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Discussion in 'Obedience Training' started by mtagntz, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    So sorry to read that your parents have used -R, but happy that you have learned from this experience, the *R is the only way to train. Your example may just change their attitudes and it will certainly be grand for any dog which you train now and in the future. :) That you're changing the life of your little dog, albeit not as much as you would like, is something I really admire.:)
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  2. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Hi Emily

    I'm sorry that your dog has had such frightening experiences. Just to clarify, I think you are talking about positive punishment rather than negative reinforcement. Negative reinforcement involves taking away something (like pressure from a leash) in order to increase the likelihood of something else (the dog walking without tension on the leash). An example would be a front-clip harness, which teaches dogs not to pull by putting pressure on the front of the chest which is relieved when the dog relaxes tension on the leash. Putting a cooling lotion on sunburn might also be an example! Taking away the burn can be very reinforcing :)

    It is easy to confuse things and we've got a thread on the subject:
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  3. Emily Marston Well-Known Member

    My dad's not too keen on the whole "positive" thing. He's not using any sort of positive punishment on them at all, he needs to see them do what they're told scared or not. Most of the time he yells at her, or pushes her into her basket. Ally 98% will sneak out of her basket and hide. In the end, Ally just hides under my bed for most of the day to avoid everyone, but me, yelling or pushing her around. Ally does have special cream and shampoo for her allergies :) Bonnie on the other hand takes no effect from my dad yelling or pushing her.
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  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    I have the same problem, my dad used to yell at my dog Missy all the time he might still yell at her while I'm not at home. When he would yell at her she would cower and run to my room with her tail in between her legs. Missy is a sensitive dog so just the slightest sound of irritation in your voice she will cower and roll over. I got my dad to stop yelling at her and smacking her by yelling at him and picking up Missy and bringing her to my room. Yes, it caused a lot of tension between me and my dad, we would get into huge fights over it, but in the end he realized I would not stand by while he mistreated my dog. My family dog Chase is like you Bonnie he doesn't mind it when he gets yelled at or punished. Just keep telling your dad that yelling and punishing the dogs are wrong and let him not that your not okay with it, hopefully he will soon stop. Good Luck Emily.
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  5. Adrianna & Calvin Experienced Member

    Hi Emily

    I'm sorry your dog is being yelled at and pushed around :( That's pretty awful. To clarify, yelling and pushing actually is positive punishment. The terms are confusing, since "positive" makes it seem like it'd be a good thing!

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