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Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by heidib860, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. heidib860 New Member

    Okay, I have a question for everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any comments about the Peticure. I just saw the commerical on TV and it looks like a good product. I was wondering if anyone has it, has tried it, or uses it on a regular basis and what they think of it. If you haven't do you use a dremmel or similar tool, nail clippers, or send them to the groomer.

    If your not sure what I'm talking about it's a nail grinder that files the dog's nails. I'm not sure of their web address because I didn't book mark it but when I did a web search of Peticure I found it. It's basically the same as a dremel but it looks like it has a protective cover that protects you/your pet from the high speed filing attachment.

    I used to take my last dog to the groomer every month for a bath and nail trimming but I've been doing Max's baths myself twice a week for free and if I can do the nail trimming myself it would sure help my budget.

    I can't stand using the nail trimmers. My last dog had black nails so I could never see the quick and it turned my stomach every time I clipped his nails, thus me sending him to the groomers. At that time my budget looked a little healthier so it wasn't much of an issue, plus I'd rather focus on training expenses for Max then maintance which I could do myself.

  2. leema New Member

    Some people swear by them, some people think take too much time, the dog gets antsy, and it's not much better than nail clippers. (This is for any file, not sure about the specific ones you mentioned.)

    Both my dogs have very black nails and I've clipped the quick once between the two of them! It's just very small amounts often instead of big chunks. ;)

    Alternatively, perhaps you could just take your dog to get its nails trimmed at groomers/vets/boarding kennels? Most places I know of charge $5 for all four feet done. :) Just a suggestion!
  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    There are reviews of the Peticure on this forum.

    But if you look at all the positive reviews, and look at their post count, you'll see that they only have one or two posts. Meaning that someone joined, posted a review and never went back. So it could be the owner or someone just joining forums and posting positive reviews of their product.

    Then there was another review by a regular poster there and he said it was a piece of junk. It does look pretty cheap from looking at it on their website. It is a very nice idea, but maybe there are higher quality products out there? Just wondering.

    As an alternative you can dremel your dog's nails (I've never attempted this myself, but just found this link).

    Extended review on the Peticure available on this forum also. :)
  4. Jean Cote Administrator

    I called them this morning, and the customer service picked up the phone on the second ring. I asked them about the Battery problems that people were experiencing and apparently they have replaced all batteries and have innovated the Elite unit at the same time.

    So I ordered one over the phone (their website doesn't let Canadians buy over their website), and they said that I should receive the Peticure Elite within 2-3 weeks due to high demand. So I will give you back a review of the unit once I receive it.
  5. heidib860 New Member

    Thanks for the links Jean,
    I read up on them and I definately feel that I want to try filing the Max's nails instead of clipping them. Using a regular dremel though I don't think I would like to do because of the chance of hurting either myself or Max with the dremel tool. I did notice that they have a cover that fits over the dremel (only certain models) but I am leaning towards ording the peticure myself. Let me know when you recieve it. I can't wait to hear your review of it.

    Hi leema,

    Thanks for the suggestions and help. I guess I'm just a baby when it come to using the clippers. I just hate how it seemed to always hurt my last dog. Even with just taking a little bit off it seemed to splinter his nails. I tried several different types of clippers because at first I thought it was just because the clippers might not of been sharp enough.

    I'm leaning towards the filing method. As for just having the nails done around my vet does it for $10.00 and I think the groomer was in the same ball park either $10.00 or $15.00. I definately have to take him this weekend and have someone clip them but it's not only the cost I think but the actual part of getting an appointment and getting him in the car and taking him. It just seems easier to me to do it myself. Plus I enjoy taking care of him, giving him baths, brushing him, etc.
  6. storm22 Experienced Member

    i havent clipped storms nails since he was a pup he runs them down, but my nans rescue dogs have major issues with there feet, poor baz's legs are twisted from over grown nails, but we use a grinder (similar to a dremil) and they'll sit there for hours having it done, the pugs push each other out to have it done luka wants his done too but he runs his down like storm so i just pick im up and play with his feet so he's not missing out,

    but they used to whine and scramble and even bite when you grabbed there paws, it took about 2weeks to get used to it now they all just sit there, (lance doesnt sometimes, as the pugs are staring at him and they move round him too much and for a little teacup chihuahua its a little daunting having three boffhead pugs wanting there turn

    so i love and approve of these, so do the rescue dogs
  7. CollieMan Experienced Member

    I'm still training Ellie to get used to the clippers. I call it our "Your in charge" training sessions. I grab the clippers and a bowl of treats, and we just sit there. We started with her not even wanting to go near them. Now, she will offer her paw and let the clippers touch her claws (though she has to look away) but she's just not so keen on the clipping bit yet.

    However.... she's taken to clipping her own claws! Oh yes, I kid you not, she lays there biting her own front claws, and I have to say she's done a better job than any clipper job I've ever seen!

    Anyone else have dogs that clip their own claws? I find it really amusing.
  8. storm22 Experienced Member

    i do know of a dog that did that, it was strange but he always did it i love how ellie has to look away how cute
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    It's been two weeks since I've ordered, hope to get it soon. :)
  10. stormi Well-Known Member

    I only just read this post! I saw a demo of a electric nail grinder at Crufts...I guess it is similar to the Paticure one. Personally I wasnt convinced. It's quite easy to grind off too much, especially on a small dog, thus the same problem for me as clippers. I can see the value to groomers who are doing a lot of dog nails though.

    I also hate using clippers on my dogs nails...I am terrified to catch the quick (although I never have done so). I prefer to use a file. I find using one of the foot file boards (in the pedicure section at the chemist) really useful, and stronger than a standard emery board. Breeze's nails are hard and grow fast, but as her nails are mostly pale I tend to use clippers on her each week. For the spaniels I file their little black nails each day. They dont mind...I gradually built up to more pressure as I file (plenty of treats)...I go from the pad up the claw in that direction only and just take the tip off each day, and that is sufficient for them.
  11. bethany778 Guest

    Better think twice

    I was researching this new product and came across tons of negative posts, blogs, and reviews. Looks like this company might e going under. Here is a recent one from BBirds blog.bJ.S. has left a new comment on the post "PETICURE TOOL UPS AND DOWNS":

    On March 1 I ordered a safeguard from Peticure on line. The online receipt did not contain an invoice number but it did have a customer ID number and a transaction number. I emailed Peticure about this along with another question. The second question was answered the first was not. Two weeks later I emailed Peticure again - this time asking about delivery since my credit card had been billed as of the order date. All information that I had received in the conformation was also forwarded at that time. The reply stated that there was a two to four week delay and I should be patient. On March 30th my patience ran out and another email was sent demanding a delivery date. Receiving no reply by April 1I called the company and spent the next half hour waiting while a customer service person attempted to find my order. The result was I wasn't anywhere in the system even though the credit card bill was clearly marked PETICURE. The best I got was that I call the credit card company and get a chargeback. Does the right hand of this company have any idea what the left hand is doing??? After reading so many negative comments, it is amazing that the company is still in existance. Today is April 2 and still no answer from the emails I sent. It seems like a great idea has been managed terribly.
  12. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yeah, it sounds like the owner has outsourced all parts of the company including customer service and order billing, etc. I knew it was a gamble before I decided to order this Peticure, so if I do not receive it or it sucks, then I will be the only one to blame. :)

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the peticure.
  13. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    :dogwub:I just can't help myself, I am hopeful that you will receive this item and fall in love with it. I have read all blogs, reviews, the web site, looked at other dremel type products and I am still interested in this product. Thinking positive...maybe the demand for this product is much more than the owner expected. I have even considered ordering the atttachment for the dremel product and trying that.
  14. Jean Cote Administrator

    I just called to see if my order had been shipped, they answered on the first ring. They are back ordered on them and are expecting a shipment around April 10th. (2 days), so perhaps it will ship then.
  15. zcoonhound Well-Known Member

    aarrgh!! and the wait continues! I think I will call them today and see if they have the dremel tool attachment in stock and when they can ship it.
  16. Jean Cote Administrator

    Looks like they billed my credit card on the 9th, so they must of sent it to me. (The lady told me that they charge only once the product is shipped). So that was 6 days ago, I should be getting it within a week (hopefully). :)
  17. blisandt New Member

    It took some time, but I have dremel trained dogs.. They push in to be the one getting treated, because.. when done, they get a really good treat.. IT TOOK SOME TIME AND PATIENCE... and I was VERY careful to only do 3 seconds on each toe... and in early sessions only one toe before treats!

    Now I spend more time shaping the nails so they are not sharp and not quicked... but that's because my dogs fall asleep during the process. REALLY.

    Here is the link that taught me how to do it.

    else google doberman dremel dawn
  18. Jean Cote Administrator

    If I do not receive it by tomorrow I will call them again, as it will have been two weeks since shipping.

    Blisandt: My only concern about a non protective dremel tool is that the hair could get caught and cause severe pain to the dog. Has this ever happened to you?
  19. josiebell New Member

    Oh Jean! I was sure that you were going to say that you had finally received it!
  20. Jean Cote Administrator

    I have received my Peticure Elite today, I have started training my dogs to accept the sound and vibrations coming from the unit. I will be writing a blog review and an instructional lesson as to how to train your dog to love this thing (or any clippers).

    So stay tuned, I will report back here as soon as possible. :dogsmile:

    Note: Everything seems to work fine, the unit itself powers right up and comes with a battery charger, which also seems to work fine. Again, more testing needs to be done before a final review is given.

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