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Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by heidib860, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    WOO HOO can't wait to hear the review. I am a little disappointed in the order/process/shipping times but then again, this is a new company with a product that has taken off faster than I am sure they even expected. I think I will start preparing Z now for the sound by introducing clippers as a sound substitute and the vibration by touching the side (not clipping) to her paws.

    We await your rewiew!

  2. blisandt New Member

    never a problem.. MY hair might get caught in it...:dogph34r:

    but not theirs... albeit mine are short haired dogs.. but I like the control I have seeing the sanding surface and their tootsies..

    Jean? Howzit going?
  3. cppugs New Member

    I have used a dremel mini might for years with my dogs, I also have an electric on the grooming table. I would much rather use a tool like this for the nails. One thing I have found is, if you approach the tip of the nail at an angle from the side, then go to the other side, go to the next nail. Once you go through all the nails, go back and take the tips off. There is less heat involved on the nail and you are less likely to take too much off that way.

    As for the dogs with a long coat, with my chinese cresteds, I take panty hose, put their paw in the hose and let the nails puncture the hose, the hair stays in the hose and only the nails are exposed.

    I am interested in hearing how the Peticure Elite works for you!

  4. stormi Well-Known Member

    Charleen...that is really neat how you trim your crested's nails. Having dogs with relatively short hair on their feet (well...the hair is trimmed right back anyway) I have never really thought how the long haired breeds get their nails trimmed.
  5. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    Well, how is the Peticure try out going? Is this new tool all we hope it will be? This is harder than waiting for Christmas morning, tee hee hee!
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    LOL. I actually love this thing, I am going to write a neat and lengthy review in the next few days. So far so good!
  7. heidib860 New Member

    Thanks for the review,

    It's been a while since I've been able to check out the site. I was glad to see that you recieved it after what sounds like a long wait. I read the review and it was very helpful. It sounds as though I will invest in it as soon as I am able to.
  8. Jean Cote Administrator

    I believe zcoondog has also ordered a peticure, so maybe she will also give us a review?!? :dogsmile:
  9. moweeks New Member

    Buddy gets Wizarded weekly

    I have seen the ads for the Peticure and am curious to see your review Jean.

    I use my Black and Decker Wizard (similar to a Dremel) to grind Buddy's nails on a weekly basis. I started when he was 9 weeks old and just have to run over each nail quickly to keep them short and smooth. His dew claws take the most time as they are in an awkward position and tend to grow faster and sharper than the others. I did get a grinding stone attachment with a fine grain to use instead of the discs that came with the Wizard originally. I had the Wizard before I had Buddy, and had heard of using a Dremel, so it was a case of using what was at hand.

    :dogunsure:I am terrified of the nail clippers and my nervousness would transmit to him making him nervous so I avoided that situation entirely.

  10. 4bella New Member

    I actually bought the "peticure" back in July. The commercial made it look so easy but when I tried to use it on my dog she started thrashing around. I don't know if it was the noise of the tool or if it was the feel of it that she didn't like.I didn't get even one nail trimmed! I havent used it since but I will try time....with someone to help me hold her down. Geez..I hope I don't tramatize her:msneek:
  11. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yeah I had to acclimatize my dog to the sound & vibration of the peticure for about a week before I actually tried to cut a nail. Seem to have worked. ;)
  12. makakoa New Member

    I don't know how powerful the revolutions are on a Peticure unit, but I am fearful of the strength and speed of the Dremel. I bought a human manicure unit that is actually meant for filing human nails. I clip the nails with a regular non-electric type dog nail clipper, then use my unit to smooth and round the tips. None of my dogs seem to mind any of it.

    I haven't had any experience with it, but I have seen a new clipper that uses a beam of light to determine where the fleshy, blood-vessel-filled area is. It flashes a "green for go" light or a "red for stop" light to let you know if it is safe to cut in the area selected. I think the cost is about $29 (US). I have seen them at Complete Pet Mart in our area.
  13. zcoonhound Well-Known Member


    I have been holding out to see if the order/ship/delivery problems were worked out on the pedicure website when the pedipaws came out. Unfortunately, they have the same issue. Then I found one (pedipaw) on ebay. This particular seller actually claimed to have a few and they were ready to ship at close of auction or buy it now. I chose to buy it now as the price with shipping was less than I could get it on the website. It arrived in three days! It took all of five minutes to get Z acclimated to the tool, but it may take me a little longer to improve my technique. I like using this so much better than crusher clippers and I do belive Z likes the pedipaws better too.
  14. Jean Cote Administrator

    Which one did you get, the pedicure or pedipaws?
  15. zcoonhound Well-Known Member


    I bought the pedipaw.
  16. hunniedoll New Member

    Man, I dont even know how to cut my dogs nails yet!
  17. tx_cowgirl Honored Member

    Both versions are quite...well...

    They can both cause a lot of harm. Only the expensive versions have variable speeds, and this is important because a slow speed is absolutely necessary. A friend of mine(a professional groomer of 15+ years) bought the Pedicure to see if it was actually a good product. Without the ability to slow the thing down, it was going fast enough to create kind of a vacuum. It sucked her dog's nail in close and ended up wrapping the nail around the stone. Even with the variable speed versions, the covers really kill your field of view, and if there were any malfunction with the product, that little "safety cover" can become a terrible place for a dog's nail.

    I've felt much more secure and satisfied with a basic, expensive Dremel tool or nail grinding tool.
  18. jenclerm Experienced Member

    I ordered the pedipaws yesterday, I hope it works out. Luke is okay about nail trimming but he hates to have his paws grabbed...then it turns into a wrestling match him thinking i am playing... so the clippers on sight are a toy... LOL... Well at least he isn't afraid of them...
  19. addictinganimal New Member

    We got the Pedipaws a while back. It works great. :D Better on the smaller dogs (shih tzu/chihuahua and small aussie) than my big dog (shepherdy).

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