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Discussion in 'Puppies' started by Sameeee, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    I have never used a clicker before, I will look into getting one a giving it a try, I have always just used treats.
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  2. southerngirl Honored Member

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  3. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    Rocky goes to the vet tomarow for his first checkup and shots, will find out when he is coming home to me. :), told breeder to put a rag in with puppys and bring it with Rocky so he will have a smell he will know. got him a bunch of stuffed animals today. he gona be one spoiled pup lol
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  4. Dogster Honored Member

    I bet you're super excited to finally bring Rocky home!!! Can't wait to see somemore ADORABLE puppy pics!!!!:love: Don't worry, all DTA members have spoiled dogs.;):p
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  5. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    OOO I am gona post bunchs of pics, and my furbabies are so spoiled. but I think hubby spoiles them the most lol
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  6. MaryK Honored Member

    So did I Samee but wait until you use the clicker the results are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the best piece of training equipment around and the cheapest too! Love the clicker wouldn't/couldn't live without one now!:love:
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  7. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL you're in very good company everyone here has very spoiled dogs!!!!!!! And they're all SO CLEVER - just goes to show that you can spoil dogs without having a guilty conscious because it makes them EVEN SMARTER!!!!!!!!!! :cool:

    Can hardly wait to see the pics!:)
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  8. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    all went good at the vet. Rocky was a good boy. but didn't like the shot. don't blame him lol. he gets to come home next weekend.
    I am kinda freeking out some. the breeder was posta meet me half way. she lives over 100 miles away. but her car is broke down and wants me to come to her, part of the payment for Rocky is a beautiful wood rocking horse that will not fit in our car. son has a truck was gona take it to his house to be picked up there when I got Rocky, but will be out of town next weekend, I will not be able to go all the way to the breeder:(
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  9. MaryK Honored Member

    Glad everything went well at the vets. I always stay 'up' when visiting the vets, even for those shots, that way the dogs don't worry about going. Ra Kismet doesn't even notice his shots and neither does Zeus, who has many because of his illness. If you don't get all upset the dogs don't either, they will follow your lead/

    Cars!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Always the way!!!!!!!!

    Don't freak out, that doesn't help at all. Just stay positive that someway, somehow help will come and you'll be able to meet the breeder half way, complete with rocking horse. Keep seeing Rocky home with you and it will happen!

    It always works out for the best in the end. Maybe your son could go the whole way for you.

    Rocky will come home on the weekend.
  10. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    well told breeder my problem she said any time I could get down to her place will be fine. so I asked if tomarrow would be ok. still have to ask son. but wanted to ask her first, Xing my fingers that Rocky will be home with me tomarrow:)
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  11. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    breeder said no he needs 1 more week, she wants him eating more than nursing, told her that ok I want whats best for my baby Rocky
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    Sounds like she's a very responsible breeder(y) One more week then YEAH Rocky's home!!!!!!!!!!!:D
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  13. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    good news. son is going to let us use his truck to take the rocking horse down to pick up Rocky, son will come up tomarow and take the horse to his place and we will go get his truck Saturday and make the trip to get my baby boy:) and son is also gona pay for the gas as a birthday present. I am so excited.
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    WoooHooooo!!!! Knew it would work out for you:D I'm so happy and what a wonderful birthday present!:D(y) Happy Birthday and don't forget, we all want pics of Rocky arriving home!:D
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  15. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    OOO you will get pics lol ever hear of pic overload lolO_o
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  16. MaryK Honored Member

    LOL cannot wait:LOL:
  17. Dogster Honored Member

    Cannot wait for more pics!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!:D
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  18. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    todays the day, I am sitting in the car waiting for hubby to wake up and get ready lol
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  19. Sameeee Well-Known Member

    after driving all morning. 5 hours. 2 1/2 there and the same back. My BB Rocky is home :)
    OO my my he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Sweet. and tiny. he is a Imperial Shih Tzu. only gona get to around 7 to 9 lbs if not smaller. he was so good on the way home. we made a pit stop and he was a good boy
    we got home and introed him to Precious. at first he was scared of her and growled and barked so cute lol
    then he had lunch and a big drink. took him to the potty patch and was a good boy. :poop:
    had a good play with the stuffed animals
    and Precious tryed her best to get him to play with her

    then nap time

    I am so in Love:)
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  20. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwwwww!!!!!!:love::love: He's ADORABLE!!!!:love: OMD, I'm in love too:love::love: Looks like Precious has got a new BFF.:D
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