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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by Dlilly, May 27, 2012.

  1. Dlilly Honored Member

    I've been thinking about getting a puppy lately…. Shiloh is getting older, and I want my own dog that I can train "properly" from puppyhood. I was doing my daily search on Petfinder when I came across this female German Shepherd puppy. My next dog will be an agility dog, and this puppy sounds like she has the potential!

    My parents actually said okay, and that we can set up a meet and greet! My mom thought I wanted a Border Collie, so she doesn't want this dog as much as I do. I've seen some INTENSE BCs, and I think a German Shepherd with good drive would be better for me.

    "She has tremendous ball drive, and loves to play tug. We have not yet found her off switch : ) This could potentially be a working dog candidate for Search and Rescue, Schutzhund, or similar activities. She gets along great with other dogs.Mason would be best suited for a home with no young children. travels well in a car."




    I'm going to contact the shelter today to set up a meet and greet. The only problem is that I wouldn't be able to foster Beagles anymore. :( And Chance still needs to get adopted!!
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    He's a handsome boy!! Hope it works out!
  3. dogcrazy Experienced Member

    I hope you get him!!!!
  4. southerngirl Honored Member

    Very handsome boy. I hope you end up getting him, he sounds like a great dog.
  5. Tâmara Vaz Experienced Member

    Soo beauty!!
  6. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I LOVE that you are rescuing a puppy!! instead of "buying" one! GOOD ON YOU DILLY!
    GSDs can really shed, btw. get one of those "shedmonster" combs, i love them.
    Have them test dog for friendliness to other dogs and check it's not a shy dog, either. (unless you are interested in da dogs or shy dogs, which is also fine)
    oH, nevermind, i see the blurb about this dog DOES get on well with other dogs, whew.

    Now, why won't you be able to foster beagles anymore, if you get a GSD puppy?
    I've forgotten, does Chance have a Facebook page?
    and maybe, just mayyyyyyyybe, your local news might do a lil special on Chance?
    worth a shot to ask them.
    Our local news, has an "adopt a dog" thing, once a week, just a brief lil segment, where someone goes on set, with a dog who needs a home.
    Even if your local news has no such segments,
    maybe, if they saw how awesome at tricks that Chance is, they'd be inspired to help that marvelous lil dog find a home? do a lil bit on the news about Chance, the Wonder Dog, needs a home?
    worth a try.

    also, Craig's List, you could run ad there, and direct any interested parties to contact your rescue org for further screening. (NOT your home).
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    wow, that dog really IS quite the looker!! wow. Now i can't stop admiring the dog!!
    Awesome markings on that dog...AND she's got only a little bit of a slope in her hips, but at least, it's not one of those super-exagerated slopes, so better chance of having no hip troubles, since her hips are more natural shaped, not overly sloped.
    and what a SWEEEEEEEEEEET face on this dog. wow. what a find, Dilly.
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    Very cute!!!!!:love: I hope you get her!!!!! Since she loves to play tug.... that would be GREAT for agility!!!

    Tigerlily, I think she is 5-8 months old, cuz she's got a bit more of an adult figure.
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  9. sara Moderator

    FINGERS CROSSED! LOL I really hope you get him! he's stunning, and with a strong ball drive, you're going to have a very easy time training!!! GO FOR IT!
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  10. Dlilly Honored Member

    In short, this is what I think, If you want a pet, adopt, if you need a working dog buy. Even though I want a dog that will be working, I will still adopt. :)

    She is 5-6 months old. I can't foster anymore if I get her because it will be too many dogs in our small house. My dad would never let me. I think training Beagles is a great experience for me, but I'd love to have my own dog that could do everything with me.... If Shiloh was okay with people, I'd get an agent and start doing commercials! I'd LOVE to do commercials with this dog is she has the temperment….

    Chance does have a facebook page. We (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Help-Get-Chance-Adopted/167222433406250) I sent a message to our local news station about Chance, but we never got a reply. :(
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Dilly, send the news channel one of Chance's amazing tricks videos?
    It's hard to imagine anyone seeing THAT amazing dog's trick video, and not think it'd have a "human interest" type of reason to air it on local news, to help out a dog in need and all.

    don't give up, Dilly, politely hammer away at that channel, send them videos, call them, etc. Worst that can happen, is, they'll think, "That Dilly, she's soooooo persistent in her efforts to find a home for this dog!"
    and best that can happen, is, someone there at the tv channel who LOVES DOGS will see it, and think, "Wow, let's get in on this, and help out this dog!"
    (maybe your first try landed in lap of someone who is NOT into dogs)

    Maybe, send a copy of your video to every single member of that news channel?:ROFLMAO: there's GOTTA BE a dog lover there somewhere!!

    ya never know.
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  12. Dlilly Honored Member

    Her ears are amazing! I don't like the look of the sloped backs. They look like frogs. :(

    I get an e-mail from the rescue, and I have to fill out the application, they have to talk to my vet and my references, and get a house check, THEN I can meet the dog. :eek: With the Beagle rescue, they have you fill out the application, they let you meet the dog, then they check the references and the house check. I will have to really want this dog if I want to meet her.

    I feel bad about not fostering anymore. This dog has toy drive, and it seems like she needs a job. That's exactly what I need! I'll talk to my mom again. I'm having trouble deciding…. Either I get my own puppy, or I get more experience fostering Beagles….
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  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Tough choice, Dilly, either way, it's seems a good decision!! Can't lose either way, it looks like to me, anyway.

    oh yeah, i so remember that, the extensive 'vetting' of the potential adoptees.
    We ended up missing out on several dogs while waiting to be 'vetted' that we wanted,
    and then,
    We almost did not get approved, as one family member was not home during home visit, so we almost flunked, as ENTIRE family has to be interviewed. We pointed out, that that particular daughter is almost never home anyway, in school full time, working full time, etc, but, still, they had to meet her too. She ended up leaving work to come home, to meet this person.
    SO MAKE SURE whole entire family is HOME on day of home visit.

    Anyone reading along,
    who hopes to ever adopt a dog from a large big rescue org, ever,
    get started NOW on the paperwork,
    it can take a long time
    for some of these orgs to approve a person.

    i think they are very understaffed/overworked.
    Ours approval took 9 mos,
    and included, a 7 page application,
    a lengthy telephone interview,
    then a 4 hour home visit,
    six friend references,
    vet references,
    and some other checks, maybe it was a credit check, as well as a police record check, etc,
    AND much ongoing but polite begging on our part, to get them to focus on finishing our application. At least once a month, we'd contact them, to ensure we hadn't fallen between the cracks, was any paperwork missing, etc.
    for nine months.......
    YOU MAY WANT TO VERIFY, if the org you are working with, would assign a dog to you,
    if it will allow you to choose a dog. Obviously, if they have a dog who won't match a certain owner, of course, the org has to do best for the dog.
    But who knew? some orgs do assign dogs, not allow you to choose one, so DO ASK.

    after all that, we ended up going for a dog-pound dog anyway, by then, we'd become drawn to the hotmess dogs being put down, that no one else even wanted.:rolleyes: Our goal and reason had changed in the time we waited.

    But it IS a great way to get a dog!! Almost is a no-mystery dog.

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  14. jackienmutts Honored Member

    She definitely got the "4 paws up" from us :LOL: - she's fabulous!!!! Just gorgeous! Yep - we love her!!! (y)
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  15. bekah1001 Honored Member

    Such a cute puppy!! I would would love to adopt/foster a dog right now!!!
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  16. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Shiloh is not okay with ppl, but is okay with dogs, right?
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  17. Dlilly Honored Member

    I used some bad wording above! She is okay with people, she just doesn't like being pet. She just doesn't care for it. She is still a bit timid when she meets a stranger, but it isn't anything major. She has really improved, and I feel much more confident bringing her places.

    Shiloh likes to walk up to people, sniff them, then move on to the next person. When someone pets her, she doesn't hate it or anything, she just doesn't care for it. She would rather get a treat. I would never let anyone pet her if she hated it, or if she was scared. I'm real careful about that!

    And she is fine with other dogs. :)
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  18. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    Thanks for info, i am always interested in stuff like that! And i have no doubt, that you, Dilly, are both skilled at interpretting and intervening as necessary to make sure that Shiloh is always happy and having a good time. It also sounds like you have done a great job on making sure Shiloh is not escalated to some higher level of suspicion about strangers, so Good on you, Dilly!!(some dogs are way more suspicious than Shiloh is, it sounds like). I bet you are doing something right there!

    Well, Shiloh liking other dogs works out great for you, then, Dilly,:) since you do want to foster dogs, and/or adopt a new dog, that your Shiloh is fine with other dogs! whew, and YAY!!:D
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  19. Dlilly Honored Member

    This rescue may not let me adopt her. We gave 2 indoor cats, and we do not take take then to the vet. (They've never been sick) They are both fixed, and NEVER go outside. I was really starting to want this dog badly too.... :(

    My mom says I should get my own dog, but I really do love fostering! I think I'll just keep fostering until I find another dog with potential. That gives me time to pick a breed. I actually don't really know what breed I really want.
  20. MissyBC Experienced Member

    Good luck on deciding Dilly! :) I'm sure you'll make the right decision when the time comes! That pup is adorable!! :D Too bad they won't let you adopt just because you have two indoor cats that 1) never go outside and 2) that aren't vaccinated. :p

    Keep up the grrreat work with Chance, you're doing an amazing job!!
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