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LOVE all the testimonials!!!!:love: I already sent it to Jean, but here's mine:

Positive reinforcement has really changed the way I think about dogs, and dog training. I used to be a Cesar Millan fan, but once I turned over to positive reinforcement training, I never looked back.

My dog, Shivon is my best friend. I can't imagine my life without her. We have a strong bond, that was formed thanks to positive reinforcement, love and devotion. You just can't get that using corrections, alpha rolls, choke collars, etc. I didn't think that I could create a bond with my dog, before I discovered positive reinforcement. With the power of positive reinforcement training, I was not only able to teach Shivon obedience (such as stay, or loose-leash walking), but I was able to teach her amazing dog tricks, like painting, playing the piano, or carrying my purse. Positive reinforcement training changed my life forever. It's amazing what praise, treats and a little tool called a clicker can do.:)


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I've had dogs my whole life, always lived in a multi-dog household, and they've always been my best friends and my family. I always wondered how they got dogs to do the amazing tricks we saw on tv, and thought one day, I'm going to learn how to teach my dog how to do some of those things. I grew up in a time, tho, when old-fashioned methods were all we knew. I always thought there had to be a better way, but didn't know what it might be.

Fast forward to 6 yrs ago, and many many dogs later. I adopted my current German Shepherd, Makena, at 2 yrs old from a rescue organization. It was love at first sight - but she was dog aggressive. I had to learn how to work with that. I sought the help of a few trainers, 2 of whom made it much much worse. I kept searching for an answer, and someone who could help me - and found our current training facility. I enrolled in a Feisty Fido class, and with their direction, a clicker, loads of treats, lots of patience and hard work, I've seen my girl relax and enjoy her life and walks again. I also adopted another Germ Shep, and between the two, we've been to so many classes, and also enjoy learning tricks on our own. The power of a clicker and positive reinforcement is life-changing. It's been called bribery by those who don't understand. But why would I want to punish my dog for being afraid? Or punish a dog simply because they just might not understand what I want them to do? And that's essentially what I was being asked to do. When I started treating her with the respect she so deserved, and rewarding her for all her good behavior, her whole attitude changed - much the same as happens with us as humans. The bond that has developed between my dogs and me is based on mutual respect and trust, and is deeper than one can imagine. Positive reinforcement training is the best and only way to go - our dogs deserve nothing less.

Jackie .. and Makena

You have my permission to use this testimonial in your book. Good luck Jean!!


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I used to be a corrective based trainer, but I slowly started changing my methods as I got into adopting special needs dogs. But one very special dog has completely changed me into a Positive Reinforcement trainer. Oliver is a street dog with serious fear-based aggression. I started out with Oliver using a mix of corrective methods and positive methods. But Ollie kept getting worse, not better. I talked to other trainers in town, and they all were telling me to keep doing what I was doing... But I knew it was wrong. Oliver certainly needs a different approach.

I began joining forums, and reading books recommended to me, and have completely crossed over to the positive side. I am still working on issues that my ignorance caused with Ollie, but we are slowly overcoming his fears.

Oliver, Mouse, Boo, Scout and Zoe


and I give you permission to use this for your book :)


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I just downloaded it and had a quick scroll through it.
I have to say, you did a fantastic job, Jean!!!
If it was a hardcover and I came across in a bookstore, I would buy it!!!
Too bad, a lot of my friends with dogs, don't speak english, because I would recommend it to anyone with a dog!