Still Having Problems With "are You Shy"

Discussion in 'Training Challenges' started by MaryK, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. MaryK Honored Member

    :ROFLMAO: Good point!!!!!!!!! Anyway he'll learn that trick is fine by me:D

    Yes, so do I and if the little tinker decides (as he did last night) to develop 'selective hearing' when called in after demanding to go out (at 3.a.m.) " it's urgent Mom" (when it wasn't) the walls will take a further hammering - me banging my head against them:eek::D When he finally decided to come in, soaking wet, he made straight for the bed:eek: Gotta love the kids cheek:love: Nothing like curling up in bed with a wet dog:rolleyes:! I did politely ask him to get down and allow me to towel him off, which he did, with a madly wagging tail:LOL:

    Heard from a friend the weather back home wasn't the best:( Hope it clears up for you too:)
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  2. MaryK Honored Member

    Isn't it:D I managed to get the paw, for a split second, so am happy:D oh and a snuffle in my hand 'hey where's my treat' so next time had to click/treat for just a paw:rolleyes: He's too darned smart at times and those eyes:love: Still one step at a time, he'll get there as he normally learns like lightening:D Guess we all have one trick which proves a bit harder to train:rolleyes:
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  3. collie23 Well-Known Member

    Haha the poor walls!! :ROFLMAO:

    I suppose if he didn't at least try he would've never known if you would allow him on the bed, wet! :) gotta love their enthusiasm for anything and everything

    Thanks, me to. It just can't make up its mind.. Rain, wind, sun, a bit of everything at the same time :)
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  4. MaryK Honored Member

    Holes appearing in walls:ROFLMAO: When will I learn not to fall for the 'hey it's URGENT, need to go do wee wees' when in fact, truth be known, all he wants to do is chew on lemons!!!

    Yes, you've got a very good point, I'd rather he tried than was too 'scared' too attempt anything new:ROFLMAO:. LOL he already sleeps on the bed, like a human, so can see how he would try the same wet:D

    That's what I love most, his enthusiasm and sheer love of life, try anything, cheeky, feisty attitude:LOL:

    Typical English Summer weather, can't make up it's mind!
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  5. MaryK Honored Member

    Well, not sure if I'm making progress of not:confused: Asked for 'are you shy' and he presented me with the best roll over he's ever done:LOL: Not once but twice, then with 'shake paws' and then 'sit pretty':LOL: Feeling like the world's worst dog trainer at present:(

    Changed tactics a little, instead of having him in the down position, started from the sit, went a bit better, but does need a lot more work:) At least he got his head down a little and paw kinda over his eyes, so I guess that's progress:)

    Maybe he was a bit too excited, having been cooped up all day yesterday because of the extreme weather??? Went on his usual walk today, so will try again later:)
  6. collie23 Well-Known Member

    You are not the worlds worst dog trainer!! as you said it's probably because hes over excitable because he hasn't been able to go out. or maybe just needs a little break from this trick in order to get his mind round what your looking for. :) or maybe bouncing off the wall constantly has got him confused and dazed? :p He will get it!
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Collie I feel so much better now:D You're right on all counts he was very excited today to be FINALLY outside playing soccer and just having fun, so I guess trying a new trick wasn't the greatest idea I've ever had.:( I'll give him a little break from this trick as you suggest to let him get his mind around what I'm looking for. I've confused him somewhere along the line:rolleyes:

    LOL yep bouncing off the walls probably has left him a little dazed:LOL:

    Thanks, you've made me feel so much better a, he will get it and when he does I'm going to have to video it:D
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  8. collie23 Well-Known Member

    You thought it was the best way to keep him busy and to keep his mind occupied, nobody can blame you for that :)

    I'm glad that hes finally able to get outside, hopefully without the risk of making your bed all wet again :) hopefully burn off some of that excess energy and be ready for more learning soon :)

    Definitely make a video!! would love to see it all worked out. Maybe you could make a tutorial? as there doesn't seem to be many people that do it right from the beginning with all the pitfalls etc that come with training :)
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    You're really sweet, thank you:D That was my thought, keep the boy's mind occupied, especially as he hadn't been able to do much of anything - except bounce of the walls - for a day. Which in his mind is like forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He was over joyed to go outside, play soccer and get covered in mud:LOL: LOL no he stayed off the bed this time, too busy having fun and it was morning not bedtime:LOL:

    He ran and ran and then some, just didn't stop belting around the garden with his soccer ball. Got covered in mud, he didn't care, he's into the 'grunge' look I think:LOL: Made me feel so happy to watch him:love:

    And although excited, was an angel on his walk:love:

    That's a good idea about making a video 'warts and all', will have to see if partner is willing to give up some more time as I don't have a tripod and LOL somehow trying to hold a video camera AND train Rakins ---- well partner almost dropped the camera when he was filming Rakins going through his paces as Ra decided to 'help' with the filming:eek::LOL:

    It sure would be good though, as we do have a few pitfalls that's for sure!!!!!!! And others may just learn from our 'bloopers'!
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  10. collie23 Well-Known Member

    I bet he was! I love how easy it is to please a dog. Give them a pile of mud and a ball and they'll be happy for hours :) (as long as mum watches, laughs and maybe gets a paw print or two of mud )

    If he's not willing you could always makeshift a tripod.. a chair or table at a reasonable hieght and a bit of blue tack under the camera to keep it at the right angle, just takes a little time to set up and get the view/focus right but you would have that with a tripod anyway. :) haha dogs are soo helpful aren't they? :D

    I'm sure they/I will :) knowing that all dogs go through good and bad training sessions but always get it in the end may help some people. I'm thinking of doing this with my pup, videoing every/most training sessions bloopers and all. May help you see if there's anything you could change to make it easier as well :)
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  11. sara Moderator

    Oliver wears a head halter, and I was able to teach him to "wipe your face" I used a piece of painter's tape over his eye (attached to his eyebrow) Worked like a dream. on his nose, no go.
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  12. jackienmutts Honored Member

    First Mary, world's worst dog trainer?? HARDLY!!!! I think we covered that in another thread. :ROFLMAO: Nah, I think Rakins is just confused or did just need a wild day in the mud. :LOL: Also, not sure how long or much you've been working on that particular trick, but sometimes (I've found) they get tired of trying to do the same thing constantly, esp if they get a bit confused, so a break, even for a few days sometimes works wonders. I know right now I'm working on "wipe your paws" with Makena, and I could tell she was getting confused last week - she knows to wipe one paw, or the other paw, but I can't get her to do one paw then the other paw - and we worked really hard. I've given her this week off, and we'll start up again this weekend. I've found that when I give her a few days off from a particular trick when we've hit a wall, sometimes we start up again and she's almost like oh, so THAT'S what you wanted, I get it now!! Sometimes just a little break (for both of us) is a good thing.

    And Sara, I used a post-it, much like your painters tape - and clicked Makena's paw on her face/nose - she got that one really quickly. Once she got it, I then would only click after she held it for couple seconds, then increased it to a few seconds, etc. Now she's shameless, it's her default trick - just look at her, and "she's shy". She'll do it anywhere, for anyone, anytime (cuz she gets so much mileage from it). Heavens!! :LOL: (and she's anything BUT). :ROFLMAO:
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  13. southerngirl Honored Member

    For Missy I would run my fingers down her muzzle(kinda like you would scratch their belly), others time I would tap her nose and after a few taps she would wipe her muzzle.
  14. MaryK Honored Member

    Of course Mom has to be there, otherwise it's 'sit with paw on ball looking hopeful' or if I'm outside but NOT paying sufficient attention it's 'kneecap Mom with the ball' LOL he packs quite a wallop too!:eek::D LOL all my jeans have 'dog designed' muddy paw prints on them and quite a few tops also, the boy can jump:LOL::eek:

    Thank goodness he thinks getting mud off is fun too, otherwise I'd be in deep trouble:LOL:

    He goes for his walk looking dapper and stylish, especially when it's cold and wet enough to wear his coat, very tres chic:D. I, on the other hand, go out looking windswept, hair frizzed from the rain, and wearing 'doggy designer' muddy jeans and tops:( I know the admiring looks and smiles are for Rakins, definitely NOT me:giggle::giggle:

    Thank you I'll have a go at making a makeshift tripod LOL I'm not the best photographer in the world but will sure give it a try:rolleyes::)

    I agree, seriously, sometimes it can be a bit 'depressing' to see all the vids of dogs performing perfectly:). You can see they've all 'got it' and just showing all the 'how to steps'. So a vid showing all the bloopers would be very comforting and a learning curve. I know I often wonder how many 'mistakes' were made before achieving perfection:)

    Looking forward to seeing your vids with your new puppy:D
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  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Ah so that's the 'trick' on the eyebrows, not the nose(y) Sure didn't have any effect on the nose(n) Will try that, thanks Sara:D
  16. MaryK Honored Member

    I bet he was! I love how easy it is to please a dog. Give them a pile of mud and a ball and they'll be happy for hours :) (as long as mum watches, laughs and maybe gets a paw print or two of mud )

    Sorry not sure yet how to put it in quotes:(

    LOL yes I swear Ra Kismet was a hippo in his last reincarnation, he's sure as happy as one when there's mud around. Just like a Hippo in a wallow:LOL:
  17. sara Moderator

    That 12 minute video I just finished of everything Oliver knows? That was edited down from more than an hour of video (almost 2 I think, including the video I scrapped cuz there was nothing usable).... But shhhhhush dont tell:censored:
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  18. sara Moderator

    There is a button right beside the like button at the bottom of everyone's post called "reply" that is the quote button. hit that :) just don't delete or change anything between the square paranthesis [ ]
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  19. MaryK Honored Member

    Thank you Jackie:D I do get down on myself at times:( Never with Rakins, he's just so smart and I know it's me not him:):(

    You're right Jackie, Rakins was a bit confused I think, he offered up every trick he knew, which was soooooooooo cute and showed just how willing the boy is to learn and work with me, I almost cried:). Yes he does need a wild day in the mud, LOL he adores getting all muddy and just having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! :ROFLMAO: And I just adore watching him too, he's a real tonic:love: Can be hard to stay with 'serious' training sometimes, that's why I allow a 'break' in the middle of training, he works hard so he deserves the break. Then he has 'playtime' his 'official' end of training play. And many other plays all through the day:LOL:

    LOL wipe your paws would be a very good trick to teach Rakins:LOL: EXTREMELY useful one:ROFLMAO: Love to see Makena doing it, so cute:D

    Seriously, I can see what you mean Jackie. I will give Rakins a break and try again next week with the 'shy' trick. I guess it's like us, we need a break when something is confusing, come back later and it's all perfectly clear what's wanted.:)

    LOL Makena and Rakins will be on the same wave length, once he get's the trick, because he sure isn't shy - his vet burst into gales of laughter when he knew Rakins was learning 'shy':LOL:

    Will try Sara's way of putting the postie/painter's tape over his eyebrows, not the muzzle, as all he does then is sit, look cute and hopeful:LOL:
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  20. MaryK Honored Member

    Thanks Sara and do I do the same thing for a 'partial' quote? Highlight the area I want to reply too and hit reply? Tech stuff is not my forte:( I'm into graphics but the tech side :confused::confused::confused:

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