Peticure Nail trimming


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It costs $20.

You must MUST MUST follow the step by step directions on how to introduce this to your dog. YOu can NOT just buy one and bring it home and go to town on your dogs toes, he will HATE IT.
BUT-------I followed each and every step, it takes several days, and my dog has NO problem with it, actually, when he sees the box come out, he FOLLOWS me, cuz he thinks: that item = TREATS for ME!!

I did initially have some problems with it.

until i got some advice on a new way to use it. from a member here on DTA.

The instructions say do not grind on a nail for longer than 3 seconds, or "the nail will overheat".
well, at 3 seconds per pass, it takes all evening long to trim the nails down.

Someone later told me, "No one really does that 3 second thing." So i tried it, grinding away for as long as it took.
I could NOT detect any warmth whatsoever, and my dog seemed perfectly comfortable. YOUR dog might only be able to tolerate 3 seconds per nail at a time, but, my dog can take it a long time, maybe a minute or two or three. Honestly, i've never really timed it.

Other problem---I'M LEFTHANDED. This is SOoo designed for right handers. Hard to explain, but there is a lil groove in the orange cap to put their nail in. A left hander can't do it.
A pal told me, "No one really leaves that orange cap, try it without orange cap on."

Well, the instructions say, like 80 times, in a 36 point font--NEVER TAKE OFF ORANGE CAP EVER, YOU COULD HURT YOUR DOG, etc etc etc.
But because i so trusted this pal, i did indeed try it once, with orange cap OFF.
Withthe orange cap OFF, you can SEE and angle around the nail way way easier.

But, with orange cap OFF, I AM excessively careful to make sure all his foot fur is held back, and that i stay away from his paw pads. <----It is NOT hard to do either.

I used to slip a panty hose foot (cut off of panty hose) with holes punched into it.........and slip THAT over his paw, TO HOLD HIS PAW FUR OUTA THE WAY.........and only have his nail stick out the lil hole.
but, overtime, i decided that was too much bother, and not really necessary.


---I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS TOOL!!! TWO THUMBS UP!!! BUT do take off orange cap, you can do a better job without it, and do not be afraid to try going way longer than the "3 seconds" the box recommends.

I do one paw, play with him, give him a break. He gets 1 tiny treat after each nail.

then I do his other paw, and play with him. His two front paws take me about 20 minutes i guess.

The next evening, I do the back paws, which never need that much of a trim.


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I did so identify with the poster who said she about got nauseous wondering where her dogs "quick" in his nail was. I used to be exact same way, got sweaty and sick wondering where the quick was....

I still look to see where Buddy's quick IS, before i grind around. Just to get an idea how much grinding is needed.

I USE ONE OF THESE LIL KEYCHAIN LIGHTS to hold under his nail, to illuminate it. REAL EASY to see the pink 'quick' in there.

It will not shine through his black nails,:msnsad: but it does great with his white nails.It's way easier to use a keychain squeeze light than a lil flashlight. Something like this:


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i got mine at CVS drugstore, but, these are everywhere. Just everywhere. I'd bet Petsmart has them, too. there IS a $60 dollar version, but this $20 version works fine.


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The trick to black nails(not sure if this has been posted or not):

As you clip your dogs nails(or grind), the end will look chalky. Take off a LITTLE BIT at a time, and eventually you'll see a little black dot in the middle of that chalky-ness. Clip no more! There's the quick. You can clip a little more than when you first see the TINY black dot--just be really careful. When that black dot gets almost as big as the chalkyness, or even half the size of the chalky ness, you've gone far enough. The more regular your dog's nail clippings are, the shorter his quick will become--and the shorter you can clip his nails. (Or grind.)


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yeah, you GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA REMOVE that orange cap,
and you CAN grind away as long as you want to. Buddy sleeps through it, he's never had one "hot nail" that the box rants on about..

BEST TIP: PUT DOG ON SOFA, and sit on floor, to make his feet closer to eye level.
I have the Peticure, and I think it's a terrible product. It doesn't take anything off my dogs claws. Its kind of like using a light sandpaper. VERY light. When you use normal pressure absolutely nothing comes off the claw. It doesn't smooth it, it doesn't shorten it, nothing happens.
I bought a professional grinder from Petco for about $45. The speed is adjustable, and it has different attachments. It isn't cordless, but it works. And if your dog doesn't like it, you can return it.
I took a lot of time getting my dog used to the sound first, with high value treats, then getting used to the feeling of the vibration. I also had to get used to it, with the help of a friend who's a groomer.
Please don't waste money on the Peticure. It looks too good to be true, and it is.

Good Luck
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I am wanting to get one of these too!! When we first had Riley to the vet, I had already clipped her nails as I had a bunny and a dog before and always did theirs myself with no problem! I was surprised when the vet suggested the pedi-paws but she had said and it makes sooo much sense, that your dog will pull away when youve only lightly sanded the nerve when you get too close to the quick, and voila! no chance of going too far! I do Rileys with normal dog clippers and she is getting so used to it now its wonderful I can just sit down and do them with her myself without having to hold her or tether her. But I was so upset the last day I cut them...I got to close to the quick and didnt even realize it until I saw a little bloody nail, Riley didn't even flinch, which was great but at the same time, its kinda nice to get a warning in case she got up and I would have had little blood spots all over my floor!!! Anyway I yelled to Grant in the kitchen "Cornstarch or Flour STAT!" lol so maybe I will invest in one of the Pedi-paws, PLUS I would most certainly not miss scratchy nails for 2 days or so!! Good tip about the black nails too! The vet told me that one as well and I never heard of it before! Very helpful!! Plus too if they do have some white and some black (Riley has only a few black ones) do the white ones first and cut the black ones similar to the length of the cut white ones..the quick will always be generally the same distance!


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Well, my dog sleeps when i grind his nails down with PediPaw. I still have same one, for long time now, still grinds his nails away just fine. If he has wayyyyyy overgrown nail, i will (after holding the lil flashlight behind his nail to observe the quick) i will clip the main glob of overgrowth off, and then grind the rest off.

TIP: I have Buddy lie on the sofa, and i sit on the floor, so his nails are more at eye level. Lol, you shoulda seen the contortions i used to get myself in, to try to grind away on a dog paw on the floor....WHAT was i thinking? lol.

ALSO, if you do get a PediPawas, be absolutely sure to follow, step by step, on HOW to introduce the item to your dog. I can promise, if you just get one, walk into your home, and begin grinding away on your dog's nails, he WILL hate it.
but, if you follow the step by step plan, (i *think* i recall it takes 5 days to finish the introduction phase..)
on how to properly introduce the item to your dog,
he will be fine. Well, at least my dog was....he gets happy to see me carrying it around, and follows me. He gets one tiny treat after each nail, and depending on how he is doing, he gets break between each one or two feet. And don't forget, take the orange cap OFF, and DO grind away for more than 3 seconds at a pop, or you WILL be sitting there allll night long.
I also tend to use this at nighttime, when Buddy is already sleepy.

sometimes, i do front feet on one night, and back feet on another night. Just love that thing, cuz the nail-clipper makes me sweat, and nervous, and leaves jaggedy sharp nails. My dog tolerates the clipper better than i do.:p


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OMG...flash back. I saw Max's picture when he was a puppy on here. I had forgotten that I had posted this thread a couple of years ago. How Max has grown. Unbelievable. I have to say I am still a sissy and take him to the groomers to have his nails done. His black nails just scare me with the quick. All posts on finding the quick on black nails are very much appreciated.


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Lol, Heidio, i so share your sissiness on this! And i do not think of myself as a sissy type, but, when it comes to possibly hurting Buddy's 'quick' in his nail, i do break a sweat...Buddy has a few black nails, so this here Pedipaws gizmo is great for me for his black nails, it moves slower than a whambam cut.
If i were to get too close, he'd let me know, before damage was done.