Photography Anyone?


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Wow everyone, awesome pictures!! I've been busy and forgot to come check on this thread lol.

Amateur, Wow! I LOVE that first cat picture. Very nice!

Southerngirl, I did say Budgies, just didn't capitilize it lol. It's short for Budgerigar, but I have no clue how to pronounce it (just how to spell it lol)!! I've done some research on them, but yeah I would do a lot more if I decided to get one. :D I'm glad to hear they aren't as high maintenance as I thought. Thanks for the information!

Ripleygirl, I also appreciate the information you shared as well. :) I love the climbing frame. So cool!!

Here are some pictures of my two hamsters I had as a kid. :)

And here's my most recent favorite picture of my horse. :) The quality isn't great because I was using my continuous shoot feature, but he's so handsome I had to share hehehe.



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Yeah the kit len is pretty awful , I didn't use mine much and bought the 50mm straight away lol
LOVE your photo's, which camera do you have now?[/quote]

Lol, I actually just bought the Canon 7d and the 85mm 1.8 lens just a few minutes ago. I still have my macro lens from before, so I'll be using that as well. I'm really excited and I hope this time my photos turn out better.

Your lighting is amazing. Do you mind me asking how you set it up? :D


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So first I want to share some amazing underwater dog photos by Seth Casteel - simply amazing...for more of his work - go here:

I had these through on my email recently - there are more of them and I think they are incredible - I was so taken aback with some of them how aggressive the dogs look when they are not being aggressive in the slightist - just after the ball - it just reminds you of the wild wolf in the dog which makes them great and makes it sooo special the relationship humans have had domesticating this animal - when the humans appreciate the amazing bond Dogs have allowed us to have with them considering they are origanally wild creatures.