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Discussion in 'Dog Behavior Problems' started by MaryK, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Today WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!! Ra Kismet is making FANTASTIC progress. Did normal training in the garden/drive way - he's doing grand on that side of things:) Then off for walk. Baking hot today so did shorten his walk, will walk him again later when it's dark.

    Well, I am still finding it hard to believe. First, didn't even BOTHER TO TURN AND LOOK down our street, despite the fact he KNOWS where all the other dogs live, barking or otherwise. He would have in past, gone down with that 'expectant' look ready to behave in an ungentlemanly manner. Now, poof, who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Managed to get some witches hats for free from some workman, they were admiring him so I, being cheeky, asked where I could 'buy' witches hats:giggle: I was confident enough to continue with our walk with witches hats tucked under my arm, something I would NOT have done before.

    Went past another GS, other side of busy road but still, in the PAST the barking would have set off Ra Kismet. Today POOF I'm much too WELL MANNERED to respond to unruly dogs:D

    Same with a few other 'known' dog houses. I didn't click or treat either, as my feelings, correct me if I am wrong please, were that as HE WASN'T BATTING A BEAUTIFUL EYE LID THEN IT WAS BETTER TO JUST WALK ALONG NORMALLY - rational being that if I act naturally, he will and also, maybe if I click/treated it may 'remind' him/draw his attention to the dog. Right or Wrong????

    One surprise house - two wee yappers - his ONLY reaction (neither of us saw them prior to their barking) was to PUT one paw on the low wall - NOT PULLING OR JUMPING and he was loose lead walking too so could have EASILY pulled (I do hold the lead as suggested by curls139 Russ's companion just in case) VERY QUICKLY went into click/treat mode Ra Kismet sat in front of me and didn't budge/lose focus at all. No jackpot though it wasn't quite big enough for that:) A lot of people may not even have bothered with his 'reaction' it was so slight BUT I don't even want that much so click/treat:D

    Did parking 'YAWN o.k. Mom's can be a bit weird chap just had to go along with themYAWN'

    Then spied small Pom coming towards us with elderly gentleman - ooops me with witches Hats under my arm :cool: Ra Kismet looked 'quite interested' even though the Pom was quite a way down the road still. I IMMEDIATELY went into 'reverse' and started click/treat and the Pom's owner crossed the road well before they got to us PHEW was so glad of that as I didn't want to push my boy. Click/treated like there was no tomorrow as the Pom sedately walked past on the other side of the road. Ra Kismet stayed focused about 95% of the time - sorry boy no Jackpot - but I was VERY impressed, as this is the FIRST time we've had 'dog in street' since the tantrum. O.K. other side of the road, not THE test but HEY a boy's gotta take it gradually and he did VERY WELL:D

    Toddled on and I knew full well a BIGGIE was on the horizon. GS behind railings who can perform like anything. We're the other side of the road RA KISMET BARELY LOOKED OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went into click/treat mode then JACKPOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he seemed to be TOTALLY unaware of the madly barking/performing GS and resumed walking along as if NOSE DIVES in the treat bag were an every day occurence and barking GS's POOF WHO CARES!!!!!!!!

    He'll soon be up to Zeus' standard and Zeus is one of THE BEST DOGS you could ever walk, he's just so cool and laid back, NOTHING bothers him AT ALL(n):D
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  2. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Finally back - and can properly tell you how happy and proud I am of you guys!!! HOORAY!!! You can really tell all your hard work is paying off!! (y):LOL: The more I hear, the more impressed I am!!! Can I email Makena to you, so you can work with her too? :ROFLMAO: You should be so proud of both him and yourself!!!

    You said above that (in one of the pass-by's) he didn't react so you didn't click/treat, cuz since no reaction at all on his part, would that 'remind' him that oh yeah, maybe he should have? Nah, I don't think so. At this point, any time you can reinforce his good behavior, do it. Maybe not click, but just hand him a treat and tell him good boy - even forgoing the click, but quietly handing him a treat is taking the party down a notch, but yet still rewarding. After working with Makena for ~4-1/2 yrs now, I still occasionally reward her when we pass by a dog or situation that would have (in the past) caused a reaction. Granted, her issues were much more severe than Ra Kismet's (and she's still a work in progress) - but (just my opinion here) I think it's like us being told we're doing a good job (when we do one) vs working hard, and yes, doing a good job, but no one taking any notice.

    The fact that he could do tricks, think, and eat while the Beagle seranade was going on is huge. I'm totally impressed. The fact that he's still been able to take treats gently from you also speaks volumes. When a dog gets really aroused, even the gentlest dog will get snarky - they almost can't control it (here we go again with that side of their brain). How gently they are able to take treats is a good measure of their arousal level. I can always tell in a nanosecond where my girl is (emotionally) - she usually takes them very gently, but she does get snarky when she gets aroused. When she turns snarky, I know we've got trouble. Thankfully it's been quite a while since she's been in snark-mode!! :cool:

    You mentioned about thinking that Ra Kismet could possibly be more comfortable walking with another dog. I had a similar theory about Makena. When I adopted her, she was ~2 yrs old, and I had an 11 yr old Golden/Germ Shep mix, who sounded much like your Zeus. Sherman was my bomb-proof boy, nothing bothered him, he reacted at nothing, was a big 80lb happy-go-lucky boy who loved life and his ball. Makena met Sherman, it went beautifully, kind of love at first sight, and all was well. I walked them together every day (for the *almost* year they were together), she adored Sherman, and all was wonderful. Then Sherman died unexpectedly - and I think it rocked Makena's world. And she started melting down. She had been a little reactive but seemed to almost take her cues from Sherman - if he was calm (which he always was), heck it must be ok. I'd see her start to bark/react on walks, and always look at Sherman (like, hey, are we ok?), then immed turn away from whatever she was barking at. But once Sherman was no longer by her side, she came unglued. Then we had a few unfortunate incidents with bad trainers (a story for another time - or there may be a thread someplace) - and presto, I have a highly reactive dog. So for Ra Kismet to do better walking with nice, calm dogs - I totally believe it. I'm sure he takes a sense of security and calm from it, and finds it relaxing to do so.

    Read that your boy totally ignored that GS raising a ruckus - YAHOO!!! (You know how those rowdy GS's are!! :ROFLMAO:)

    Keep up all the good work, you guys rock!!! (y):D:LOL:
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    :LOL:Thank you so much:D Ra Kismet is really an 'easy' dog to train, he's just so smart and learns so quickly (LOL not always what I wanted but that's in the PAST). Makena sounds so lovely, she must have had a really bad past to have taken so long to re-train, because you have so much experience and knowledge. :ROFLMAO:Would she enjoy being emailed????

    Will look around later and see if I can find the thread about her problems. Poor darling, I hate hearing of dogs (or any animal) being treated badly, but LOVE hearing of how they are turned around by people such as yourself!!!!!!!

    Gotcha!!!!!!!! Understand EXACTLY what you're saying(y) Will reward with treat and Good Boy (he loves being told he's a good boy and LOL, sometimes when I ask for sit, not in 'formal' training I say "what do good boys do?" and he sits immediately with such a 'look' - :LOL:he KNOWS what 'good boy' means BIG TIME. So it's reward time when he sails past but not click:D

    I was really amazed how he stayed focused and 'in the right zone' with the Beagle seranade, LOL even I had moments when it was hard to focus:D

    Know what you mean about snarky/arousal times. One time a while back BEFORE all his problems started (pre lousy school/dog attack) a workmen from the house next door put his head over the fence to 'borrow' our electricity - I was walking down the drive way with Ra Kismet and oh boy - he went BANANAS BIG TIME - he wasn't at all impressed with a strange man peering over the fence. NO WAY could I treat him, it would have been akin to trying to feed a crocodile! He totally DEMOLISHED his Halti - don't ask how but he did!:eek: He's not really a snarky dog thank goodness, just a couple of things he doesn't like. One is strange. You can do ANYTHING with his paws EXCEPT WIPE THEM DRY - he can get snarky then, but am going to use the technique in Dr. Sophia Yin's vid for nails, only instead of tapping with the clippers (he's never needed a nail trim) I'm going to 'tap' with the towel. Also if he's deeply asleep and you accidently knock/disturb him he's a bit 'snarky' till he realizes that it's you. Other than that, he's grand at taking treats, in fact, I can feed him a treat from my mouth (not out of course that's asking a bit too much) but at home, he'll take it from my mouth and LOL the worst thing which can happen is 'slobber' especially if it's a tasty treat rarely given, like dog chocs:LOL: So glad you gals snarky moments do not happen often now, you must be soooo happy:D Understand what you're saying too about the arousal levels, boy am I learning here!

    I can well understand how Makena was when Sherman died, so sad for her, as she relied on him, he was her 'rock'. I think with Ra Kismet I will not walk him with Zeus, even though he's bomb proof, because Zeus has Cushings and is, although he doesn't really look it, a very sick boy (his medication and DOGTOR X forumla are his life line) and as such, he's under vet's orders to not walk too far, plus as you would know, Cushings cannot be cured only controlled, so in some ways a dog with Cushings is 'living on borrowed time':cry: and I wouldn't want Ra Kismet to start to 'depend' on Zeus and then..............

    Evie was a perfect walking companion. Carly and I plan to meet up again whenever we can. She's a fair distance away, but we're going to meet up whenever our schedules permit. In the meantime, will walk Ra Kismet as I have been doing and LOL continue to be the biggest/fastest treat dispenser around town. It WORKS he's living walking proof!

    Yep, always, until Zeus and Tiger Lily and now Ra Kismet, had rescue GSheps and they can be rowdy:D.

    I'm enjoying the challenge, it's soooooooooo rewarding to take a dog from being over reactive and see him visible change and become a well mannered chap:D. Although, I hasten to add, I wish the events had never occurred of course, but as they did it's grand to see my boy becoming what I always KNEW he could be. I LOVE dog training, they are SO MUCH easier to work with than humans:D They LOVE YOU UNCONDITIONAL AND THEIR TRUST IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, thank you SO MUCH for all your help, it's great to have someone, not only with so much knowledge, but who also cares and takes so much time and trouble to help me with my boy:X3::X3:
  4. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, all the progress you and Ra Kismet are making is unbelievable!!!!:eek: WOW!!!:eek::eek: How FANTASTIC!!!!!:D Pretty soon he'll be an excellent loose-leash walker!!! Keep up the GREAT work!!!!:)

    Jackienmutts, it really did sound like Sherman was Makena's support, when she was nervous on a walk he calmed her down. I bet you could do the same thing with Zeus, MaryK, but as you said, Ra Kismet could take it hard if he passes. :unsure:
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Dogster:D Ra Kismet is such a willing dog he really WANTS to do the right thing so that makes it much easier for me:D Rarely has a 'mule moment' he's keen and eager to 'work' yep know it's partly his breed, working dog but also his temperament and well *blush* he loves me:D

    Zeus would be fine with Ra Kismet but, not only the awful thought of him passing he's not allowed to walk too far, Cushings affects the back legs, and although you'd never realize just by looking at him, well almost being a dog lover you may notice the slightly bloated tum, that he's a sick boy, fraid he is only allowed by vet's orders just short 'slow' walks. LOL forget the slow, Zeus like to 'stride it out' but because of that, I have to keep his walks a LOT shorter than Ra Kismet. I walk them separately now:cry:

    It's a shame, because Zeus is totally bomb proof, always has been, and actually helped his sister Tiger Lily a lot over come her overall fear of the 'great big wide world' - she was TERRIFIED outside her own home and Zeus was a grand chap in helping his sister, along with me, to overcome her terror of that big world out there. She was the dog everyone says NOT to get, shy, nervous, timid so scared outside she wouldn't even take treats and believe me she LOVED her tucker. But as Balachine said of dancers, she was a 'steel butterfly' and over came her fear, with a lot of 'rule breaking' on my part and MASSIVE help from Zeus:D
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  6. jackienmutts Honored Member

    I totally get your concern with Zeus' Cushings - as Sherman had Addison's, which, as you probably know, is at the opposite end of the spectrum, where Cushing's produces too much steriods, Addison's produces none. Weird that our bomb-proof boys, the rocks for our fearful ones, would both be afflicted with such dreadful diseases, yet carry one with such happy attitudes. I'd look at Sherman some days and just say heck, if he can feel this great and be so joyful about just everything, then so can I. He made me laugh every single day without fail, he was a boy with a huge sense of humor and a heart to match, loved a good joke (doggie style), lived to play ball, and would engage anyone, anywhere, anytime in a good game. It's a pity Makena didn't have more time with him, but I'm so thankful she had the time she did.

    My bet is, if you use Dr. Yin's idea of conditioning with lots of click/treating with towel touching, then advancing S L O W L Y, you'll eventually be able to wipe his feet with no problem at all. Makena will let me do anything in the world to her without notice - but she does not like having her nails trimmed. She won't growl or nip or anything like that, but will jerk her paws away, which makes it very hard. Her nails (and Alf's) are very hard to clip as they are VERY thick and black, so impossible to see thru. I heard her yelp a couple times when a a groomer was doing her nails and said ok, that's that - no more. I started with loads of chicken, lots of foot handling, treating, then clippers on the feet, treating, etc ... then one nail at a time here and there (cuz there was no timeclock on when each nail must be trimmed), and of course, treats. It was sometimes taking an entire week to trim all her nails. We now do nails every week (or try to anyway), with me only clipping just a tiny bit, treats after each clip, but when it's time, she just comes and lays down cuz she sees the clippers and I ask her to. :love: That's my girl, she trusts I won't hurt her. It's taken a long time to get this far. I have a couple food puzzles that both dogs LOVE!!! and when we finish nails, they get several go's at their food puzzles, so it's like a big jackpot. They'll even get the puzzles and bring them to me. :LOL: So ... load up that bait bag .. again .. grab a towel, ask Mr. Kismet to please step right over here ... and let the adventures in towel wiping begin. :ROFLMAO:

    Mary, when do we get to see pics of your boys?? :D Did I miss some somplace? If not, there's a huge thread I believe in Off-topic/Chit-chat that's titled "Post your pics" or something like that, where we've all posted pics. You should post some. We need pics!! :LOL: And just fyi, there's a thread where I posted one of Sherman in my Nosework (I think that's in Dog Sports or whatever it's called, I'm blanking, had a 12 hr work day and am so tired I can't think anymore) thread if you want to see him (I'm pretty sure it's in that one). :confused: Good grief, I'm babbling incoherently, I'm so tired, I think I need to quit and go to bed. :ROFLMAO:
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  7. jackienmutts Honored Member

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  8. MaryK Honored Member

    I braved it:LOL: as if I wouldn't:D Very interesting, something I think Ra Kismet would love, but haven't heard of it over here, so will have to google. He can 'find' a small ball in the house which has managed either by us the cats or dogs accidently knocking it under a piece of furniture to 'vanish'. He will 'worry' until we get it out for him, that is, it's under the sofa too low for any dog to get under. Sometimes my partner will say he doesn't think it's under there but Ra Kismet is ALWAYS right, just it's gone way back and hard to find. Nothing formal of course but must check out K9NW because he would enjoy it, and so would I. Benefits too to learn more about your dog, always something I ADORE doing and of course, it's soooooooooo useful to be able to 'read' your dog:) I am very fortunate in that Ra Kismet is VERY explicit about what he wants but occasionally I slip up and LOL he looks at me as if to say'REALLY you're not at all alert today, I MADE IT PERFECTLY CLEAR - Hooman:eek:'

    I can see how it benefited your lovely Makena, I am THRILLED she's come on so well and also does so well. Can see the benefits for a reactive dog, makes total sense why the 'calm down' in all areas. No distractions, as you said too, they're not having to worry about making decisions involving YOU or them for that matter, just 'stay on the scent' block out distractions etc.
  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Yes, sadly I understand Addisons too. It is weird as you say Jackiemutts that our "Rocks" that we and our other dogs and cats and depend on can carry on with such joy in life. Zeus is a really 'happy go lucky' fellow, takes everything in his stride, even all the blood tests, never gives anyone at the vets a moment of concern. I think this is something humans can learn from dogs BIG TIME. That no matter what adversity hits, you can STILL stay HAPPY, POSITIVE AND LOVING, which is what both Sherman and Zeus know to do:) I'm right with you, I too, if things aren't going right on the home front, look at Zeus and think exactly the same thing "if you can be that happy with such a dreadful disease, then what on earth am I getting upset about'. Zeus is Zeus, his big beautiful eyes say it all:love::love::love: he's not much into doggy jokes, that's more Ra Kismet's forte:D, but his loyalty, his 'game' attitude, his O.K. I'll give it a try, his 'laid back cool dude 'tude' and his excited barks (even though they are on one note and LOUD), his total dislike of rain and agility :D make him so special:love::love: I think Sherman was a wonderful boy he sounds so beautiful and I would love to hear what his 'doggy jokes' where, that's absolutely delightful:love:

    It is a shame Makena didn't have more time with him, he sure was her 'Rock" but sadly, that's life:( I am sure though, that WITHOUT that time spent with Sherman, she would have been much harder to train and work with, he did all he needed or could do with her. It's like 'it's time for you now Makena to start to learn to stand on your own paws'. I believe without any question dogs (all animals) have souls and are sent to us to help us in some way and when they have done all they can they move on to the summerland and then are reborn to help others. Just my belief, may not be for everyone.

    Will try that with Ra Kismet. No problem handling his paws, it's all a bit weird, because he can get MUD AND THEN MORE MUD stuck hard and fast in his paws and he'll happily roll on his back (NOT in a submissive manner heaven forbid he's NEVER done that) but for 'tummy rub' and allow me to 'dig out mud' by the gallon:ROFLMAO: But attempt to actually DRY his paws, he's antsy. He'll let me handle them, does shake and LOL if we're watching a scary movie or the tennis match get's tight, we 'hold paws' I can fondle his paws do anything EXCEPT dry them:rolleyes: Will load up the goodies bag and start to S L O W L Y click and work down to actually wiping the paws. We did today manage to wipe the TOPS of his paws - that's a MAJOR break through, so will work slowly with click/treat/towel onto being able to dry his paws properly. Poor Makena, it's not the first time I've heard of grooming parlors hurting dogs when clipping claws. I'm a bit wary of using them to be honest. Ra Kismet needs a bath and we only have a shower here, so it's outside for bath time, bit too cold to do that (even though it was broiling hot yesterday getting him dry before it cools down is what I have in mind plus there is LOTS OF MUD and he adores mud, happy as a hippo in a wallow when it comes to mud so kinda defeats the bath:LOL:) and did consider taking him across to the dog parlor across the road BUT in there one time and the chap BANGED on the door when one dog waiting for pick up was being a bit whiney - didn't like to hear/see that at all:(
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  10. MaryK Honored Member

    Today's progress report:) He went really well, as per usual, with all his trick work in the garden and is doing REALLY well with off lead heel work, though I do have to let him 'run off' some energy before we start:D He's getting REALLY GOOD at leaving his soccer ball when asked too after he's had a bit of a play with it, especially today as it was raining a little so we did most of his sit/shake etc. tricks in doors and he expects PLAYTIME with his soccer ball when let outside. He now will even run up to me with it and then drop it, LOL with one paw on it like soccer players pose, sit and wait for his treat. Then, without a lead, he'll move off with me and I can now nudge, even today gave a bit of a kick, couldn't LOL kick far as I'm NOT a good soccer player. We even 'walked over the ball' and he kept going(n) So all well there:D

    Outside WHOOOOOOOOOO WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE he went so well I couldn't believe it:D

    Loose lead, and I MEAN LOOSE, big loop (cannot for safety reason in this built up area use a 6' lead but use the longest I can use with safety) walked right past two little yappie dogs who were unseen but NOT unheard and barking like mad right along their fence line. All he did was a quick GLANCE nothing more, just as we would if something happened but we weren't all that concerned about it. LOL I was so stunned I almost forgot to click/treat:eek: Recovered and click/treated with RA KISMET WALKING ALONG ON A COMPLETELY LOOSE LEAD that's a first(n):D Pretty much the same with all dogs encountered behind fences:D LOL almost getting 'routine' now(n):D. I still DO NOT walk on the same side of the road where I know there are dogs, like the rowdy GS who can be seen through railings and will really bark and perform, some not too friendly either. That's asking a lot of the boy and he's doing so well I am NOT going to rush and in any way ask too much too soon. Would rather take it easy and work gradually to getting close up and personal with these dogs. He's doing way too well to spoil now with my impatience:)

    Then the heavens opened! With barely any warning the rains came, HUGE driving rain, poor little chap was trying to keep eye contact with massive rain drops falling into his eyes:eek: I told him not to worry, put his head down and let's head for home:D We passed the rowdy GS, who was just a tad subdued because he was under their carport, so not quite the usual 'performance' but Ra Kismet didn't bat a very wet eyelash and NO it wasn't just because it was raining that wouldn't have deterred him in the past. I did manage to still click/treat but did NOT expect eye contact rather bent really low and gave him his treat as the rain was really driving and we were heading straight into it most of the way home. It just didn't seem fair to expect him to look up at me and get heavy rain in his eyes. O.K. I'm a sooky trainer:eek:

    Daddy (my partner) was waiting with the dog towel when we got home - LOL he got his priorities right for a change - he's learning too:D

    Still walking at a time when the doggy brigade isn't out in force. Again do NOT want to rush the boy. Oh I'm so proud of him he's just SOOOOOOOOOO willing to learn and 'do the right thing for Mom" I can see him really 'thinking' and working on what I want, a good well mannered boy who will end up just like his Big Bro = bomb proof:D Click/treat is amazing!!!!!!!!!! I've always used treats in the past but the response with click/treat is beyond compare! I've also noticed that in ALL areas he's responding more readily, it's amazing I know he's happier than ever because he's being well mannered and Mom's happy andandand ALL THOSE TREATS:D:D But seriously, like the K9NW click/treat has a 'knock on' effect in making the dog calmer all round, though it doesn't in any way affect their over all personality, energy levels etc. etc. Ra Kismet is still very much himself, cheeky as anything, high octane energy level, soccer loving, affectionate, loving, intelligent boy but he's 'changed' for the best it's subtle in some areas and very obvious in others but he's not so 'reactive' as he used to be all round, even before the attack. Calmer in subtle way:D

    Photos I did post some I think on my profile, not sure, as I wasn't too sure where/what I was doing but will post some on the Post your Pics forum. Take heed WARNING I'm the world's worst photographer, even with the good camera partner brought me, so my pics will not compare with all the seriously good ones on that forum. Plus, when I get time, I will edit the video my partner took of Ra Kismet playing soccer and upload that. It's a bit long at present, from memory around 20minutes and there are some wobbles as he was filming and playing at the same time but it does show off Ra Kismet's great soccer skills:D Oh and my partners big bare foot in one part, think that part will hit the 'cutting floor':LOL:
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  11. MaryK Honored Member

    should read "my partner BOUGHT me' my typing is appalling:)
  12. curls139 Well-Known Member

    Yay this sounds amazing - well done to you!!! You are both inspriational! It sounds like I need to pick your brains on soem treating questions as you are a professional treat dispenser :D..will post in 'Let's Help Russell'. Happy that your boy is doing well
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  13. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL yes think that's my new found career, treat dispenser
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Ooops had help from Maeve (my cat) she's good at posting when you don't want to:D(n)
    Ra Kismet really is responding so well to the click/treat. LOL yesterday, pretty uneventful walk just the usual barkers behind fences except for a new one - inside the house and the SHRILLEST bark I've ever heard. I flinched, it hurt my ears, poor Ra Kismet flinched too, heavenly only knows how HIS ears felt:eek: But after a flinch, LOL the little chap, who was on a completely loose lead, swung around and LOL looked up at me as if to say "hey Mom I didn't over react, just flinched, getting a TREAT is SOOOOOOO much better than over reacting':D Needless to say he got his treats:D Still haven't done passing on the same side as the Mr. Rowdy's who run right along their railing fences, or past another dog on the street, same side. Am taking him easy peasey but YES CLICK/TREAT is a miracle solution:D

    Will check your post in "Let's Help Russell":D Only too glad to help, Russ is SUCH A SWEETIE and I KNOW he's going to make it an become everyone's DREAM DOGGY:D
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Maeve again - can you click/treat train a cat?:D Actually Russ already is a DREAM DOGGY, he just needs to 'find it within himself and have CONFIDENCE". He'll get that with the click/treat.:D I know he WANTS to be a well mannered chap, it's just a matter of HIM getting confidence and YOU having confidence. If you have confidence within yourself, that WILL convey it to Russ, along with click/treat of course:D A win/win combination:D.
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  16. southerngirl Honored Member

    Actually you can. Glad to hear Ra is making such great progress:D .
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  17. MaryK Honored Member

    WOW!!!!!!!!! That is AMAZING(y) Thank you Southerngirl:D Am wondering if Maeve would be a good candidate, she's more active LOL HRH Sylvannia Faery Kitten would train well for nap/nap some more/snuggle on lap/nap some more - hey don't think she needs training on that:D.

    Now all I have to do is find a treat the cat's like, they're both a fussy pair and tend to look with great suspicion at ANY new type of food:rolleyes: This could be the start of a new 'duo' Ra Kismet and Maeve working together, LOL when I can stop her inviting him to play chase:D
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  18. MaryK Honored Member

    Looked for your post "Let's Help Russell" couldn't find it. Maybe you haven't posted yet? Will keep looking:D.
  19. southerngirl Honored Member

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  20. MaryK Honored Member

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