Photography Anyone?


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Some pics from Dry Island Buffalo Jump


The only ones I know :) Wild Strawberries!

Flowers and a Bee

A dead Spruce! Dont ask me why I like this, but I do :)

Dry creek bed

I love this shot!

Fun with Aperture :)

Teeny tiny waterfall :)

Another dry creek bed... I love the way it's drying out :)

This is a cool shot too :)


Butterfly and the bee


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Im always taking photo's, mainly of Teddy. I own the Canon 5D MKii.
Loving everyone's photo's! (y)

I couldn't resist sharing ;)
Love the 5D's, although I'm more of a 1D girl myself. I must say, you are truely talented, and believe me, I'm not just saying that. Keep up the amazing work! What lens do you use?

And as a response to this general post, I own a Canon 60D, started with a film SLR and moved up to a D60, now I have the 60D. I have shot with multiple other setups and work with a friend of mine who is a professional photographer.


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Playing around with my little Canon Ixus 1000's functions yesterday too:
Quite impressed with what it can do for a point and shoot.

Polarised (poster effect)

It has loads of settings I'm just beginning to discover! Exciting!