Open And Close Book


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Way too funny, now that's a first!! rofl!!
Never saw that trick before!!:ROFLMAO:

My family was going by and stopped to watch this, and asked, "What is that border collie doing?"

I said, "I think he is censoring her book, :ROFLMAO: he disapproves of her book! The dog is trying to make her stop reading!!!":ROFLMAO:


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You may try with a clicker if he does not understand what you want. Put the book in front of him and wait. If he knows "touch", use it. As soon as he touches the book with his nose, reward him. Don't reward if he touches with his paw. Help him understand you want him to lift the first page, show him if needed. Reward any attempt. And let us know :)


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Hi Jean ! I'm glad to be back too, there's so much to share here and many lovely humans and dogs.
Dogster, I love you dog's nose ;) Looking forward to watching him read the book.