Invisible Boundaries

Have you taught this to your dog?

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And you're really going to hate this, but we play with a basketball out the front of my parents house with Evie, and my parent's front yard slopes down towards the road.
I don't "hate" it. I'm just a nervous person when it comes to it for myself I guess.

It really really is just a big fear for me. Even when Gordy and I walk in my neighborhood, I get nervous for dogs I see out in their yards who I have seen out in their yards tons and tons of times without ever once leaving their yard.

There are also dogs that some of my neighbors leave out, and they will actually just follow us down the sidewalk. Just like they are now out for a walk with Gordy and I. They really make me nervous. I just don't get why nobody is out with them. Whenever they are out while we walk, I walk them up to their front door and I knock, and tell their owners that their dogs are following us, and that I am letting them know just because I don't want anything to happen to them. They always apologize to me, and I tell them not to tell me sorry... their dogs aren't bothering me a bit, I would just feel so terrible for something bad to happen to one of them.

I don't think badly of anybody who can and does trust their dog, so I don't want anybody to think that I think badly of them because I'm so afraid to do it. We don't have a fence either, and it would be nice to take Gordy out back and play fetch rather than always having to travel to an area where I feel safe... and I really do think he could do it. I just can't get over my fear.