Might Be Getting This Puppy!


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Bear is pretty cool and everything I could ever want, but isn't two of all you could ever want something to dream over?

He is my dream dog, I just have a love for some dogs and I can't wait to get another even though that time is aways away. :)


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Dogster, there is something about that first dog there, Paisley, that reminded of some of the looks that Shivon can do!:ROFLMAO:

adorable dogs, though, WOW, what a pair of ears on the first dog, eh? That dog might be able to fly with those ears!!:LOL: ADORABLE!!


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I find that most of the dogs I love on Petfinder have some Shivon in them, LOL:ROFLMAO:

If I had to chose, I'd chose the first one. :love: Her ears are something, eh???:D


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//" Her ears are something, eh???:D "//

YEAH THEY ARE!! :ROFLMAO: You just don't see ears like that eveyr day! I LOVE the ears! Like a car with both doors open or something!:ROFLMAO: both are very cute dogs!

Keeper ---who just now got a new dog:love: ----wrote:
//"He is my dream dog, I just have a love for some dogs and I can't wait to get another even though that time is aways away. :)"//

oh yeah, i hear ya there!! You know what, when i was going crazy to get a dog, before we got Buddy, i spent a lot of time searching around for my dog, see? (while waiting for my guy to agree we DO need a new dog again).
and after we got Buddy,
it took me a while to turn that "dog shopping" back off again, down to more 'normal' level, intense "dog shopping" had become habit!:ROFLMAO:
I still "dog shop" (of course, i'd only adopt, not "buy")
but, not like i used to when i was actively searching for a dog to take home.

anyway, it was weird it took a while to turn that "dog shopping" back down just a bit! rofl!


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Okay so I've heard about Petfinder rehad thread for a while so I had to search for it so here are three I found not sure if this is it though. Now you guys can post your petfinder dogs on one of this threads and we can go back to Dilly and Fleet/Merlin:D You guys should get a trophy for derailing the most threads:ROFLMAO: looking at tigerlily:cautious::ROFLMAO:
These are the only ones I could find.:D


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OH Dogcrazy, i love dogs with one eye patch!! I am total sucker for one-patch dogs! WHAT a cutie! wow!
and that baby dog, all baby dogs are adorable! such a sweetie pie!

and YEAH, those are the petfinder-rehab threads,
which both dogster, dogcrazy and keeper should all join!!!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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I don't mind you guys getting off topic. I kinda enjoy it. =)

So, Fleet/Merlin has a few people interested in him, including me. I was so mad yesterday because I got my app all filled out, and when I pressed send the connection failed. I took FOREvER to fill that simple forum out!! I have a problem with procrastinating, and I didn't send it today. I will do it
Tomorrow though.

And if things don't work, there is always this little fellow.