I Need Your Help!


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I've just downloaded, had a quick scroll through (LOL my boys are reminding me it's training time they love it so much) and am very impressed.

Fantastic job Jean!!!!!!!!!:)(y)(y)

I too would heartily recommend it to anyone with a dog or about to become owned by a dog.

Picked up one tip just scrolling, with roll over, ooops we train on concrete, no wonder Ra Kismet is reluctant to roll over, will change that immediately to a softer area!

Will read and study the entire book tonight, during my quiet time:)


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AWESOME book, Jean!!!!:D I scrolled through it, and I like what I see!!! I can't wait to read the whole thing!!! I shared it on Facebook!! I'm going to reccommend it to everyone I know!!! I have a friend that wants to get a puppy soon; this should be the perfect book for her!!!:)


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Sigh. Somehow managed to miss this entire thread until now :(

If you're still after testimonials I'm more than happy to write one, and you're more than welcome to use any picture I've posted of Evie on this site for your book/s :)

Good luck!


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Oh yes, forgot:rolleyes: I changed doing roll over to the grass and after reluctance the first time, Ra Kismet did roll over after roll over - he sends his thanks to you Jean for waking up his dumb Mom that concrete's a bit hard on his back but hey grass is just fine!(y):D