Me, Jenny, Bella & Zara


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Did you teach her play dead yet???? The way I taught Shivon roll over is first I taught her play dead, then used it to teach her roll over.:)


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Hmmmm she sorta gets play dead - although i usually scratch her belly after she does it so that might be why lol. Will have to work on it


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just tried it again and shes gotten roll over nearly straight away yayyyyyy managed to lure her over a few times will work on it more tomorrow when zara (and her cone around her head) aren't in the room as she is putting her off i think.


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YAY!!!!! GOOD GIRL BELLA!!!!!:ROFLMAO: She learns pretty fast!!!! I bet Zara is a bit jealous that she has to have the cone around her head and Bella has all the "luxuries"......


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Zara is still struggling with sitting without jumping up. Be a while before i try roll over. As for the cone I'm sure she is purposley trying to whack me with the cone just for revenge.


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After replying back about going next wednesday and that she seems to care about the dogs whilst others dont want dogs with problems in their class this was her reply

Hi Tiffany, yes it is fine for you to come down on Wednesday and watch. Dogs are a prime focus in my life and I care deeply about what happens to them. If I can make their lives ‘better’ in some way I feel I have succeeded in my role.

Someone has to help the dogs no one else wants in their classes and we always leave room for one dog with issues of one kind or another. There is no magic pill to give these ‘furkids’ to make things better for them, so we have to be patient and just keep chipping away at the problem, slowly slowly catchee monkey as the old saying goes.

I look forward to meeting you soon

All the best, give Bella a pat from me and whisper in her ear that I’m looking forward to meeting her.

Lynda Edmondson's
Dog Friendly Training


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I think you've found a great trainer for Bella. When you go and watch the class on Wednesday, please, please tell me about it!!!! I really want to know what happens at her classes!!!!:D


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I think you've found a great trainer for Bella. When you go and watch the class on Wednesday, please, please tell me about it!!!! I really want to know what happens at her classes!!!!:D
Me too, and will do. I'm going next wednesday because Zara gets her stitches out the morning after so will be fine being left alone for a few hours.
I really feel she can help Bella.


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Did Zara get double stitching??? I'm asking because Shivon got double stitching and she looks normal, Patches (my cat) on the other hand, got single and she looks really stupid. She has a bag hanging down from the area (it's disgusting). The vet said that it's what happens when they only get single stitching (although she didn't give us the option for double stitching). Sorry I keep going ON and ON about Patches, I just couldn't help myself :oops:.


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Hmm, i am so glad you are searching out a trainer,
but, that note does NOT indicate anywhere that this trainer has ever had any actual experience with dogs with issues. Her idea of a "dog with issues" might be a dog who pulls,
or a dog who barks a lot, or a dog who chews the furniture.

for real, not all trainers have any knowledge or experience with dog aggression. And we don't know for sure IF either of your dogs has aggression issues, we really don't know 100% yet.

I was sort of hoping, you could ask for even just half hour of time, with just you and the trainer and your dog, and some happy, balanced dogs for Zara to be evaluated on,
and some strangers for Bella to be evaluated on, too...
to safely EVALUATE if Zara has any dog-aggression issues (who knows?)
and to safely EVALUATE if Bella has any ppl-aggression issues?

AFTER you have had an individual evaluation of your dog's tempraments, then you can decide if your dogs can or should be trained in class setting or not.
ROOMS FULL OF DOGS are not always great idea for ALL dogs....if the dog does have issues.

Still, it is great idea to go WATCH the trainer in action, with dogs with issues, (not tricks training) to see if she is, or is not, "positive only". Not all trainers DO what they SAY they do....for real, i've been fooled myself by trainers who said they are positive only, and they ended up snapping my dog's neck around, yelling at him, scaring him half to death, it was a real setback for Buddy, and it took him a while to get over the experience again, he ws shook up for days and days afterwards....and i felt sick i had allowed that to happen to him.

These trainers WERE "positive only" for tricks training lessons, :D yes they were! But they had no IDEA how difficult it is to get a dog-aggressive:mad: dog to stop being dog-aggressive,
and they lost it all over my poor dog:cry: . they had no EXPERIENCE, and didn't realize how tough the issue IS....guess they'd only read about it in books and blogs, etc, and "thought" they knew what to do, but quickly lost their tempers on my dog.

If IF IF, Zara does have any dog-aggression issues, last place you want her is a room full of unknown dogs, with only 1 trainer who won't be able to focus 100% on helping Zara learn how to be calm around other dogs, which is your goal, i'd think.(?)


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do not be afraid to ask for an individual, private evaluation of Bella's and of Zara's tempraments,
to ask, if this trainer has had any EXPERIENCE with dogs with aggression issues.

also, ask if she has worked with dogs who aggress towards humans?
and ask if she has worked with dogs who aggress towards other dogs?

(it's two different kinds of disorders, the approach is slightly different for the two kinds of dogs)


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This trainer is just dealing with Bella for now. We haven't mentioned Zara yet.She has dealt with dogs with problems and she has done behaviour. I have researched her. Once we've been to a class we will decide more. I can also tell you that alot of other trainers dont want any dog with any problems in their class. That's what other trainers say.
She also is a positive reinforcement trainer. Her whole attitude in those 2 emails was a lot better than a personal trainer that actually saw the dogs.
The fact that she thinks about the dog - ie seperate room, her dog is good with dog socialisation. etc.
Also I know my dog, I see how she acts. I'm never any good in explaining it by words. But I feel Bella will benefit more from a caring class environment than a 1-2-1 session.
Also the classes arent just sit - down - stand stuff liike that its actually helpful everyday stuff that doesn't mean she is always expected to concentrate on learning a command. Being around other dogs may help. You have the impression that Bella can be an agressive dog, your wrong she's not.
The course that this trainer is doing is this one -
The bronze kennel club good citizen.

Also Zara we feel would unlike Bella benefit from 1-2-1 as opposed to Bella and classes as alot of her problems are at home where as Bella is perfect in the house (apart from barking when someone passes past the window - but with ork thats improving).

Everyone has their opinion but at the end of the day I know my dogs. I know what makes them react and why. I also know for Bella its my fault ie - don't know anyone with a dog so she didn't get socialised with them when she was a puppy so needs to learn how to act around them etc. She can get more comfortable eg my brothers 2 visits with no encouragement visit 1 = keeping close to us. visit 2 = comfortable going within a foot of him herself and going to sleep near him. I know for a fact she hasn't had any bad experiences with people or dogs. Unlike Zara who got chased from the park by a german shepard and then hit by two cars.


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//"She has dealt with dogs with problems"//

which problems? which behaviors?

the list of things ppl have "problems" with about dogs is endless...digging, pulling, barking, counter surfing, eating shoes, running away, etc etc etc.

Finding a trainer who has actually worked on dogs with dog-aggression,
or dogs with ppl-aggression,
is harder than you might think. At least, it is around here.

Is she aware you might have some concerns that Bella might be ppl-aggressive or "shy"?
Maybe Bella is not, but, she could use an evaluation. Has this trainer ever ever worked on dogs who *may* have ppl--aggression issues?
yes, i think BELLA might be okay in a room full of dogs.
I don't think Bella's main thing is about dogs, either. I think Bella *might* have a fear of unknown humans, not dogs.

//"You have the impression that Bella can be an agressive dog, your wrong she's not."//
I have a lil tiny concern, and i could be wrong, that Bella might be a "shy" dog, a dog that doesnt' generally enjoy unknown humans touching her.

Bella lunges towards and barks at strangers.
Some shy dogs can escalate to actual aggression towards humans, but i'm glad Bella does not! Many shy dogs never resort to full-on aggression,:D and they only use barking and growling to keep unknown humans back,
but, some shy dogs do resort to aggression to humans. But, there is every chance in the world that Bella is not shy dog at all, :) maybe just needs some socialization, training, etc etc.

It is Zara i'm more concerned about having possible dog-aggression issues, not Bella. or Zara might a normal dog, :) and is just be chockful of unspent energy since she "can't ever be walked" and she is a border collie,
and maybe Zara just needs some socialization. i so agree, that especially Zara would benefit from 1-2-1 lessons, at least, until she is evaluated to discover if Zara does,
or does not,
have dog-aggression.

both dogs might be just fine, but, given the things you have described them doing, it'd be great idea to have them both evaluated.

but, i am glad glad glad you are getting some help with at least one of the dogs! and i hope this trainer DOES turn out to be who she SAYS she is!! BEST OF LUCK!!

and IF Zara is dog-aggressive, (probably isn't)
and IF Bella is a shy dog,(probably isn't)
i don't think either problem is "your fault"
and neither do veterinary geneticists and animal research teams, both problems are inborn, but show a lil later,
and both problems are genetic, either of those problems are not your fault, Tif.


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at any rate, Tif, i bet you will rock at those tests in that link, with your very good dog-training skills!! GOOD LUCK, i bet you can do it!!