Me, Jenny, Bella & Zara

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TiflovesBCs, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Lol. Animals sure know how to try and make you feel guilty lol.

    Trying to teach Jenny a new trick. She's getting it which is good as she tends to target/nudges things with her nose.

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  2. Dogster Honored Member

    LOOKS SOO CUTE!!!!!:LOL: Jenny's getting it quick!!!! Shivon scratches/presses the easy button.
  3. Anneke Honored Member

    Aaaww I loooovvee the way she is so carefull touching it at first and then later starts scratching it around!!!
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  4. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Ever since she was 4 weeks old when we met her she was nosing around a ball. Always uses her nose to "touch" or "target" something so to get her to even use her paw for this is great :)
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  5. Anneke Honored Member

    Jinx would sent the button flying across the room, because she uses her paws so much. And she will never just touch, always scratching and tossing the object around:D
    Cooper is into the nose touch too, he will nudge everything with his nose first.
  6. Dogster Honored Member

    Shivon is more like Jinx. She will paw and scratch at the button until she gets a treat. She will also push the button around with her paw and expect to get a treat.:)
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  7. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Yeah I'm trying to teach Bella paws up but she keeps scratching with her paw as if to say look ive put my paw on it. lol
    Zara is the worst with her paws she uses them like a human.
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  8. Dogster Honored Member

    I guess Bella doesn't want to go the extra mile to please you... Shivon does that too. :) How exactly does Zara use her paws like a human??? Sorry, I'm curious.:D
  9. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Where do I start - she grips with them especially with Jenny and us, She uses both on Zara to sort of grab her to her, sort of a version of a hug. She uses her paw to tap her food dish then go to the food storer and tap that. She taps her water dish, she taps us or grips our arm if she wants a fuss. She flexes her claws to improve her grip, if she gets her paw behind your neck she tends to grab you towards her to give you sloppery kisses. Thats to name a few. Shes very demonstrative with her paws.
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    That sounds cute!!!! Maybe she's closer to an ape than a dog... LOL!!!:p
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  11. Anneke Honored Member

    Hey are you talking about Jinx????:D This is exactly what Jinx does! Kinda hurts to be loved by her sometimes:eek:
    Jinx will come and sit next to you, grab your arm with her paw(bend claws auch)and direct your arm to the right place on her chest or belly to get a rub:rolleyes:
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  12. Dogster Honored Member

    AWWW!!!! SOO CUTE!!!!!!:LOL:
  13. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Yep Zara does that alot.
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    Is the picture Bella with her toy????:D
  15. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    My profile piccie - yep thats Bella with her toy called squiddy. I'm lucky with her shes alright with softer toys, less destructive than Zara lol. She loves squiddy. lol
  16. Dogster Honored Member

    Shivon's good with soft toys too, thankfully.:)
  17. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Yeah gives you more options when buying toys for them, with Zara its like how tough is this, will she rip that off and such, with Bella you don't have that problem. She has 3 soft toys for bed and 2 of them shes has since she was 8 weeks old, so shes had them for 2 years and they are a little worn but not destroyed or even ripped.
  18. Dogster Honored Member

    Shivon has A LOT of balls and A LOT of sticks. She has suffing free and minimal stuffing toys, but she doesn't rip them. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her toys!!!!!:ROFLMAO:
  19. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    AND YAY FOR YOU, TIF, for teaching an old dog new tricks!!!
    and yay for the dogs, too!!
    I must get one of these buttons.............i imagine, if i tried to teach this to Buddy, he'd want to bite the item as soon as it makes any noise. He tends to bite all items that make noise...:rolleyes: well, all items given to HIM, on the floor, that make noise, he bites them. I'd have to add in extra step to the training, to teach Buddy the point of the trick is NOT to bite the thing if it makes a noise!!:ROFLMAO:

    He looks at items on tables or dressers that make noises, but, he won't bother things on tables, he knows those things aren't "his".

    i must get one of these buttons!!
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  20. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    too funny about the paws as hands!! Buddy does that, too, but not to the extent that Jinx and Zara do, that is too cute!!!
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