Might Be Getting This Puppy!


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aw, Dilly, i know what it's like to get stoked about a dog and not get it,:oops:
but, it sure sounds like you are making the best of it, and have a good attitude about it, very mature reaction there (more mature than mine was when it happened to me:ROFLMAO: )
and who knows, this "miss" (if it is a miss) might even be a secret benefit as you continue to explore your many many many options.

and i know for sure, Dilly, that while you continue to help out dogs in need and foster dogs while you sort out what you want, and think about which dog is just right for you, etc, that any dog who gets to live with you is one darn lucky dog!


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Aww, so sorry. Don't understand the reasoning there at all, 2 indoor cats who never go out, why vaccinate? Makes no sense to force someone to vaccinate their indoor-only animals (why, so they can potentially get cancer? -- don't get me started). If it doesn't work out, I think it's because the right dog (the one you are supposed to have) is still out there - you two just have to find each other. And you will! (y)


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My brother and I have done a great job keeping our cats indoors. We will leave the door open on days it rains, and if our cats adventure out, they will get wet and run back inside all upset. We haven't had any problems for 3 years.

This dog probably wasn't meant to be. There are a TON of homeless dogs out there. I have plenty of time to wait. I'm in no rush. :)


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We actually were approved to adopt a dog from their rescue. :) The foster home said that she wouldn't be a good match for us though and suggested another dog, but I didn't want an adult….

I kinda gave up on getting a puppy for a while until last night. I got bored so I did a stupid thing by checking Petfinder. I found this awesome BC who seems like she has the potential to be an agility/trick dog! http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/23394404

I posted her pic to facebook saying I wanted her, and a friend of mine said she'd drive me if I had the cash. :LOL: So, my mom can't use the distance as an excuse.

I've already thought of a name for him…. Merlin! I'm real exited, but I'm still going to use my best judgement. I'm going to e-mail the foster dog a bit and ask for a video so we don't drive for hours and end up not getting him. (if that did happen, it would be fine)


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southerngirl, you are still pining for that lovely dog! awww, someday, SG, someday, you will get a new dog, i know it!!

wow, Dilly, what a great dog, too! SO EXCITED!
I've had same experience, i get approved by a rescue org,
but, they always want to pick out my dog FOR me, every time, which seems odd to me. I know others who have had same experience, they get stoked for DogA,
but the org tries to give them DogB.
did they explain why you couldn't have dogA??

Dilly, i thought your mom had said only 2 dogs at your house at once? Or, was that you, SouthernGirl?
Or are you just hoping anyway?


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Tigerlily that was me I'm not sure about Dilly though we aren't allowed more than 2 because when we had three they drove my mom nuts.
I really hope you get Fleet/Merlin Dilly Good Luck.(y)


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We have 2 dogs, and I usually have a foster around, so 3 dogs is our limit because of our small house. So no more fostering for me if I adopt him. :(

I was thinking of buying from a breeder only because this would be a real working dog, but I just can't…. I'm going to stick with rescues for now. ;)

SG- I'm looking for a dog under a year old. Shiloh is already getting old, so I want to start fresh with a pup.


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Wow!!!!! Soooo stoked for you, Dlilly!!!!:D That's AWESOME that you might get Fleet/Merlin!!! He sounds like a GREAT pup!!! Hope you adopt him!!!!


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Where he is being fostered is 4 hours away, so right now I'm just e-mailing the foster mom. If we visit him and he isn't the 'one', my friend knows of another dog who needs adopted that might be a good agility dog. I'm in no rush, ex specially because of Bailey!


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Speaking of Bailey (sorry for derailing:p) are you going to keep her until she is healthy??? Or is a rescue organization gonna take her???
Speaking of Bailey (sorry for derailing:p) are you going to keep her until she is healthy??? Or is a rescue organization gonna take her???
It's fine. I have trouble keeping on topic too.

The Beagle Rescue is taking Bailey in even though she is a Lab mix. We are fostering her. :)


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//"I was thinking of buying from a breeder only because this would be a real working dog,"//

If one wants a working border collie, all the more reason to adopt vs. buy. You can not tell by a puppy if it will be high drive, a great herder, or not. Herding--------although a complex inherited behavior on the dog's DNA,----------------is NOT visible in the litter box.

Herding manifests later on, as the dog approaches maturity.

Not all BCs herd, amazingly enough, true, most do, but, there is nonherding BCs out there, and we see more and more of these now because the AKC has "recognized" BCs:cautious: and set up "beauty standards":mad: and nowadays BCs are even paraded around the showring.:rolleyes::eek::LOL::confused:
So now BCs will be mass produced to meet someone's random measurements and angles etc, to meet the AKCs "beauty standard".

For centuries, BCs were mated based upon herding ability,
but, now, let's mate BCs for juuuust the right "look" that the AKC wants.:mad:

If you truly want a working BC,
the multiple border-collie rescues are chockful of working BCs. these orgs try very hard to point these dogs out, so ppl looking for pets don't accidentally take home a high drive herding dog to watch tv with them. These higher energy dogs have things written by the dog " Would be great on a farm" and "high energy, this dog will need training" and "shows herding potential" and "will only adopt to farmers" etc etc. THOSE are most likely to be working dog energy level, but do ask.

Let the BC orgs know that IS what you want, they can hook you up. Most ppl search the BC rescues for "companion" animals,
and try to avoid the high-drive, higher energy working BCs.

again, no surefire way to know when a breeder hands you a pup, what that pup will grow up to be:ROFLMAO: , a hardworker, or a laidback lower energy dog.(or a shy dog, or a da dog) Parents can have dogs much unlike themselves.
Adopting an adult dog is the way to go, if someone DOES have a specific energy or skill requirement they want. (or don't want!:ROFLMAO: )


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btw, a "working" BC usually means a BC who will spend the bulk of his days herding animals, for 8 or more hours per day, almost every day of the week.

a BC who does tricks trainng every day,
or does agility or flyball----maybe twice a week for an hour or two at a pop, might not be seen as a "working" BC. There are chihuahuas who do agility twice a week, for an hour or two at time.

not sure what exactly YOU mean by your BC will be "working".


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Honestly, I'm the type of person who always goes on Petfinder and knows I can't get another dog but just wants it sooooo bad.
Here are some of my favorites. :)

This poor guy...Read his description to see where he may be going. Did some research and he may be...On his last legs.

Same with this guy. :( But this one made me cry, soo...


But this guy is just ADORABLE!!!!!


Lol, sorry, I have an addiction to looking at cute puppies...But doesnt everyone?


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CUTE DOGS!! NOw, Keeper, you stay off petfinder! rofl! you have one new dog to train first, before you add in more!! rofl!! just kidding!

Keeper, we once had a thread around here somewhere, called "petfinder rehab" or something!:ROFLMAO: