How To Train My Dog To Hug My Leg


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Buddy had one(1) ten minute lesson on this trick last night, and i already have him with two paws sorta/kinda holding the stick. He likes the trick very much.

His paws are more just placed onto the stick, not wrapped around the stick, but, today, i will work on that a bit more. Guess we are going more for the "Buddy, who is your favorite?" as my guy thought the dog pound cue was sad, not funny.:rolleyes:


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yeah, me too, i got one paw on pole, C/T that a few times, and Buddy probably thought, "what kind of easy boring trick is THIS?":ROFLMAO:

then, i kind of waited, can't quite recall exactly how i got him to put both paws on it, but, i sort of egged him on a bit,:sneaky: :LOL: and in his excitement, he did put the other paw on it, too.:D

i think, at first, i had Buddy almost leaning his paws onto the pole, i think...he got idea pretty quickly, (one click) that i want BOTH paws on the pole...then i moved pole in closer, and more verticle, after dog got idea, "two paws on this stick"

He had to be in a sit, too,
and before i knew it, he was IN A BEG POSITION, and sorta/kinda leaning a bit onto the pole, as my dog's "beg" position is kind of wobbley,
but, he is not yet holding it really, not really.

I also tried moving pole a bit closer in towards his chest, which sorta/kinda is causing a bit of a folding of the paws to almost curl around, but......... not yet.


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Brody does know beg pretty well and Im trying to get him to do it in a sit position. We started out standing because I was working with what Brody was giving me when we working on building intrest in the pole


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aw geez, last night i accidentally let the stick i was using HIT Buddy in the face, when he went to grab at it........twice.:oops: Luckily, buddy did not turn off entirely to continuing training....

Buddy is currently liking putting both his paws on TOP of the stick, (looks very proud of himself when he does this):rolleyes: as opposed to hugging it in the middle of stick.
I think i may switch to either my leg
or a broom, which is so tall, Buddy can't put his paws on the top of it.....


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all righty, just now, i left out stick entirely, and tried to get dog to hug my leg instead. I put him in a beg, and then, at some point, my wobbly dog did lean fwd and put both paws onto my leg.
I click/treat that a few times, and then, at one point, he sort of slid down, as he began to fall over (my dog falls over in prolonged begs) and he grabbed his paws in correct position actually hugging my leg. CLICK/TREAT! YESSssss!!
not entirely certain Buddy got the concept there or not. yet.

who knows, this trick might be easier for wobbly dogs to do ?? rofl.