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Holly is doing very well with her skateboarding.

The smaller skateboard is definitly easier for her.
She can do a push off now, although the skateboard doesn't move very fast (it might with more practice) and she's starting to realise that I want her to stay on the board and not jump off the front of it to get the treat (it shoots off behind her when she does that and bangs into stuff - it amazes me that nothing like that ever scares her).

I think a couple more days of practice in the kitchen and then we will take it outside to the park (we don't have concrete in our backyard).

I really will have to remember to take pictures


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AWW that's such a cute skate board for her!
Hehe I stole my brother's he wouldn't let me use it so I had took it when he wasn't home.:sneaky: He won't notice cause he doesn't use it.:cautious: Missy is getting use to putting three feet on the board(she keeps trying to avoid putting her back foot on it).
Everyone post video's when your dog learns it. a video of them learning it too would be cool.:D