind.

:rolleyes: Well, I shouldn't say that, because I wouldn't mind another dog.


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well, since you asked, if i could be queen of the world,:ROFLMAO:
and boss you, my dear pal,
to pick a dog that i pick out for you,
i'd strongly encourage you, with all my heart,
to look over the adult dogs HERE:


Sorry, i do not know a thing about Morkies. It sounds like a dog who would need daily grooming, does your mom enjoy doing a dog's hair? If she DOES, this is the breed for her. Not everyone enjoys grooming dogs daily.

but if i were queen, lolz, I would strongly recommend an ADULT dog as your second dog. It'd be a dang shame, if your second dog grew up to be a dog with issues, or bigger than your mom had in mind. You'd also want to assess, if your current dog and new dog "like" each other...several times.

I'd also strongly recommend interviewing your mother at great length, to assess WHY she is preferring a smaller dog. *Some* breeds are harder to housetrain, bark more, harder to train, and bite more than a medium size dog. Of course, all dogs are individuals!!! But whatever breed she chooses, she should RESEARCH THE BREED(s) THOROUGHLY

Many ppl mistakenly believe, a smaller dog is less work, needs less exercise, etc etc. This is not always the case AT ALL. Many times, the smaller breeds are prone to barkiness, which, can be a challenge to train out of a dog. Let me tell you, Chloe, let me tell you, teaching a dog to bark less, is a lotta work. I'm just sayin.
Small dogs need walks and exercise too.

If your mother is aching for a lapdog, for the ease that they can be picked up and held, or use up less dog food, :D
both of those are realistic reasons.

DO look over the adult rescue dogs, there are many smaller dogs there, you can even sort out, "show me only the small dogs" and stuff. HAPPY HUNTING.


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but if you go for an ADULT dog,
you can tell what the dog is like,
is he barky?
and he will housetrain easier, if he is adult, if he is NOT housetrained already.
is he healthy? do the dogs get along?
does the new dog have any issues? bites strangers? chases cars? eats shoes? anything?
(especially if you get a dog living with a foster family, you might get lotsa info on the dog)
how much exercise does this dog need to act sane?
how does this dog do home alone?
just lots of things, that you won't know, if you take home a baby "mystery" dog.


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Like Tigerlily, I suggest your mom rescues a dog (I'm obsessed with rescuing dogs, so I HAD to say this.:)) You have to be careful with choosing a puppy, you have to pick the right temperment and personality that you want for the family. Puppies' personalities start to show at 1 month, I think. If your mom DOES decide to get a morkie puppy, A LOT of puppy training is in store. Brushing is REQUIRED for these types of dogs. You also have to pick the puppy (or dog) you think is right for BUDDY. If rescuing, Buddy should come along to see if he likes the dog.

Chloe and Buddy

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Ok, so I've read through this, and I am trying to convince my mom to get an adult Morkie.
I guess she really wants a puppy. But I totally agree with you about the adult. I don't want another dog peeing and well, ya know, all over the house. Especially in my room. :p

And as far as the hair thing, she wants to keep its hair short, but still, you have to keep it clean, especially if it's hair color is snow white.

With your second post, I agree with you totally.
We still have a LOT of research, and if she doesn't follow your advice and gets a puppy, she might want to wait until summer, so she can actually train it. Right? *ungosh* sometimes I just don't get my mom.

I don't even know if she has decided 100% on a Morkie....

Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for all the advice!!! Let's see if we can knock a little bit of sense into her before she decides on this HUGE step...

We just don't know how Buddy will react... a small dog around...


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They DO need a lot of brushing. There is a morkie on my street (how convenient, I know!!!). Maybe there's another breed that your mom is considering??? Does she definately want a small dog??? Sorry, I'm curious.:cautious:


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well, either way your mom goes, it might be good idea to make sure your Buddy is socialized and desensitized to small dogs, or dogs in general,
as well as get him used to puppies. some adult dogs dislike puppies...

Chloe and Buddy

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it seems like if Buddy likes a dog, they dont like him back, and if a dog likes him, he just scowels... weird...

dogster: she definetly wants a small dog. she thought buddy was gonna only be 20 pounds. He weighs 58.8 pounds.
She wasnt expecting that...

but anyways, she really likes morkies, but she likes uhh what is it... oh yeah! she likes border terriers.
Buddy hasnt had a history of aggression around small or bigger dogs. well, accept for our neighbors dog, Brody. he is a golden ret. and he is huge! he is still a rambunctious dog and he is a puppy, and he sometimes jumps on Buddy. Buddy doesn't like that, but he hasnt snapped or yipped at him. He might of yelped, but thats because it hurt...


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Personally, I think that border terriers would be a better choice, as their coat is easier to maintain (at least it looks like it).:) Their hair doesn't grow as long, so not as many trips to the groomers.

Chloe and Buddy

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That's what I'm thinking...
She might even decide on a Chihuahua. If she woulda known Buddy was gonna grow this big, I don't think she would of adopted him...
But she still loves Buddy


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People who breed "designer dogs" are NOT doing it with the best interest of the "breed", there is no health testing done (in 99.9999% of the cases anyway). then they charge similar prices to that of purebred, parents health tested, and guaranteed puppies. Nope, designer crosses, and backyard breeders are not for me. Yes, I want a purebred, Irish Terrier puppy one day, but i'll tell you the breeders will be thoroughly interviewed and investigated!!!

btw, I ADORE Border Terriers!!! They are awesome, tough little lapdogs with an easily maintained coat... besides being cute as heck!!!


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I know border terriers have been suggested but I don't think they would suit in this case. Though they are kept as healthy tough little pets they are also often farm dogs as they are effective little ratters and are always ready to go down an animal hole and tackle whatever is inside :rolleyes:.

If your mum's looking for a lapdog then a border terrier is not the right dog for her at all - not unless she wants the possibility of dead rats being dropped in her lap occasionally...


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//" it seems like if Buddy likes a dog, they dont like him back, and if a dog likes him, he just scowels... weird..."//

in general, does Buddy get on well with most other dogs?
does Buddy usually play well with other dogs?
How often does Buddy argue with other dogs?

Chloe and Buddy

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Dogster: I'll try the quiz. Thanks!
Tigerlily: He generally gets along with other dogs.
He usually plays well
Not often, only if his cousin (Rottweiler) steals his speshul bone. Then things get ugly. Well, not really. They just growl. Not bite, or anything.

Chloe and Buddy

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I took the quiz, and it said a medium dog like a Cocker Spaniel or a Border Terrier (Teehee wow what a coincidence) would be right for me.

Haha, Buddy's a medium dog!

Chloe and Buddy

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UPDATE!!!! Ok, so this friday, my sister, my mom, and I are going to check out a little Morkie!
She is this little white dog (We arent sure what breed she is exactly, but she is tiny.) and she looks miserable. She was abused and her hair was all matted, so they had to shave her down. It will grow back, but for the time being, its short. She is spayed, so she has to be what at least a year or so old.

this dog is getting handed out to us on a silver platter.

I say that because a couple weeks ago, there was a morkie we were gonna check out but we never got a response.

I've fallen in love with her and I've only seen 1 picture, and that was on my mom's iphone.
Friday, please hurry up!