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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Siena, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Siena Active Member

    Thank you - cute photo.

  2. Siena Active Member


    Do they make this for humans - I could sure use a mega boost of energy!
    Thank you for the info - I will look into it further, and this is their reply:
    (I could not find this anywhere else in Canada)

    You can read information on DOGtorX at the Pet Equinox website www.petequinox.com.
    From there, you can visit the Canadian Facebook page for DOGtorX at www.petequinoxcanada.com where you can read testimonials from our Canadian customers – many of whom have experience with using DOGtorX for Cushings.
    Canadians have the option to purchase the product through the Facebook page.
    Currently the price is $69.99 CAD, however Facebook Fans get a 10% discount.
    Free shipping is being offered in Canada. We are based out of Alberta, and all product is shipped from here. DOGtorX is approved for sale in Canada.
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Unfortunately no, they don't make it for humans, as I too could use a mega energy boost!
    I have read somewhere that they are developing a formula for cats though:)

    That's great that you can get it through their FaceBook site and it's virtually the same price as here. Plus a discount and free shipping makes it even cheaper!:)(y)

    You will not regret buying it, it truly has given me so far, almost three more years with my boy Zeus. Plus he's enjoying good quality of life.:love:(y)
  4. kenny j New Member

    MaryK, I have read your reviews on DogTorX. I have a little 9 year old Maltese that ruptured her ACL. Instead of surgery we decided to try the conservative management. While at the vets office the vet mentioned that Gracie looked like she could have Cushings. We ran a CBC with chemistry profile and her ALP was 3500. I have since started her on the DogtorX but people are telling me that this stuff is nothing but snake oil and that I was crazy for falling for a scam like this. I also have her on several other supplements and not sure if it's save to have her on all 3. Do you really believe this stuff works for animals?? Also please fee free to send me a private message if this forum permits that. I just recently joined.

  5. Pia Lagotto Well-Known Member

    Welcome Siena. I am a Lagotto Romagnolo which you are a desendant of my breed. I'm a 3000 year old breed.
    Look forward to see some pictures of you.

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