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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Siena, Oct 31, 2012.

  1. Siena Active Member

    Hello all,
    Siena and mom (Sue) just joined this forum; she is a 4-month apricot min poodle with a ton of energy (I say a ton of energy because mom is much older and has not had a puppy in almost 14 years). Amazing how much we forget! I also have a 14 year old Shih Tzu - Toby and of course, I cannot keep them together since the little one is too much for him. Needless to say, my house is sectioned with gates. Not sure if this is the best way ... but for now, it keeps me sane. Or at least until Siena is a little older and trained. And the training - oh my!
    I have definitely forgotten a lot of stuff and this round seems a lot more difficult ... help!?!? Sue from Montreal, QC :confused:
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  2. Gracegeorgina Experienced Member

    Oh my god I LOVE your poodle!! I love poodles, especially apricot colored ones!! What is living in Montreal like? I live in France but have always wanted to live in Canada!
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  3. MaryK Honored Member

    Welcome:) Love the pic, more please:) First question do you use a clicker? If not, I strong advise getting one, they really make training so much easier.
    I have an older dog and a youngster, but have not really had any problems with the two together. At times my golden oldie will let the young one know his behavior is not acceptable, but mostly he's more inclined the show him how things are done.

    There's a brilliant thread here all on puppy training. LOL oh yes you do forget after a few years of not having a puppy:LOL:
    Also in the general training, loads of information there too.

    What specific areas do you need help? The more we know the better we are able to assist and help you. Don't be shy, list all areas, may be in a new thread(s). You will get help that's for sure!
  4. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Hi and welcome! And yes, unless Toby truly wants nothing to do with Siena, it's good to have them together (but give him breaks from her energy once in a while if she's relentless:eek:). An older dog can teach a puppy so much, from everyday manners, to play etiquette, to just lots in everyday 'life stuff' that we as humans never could. Have fun on the forum, and just jump in anywhere. Check out lots of old threads, loads of great info there!
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  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Bonjour Sue! :)
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  6. Siena Active Member

    Hi there,
    Thank you and you have a cutie also!
    I do not think we can complain living in Canada, some places better than others.
    I guess like most countries, there are good areas and not so good ones. I live in the Laval
    area, a suburb of Montreal and it is nice. Pretty much everywhere in Quebec, you
    have to speak French and Montreal is quite bilingual. I always say the more you know,
    the better - I speak 3 languages, and I would love to learn more.
    And I would love to visit France, but if I could, I would always be up for an adventure.
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  7. Siena Active Member

    Bonjour Jean.
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  8. Siena Active Member

    Hello, I allow Siena to spend little doses of time with Toby since she is highly energetic - I don't want the old guy to be overwhelmed and he was just diagnosed with Cushings. I would love them to spend more time together and learn from each other - but I will do it in little doses. I will definitely take more time at some point and look thru all the info. I have lots of learning to do ...
    Thank you, Sue
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  9. Siena Active Member

    Hello and thank you,
    As I mentioned in another reply - I allow Siena to spend little doses of time with Toby since she is highly energetic - I don't want the old guy to be overwhelmed and he was just diagnosed with Cushings. I would love them to spend more time together and learn from each other - but I will do it in little doses.
    Or maybe I am just an overprotective mom - I have been told this one before.
    I will also have to take some time to read thru all the info on this forum - I feel I have so much to learn. Thanks again for all your help and suggestions, I will slowly go thru all the info and I will definitely have loads of questions. Sue
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  10. Dogster Honored Member

    Bonjour, Hello, Welcome to DTA!!!!:) Your poodle looks adorable!!!!:love: We'd love to see some more pics!!!:D
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  11. Siena Active Member

    Hello and thank you,
    I have not had the chance to look around yet and yes, as soon as I have more pics, I will add them.
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  12. MaryK Honored Member

    I can feel for you so much. My older dog Zeus has also been diagnosed with Cushings. He's now on DOGtor X Formula and it's helping BIG TIME. All the awful symptoms, which you would know, have gone completely. He still has blood tests but his levels are virtually normal. LOL just the other day a lady took him for 4/5 years old and people just don't believe he has Cushings. No sway back, strong legs and believe me his legs went so badly he was just kinda bumping along on his front ones to get up on all four - eventually. Urination etc. is normal, food crazy thieving, gone, bloating just a small amount at times, so don't lose hope, a dog with Cushings can be helped to lead a normal healthy life.

    It's better to be a bit over protective than not protective enough. You know your dogs and if small doses are best for both dogs (and yourself:)) then that's the best way to go.

    There sure is a lot of take in on this forum. Feel free to start a new thread with any questions, every one here is friendly, you'll get loads of great answers that's for sure.
  13. Siena Active Member

    Thanks again Mary, Toby is going on 14 and he looked bloated, has the pot belly, drinking enormous amounts of water and then of course having to constantly pee and not being able to hold - so many pee accidents. He has definitely slowed down, I am sure he has some arthritis - he no longer goes down any stairs. He will have to get tested on a regular basis and the Vet has put him on Vetoryl - which for now seems to agree with him; we'll see. The Vet is concerned for his kidneys and liver. I will look into the DOGtorX Formula - some holistic products are not easily accessible to us.
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  14. MaryK Honored Member

    The leg problem may be due to the Cushings, not arthritis, Zeus' legs went so badly he couldn't walk, all due to the wretched Cushings. Unfortunately with the medication, it's quite toxic, that's why I looked for alternative medication, and can adversely affect the kidneys and liver. Zeus was put on specially made medication, it worked for a short time, but then he went down hill fast, it was really scary. Now on DOGtor X formula all symptoms have gone, and he can (when he feels like it which has never been much) actually jump up! If it is arthritis, then the DOGtor X formula is absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!

    Where are you? I do know DOGtoxX Formula is available world wide. They do have a lot of web sites too and a FaceBook page. I know I go on about it but it literally saved my boy's life when his legs gave out so badly he couldn't walk. No quality of life there.
  15. MaryK Honored Member

    Ooops sorry, just saw you're in Montreal. Easy, they have a Canadian FaceBook page!


    Here is the Australian site. Zeus' testimonial is first up, every word is true. He always had allergy problems though, which worsened by the minute when he also developed Cushings. Poor chap was always biting, scratching and bleeding, it was ghastly! He's not in almost three years now had a single outbreak or even looked like having one. Cushings can cause awful problems with the coat too. You'll also see on the Australian site quite a few testimonials about dogs with Cushings and Cancer, along with those on arthritis. The video is excellent. Wish I had made one of Zeus as people just do not believe me at times, unless they have seen his 'before' and 'after' self. His vet, now back home in Scotland, was staggered by the results, shook his head and said 'whatever you're doing don't stop it's working". In his testimonial I refer to his vet, that was NOT the vet we ended up with, but another one who didn't appreciate wholistc treatments at all.

    This is just one of the testimonials regarding Cushings:-

    My 13-year old yellow lab, Tahoe, had been suffering from Cushing's disease. His condition eventually worsened to the point that even the meds weren't working, and the doctor suggested we consider putting him to sleep. I was devastated.
    Then through a client of mine, I was introduced to DOGtorX's Formula. I immediately started Tahoe on DOGtorX's Formula, and within 24 hours his condition was incredibly improved. His energy perked up and he began eating without coaxing. By the end of the third day, his health was substantially restored.
    That was about six months ago and I'm still giving Tahoe the DOGtorX's Formulaon a daily basis. However, once during the last six months I did an experiment and withheld the DOGtorX's Formulafor a day. Tahoe's vitality began to decline. I put him back on the supplement and his health and vitality came right back and he remains happy and healthy.
    D. King
    Belmont, California

    I can relate to the above, this is where we were with Zeus, almost three years ago. Now a happy, healthy, joyous dog who's just started learning new tricks! LOL doesn't want my youngster to have all the glory!:LOL:
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  16. dogcrazy Experienced Member

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  17. Siena Active Member

    Thank you,
    I love your pics - I have to take more pictures ...
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  18. mRae Well-Known Member

    Love your baby, what a little doll! I just lost my standard poodle-who I called Hettie, but her registered name was Henrietta's Siena Gold and she was a dark apricot. And you have a ShihTzu-which I just got, also a first puppy for me in many years, first small dog in well over 25 years-And I am an older new puppy mom. I think we have lots in common. Maybe you can guide me with my little ShihTzu Lucca. She is small, and quite busy!!! She is 8 weeks old and learning fast, I wish I was. O_o I work two days a week away from home and fortunately she is an angel and mostly sleeps-- in her 'ex-pen' puppy room. When I am here, she is busy busy and keeps me on my toes. Today is a work day, so I have to get going. Wanted to say hello, and congratulations on your new one!
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  19. Dlilly Honored Member

    Welcome!! ;)
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  20. Siena Active Member

    Hello and thank you,
    My Shih Tzu is 14 and has recently been diagnosed with Cushings - poor little one, he had to go thru another session of testing for his meds. He has definitely slowed down.
    I have to say I was almost in shock when I got Siena - I could not believe how little I remembered with all the training, etc. Or maybe I'm just to old - but it is getting a little better.
    I was fortunate to find someone who is a dog trainer and also boards a few dogs at home. I had Siena spend the day with the lady and she has a trained German Shephard and was boarding a senior dog. Perfect, Siena was able to play and learn at the same time.
    I found my male Shih Tzu to be much more laid back as a puppy, while poodles have a lot of energy. But taking Siena to board did a lot of good - she was so much better with Toby afterward, so I plan to keep doing this on a regular basis. I guess whatever you can get your hands on; I ask questions, doggy forums, training experts, reading ...
    All the best,

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