Help! Problem With Cop Cop


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I'll send you the bill for the copyright :ROFLMAO:

My doggies are gorgeous, no discussion needed about that :ROFLMAO:
About the good trainer part ... Not so sure about that yet, but we'll get there.

Do keep me updated. Would love to hear about/see your progress.
:ROFLMAO: Worth every penny!!!!!!!

I'll disagree about the good trainer part:p:D And I think your doggies would also, judging by their happy faces and wagging tails, they think you're tops:LOL:(n)

Just a quick update. Ra Kismet is now going between my legs with ease and without any cues, he's just 'there' the moment I stand with my legs apart, looking up for his treat of course:D

One funny 'move' on his part, which he did a couple of times when approaching from the front of me, instead of running around to behind me, he immediately went between my legs front to back and put his head straight up my back (I could feel him of course) LOL hoping for a treat! I didn't reward it, though had a quiet chuckle and keeping it in mind for the future after he's learned all the correct moves. Maybe a new trick will develop from that move. For now though I just stood firm, no rewards or cues, vocal or otherwise, and he sorted himself out very quickly.

I'm taking it all one step at a time. Tomorrow we move onto the next step - literally:D

But I'm thrilled with the way he came between my legs, stopped in his tracks, and looked directly up for his treat! LOL he got loads of treats and praise and after each session of about three goes (he was on for more) I gave him a short break. So off he went and played ball for a few minutes before returning to work some more:D

Will video hopefully at the weekend, I've tried to set the camera up myself, but so far haven't go that to work very well, the video isn't in focus enough to really see what we're doing.:(


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I'll disagree about the good trainer part:p:D And I think your doggies would also, judging by their happy faces and wagging tails, they think you're tops:LOL:(n)

They think the food rewards that I use are tops, I'm just the provider :D

One funny 'move' on his part, which he did a couple of times when approaching from the front of me, instead of running around to behind me, he immediately went between my legs front to back and put his head straight up my back (I could feel him of course) LOL hoping for a treat! I didn't reward it, though had a quiet chuckle and keeping it in mind for the future after he's learned all the correct moves. Maybe a new trick will develop from that move.

Since I started training like this (with the dog making his own decisions at a high succesrate) I discovered a new dog in all of them.
The hunting dog is very devoted in her work, the jack russell is a clown and the black mix breed is like a child with ADHD (what's next, what's next). But they all offered behaviour that was 10 times stronger than the behaviour I previously trained with other methods.
So I'm hoping you're dog will give you more laughs and new ideas just by offering these funny moves. And that you will create your own style of working and making plans that suits you and your dog, just because you find joy in it.
It made my life with dogs a lot more fun.

By the way: if the dog does it right 8/10 time you can take it to the next step AND you will find when you work in another position afterwards he'll learn it a lot easier.


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Oh I agree, Ra Kismet has offered me some grand tricks, like his 'paw on ball', which now goes for anything I want. Just have to say or point to what I want (paw on Zeus for example) and his paw goes straight onto the object/dog/cat. He makes me laugh a lot, he can be 'stubborn' at times, more when I goof up, like he's saying "Hey Mom I'm not stupid but what the heck do YOU want? "Make it clear and I'm eager to perform":LOL:

I think that is the real fun of training the Positive way, watching the dog develope his own personality. Zeus is a bit of a 'slow learner' but once he's 'got it' it stays forever. He's a very laid back dude, bomb proof to the max, LOL which makes me think it's not he's slow but a little lazy at times. Though he's very food motivated, so treats are a massive incentive to work:D

Ra Kismet is a high voltage, high energy dog with a mind of his own, but paradoxically very eager to work and train. He's also very food orientated but a ball is also a wonderful reward for him. He's the 'cuddle bug' of the two, and LOL is a lap dog, he sits on my lap and lays his head either on my shoulder or over the arm of the sofa. Zeus isn't into cuddles, but loves praise and a pat and of course food:rolleyes::D.

You have a wonderful mix with your doggies, they sound absolutely divine!:love::love:

Great, will now move onto the next step, as Ra Kismet has done the first, between my legs, more than 8 times now. We're going to train again shortly, so am going to review your video to make sure I've got the next step well imbedded into my head! Better get moving Rakins is reminding me he wants to train and I suspect LOL have a game of soccer first:LOL:


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I was wondering how peekaboo was going?
Still struggling with something or is everything a bit clear for you and Ra Kismet.


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Great minds think alike:D Was going to post today on our progress. Still want to get a video done and will do so a.s.a.p. Partners been working overtime and is 'too tired' when he comes home:(I've been waiting, patiently kinda for the video, that's why I haven't posted sooner but today decided to 'give up' for the moment and post anyway on our progress:D

He's doing REALLY well!!!!!!!!:D(y) ! He'll now walk in peekaboo without being cued all the time, heaps of treats etc. when he does. And BONUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Have had problems getting him to 'back' but, without thinking, I moved a step back the other day (I nearly hit the tree branch) and Ra Kismet moved BACK with me!!!!!!!!!!!! Not sure if he'd back in any other position, i.e. next to me, but it's a start!

With peekaboo, he comes immediately between my legs, without any cue except me placing myself in position, i.e. legs apart, and no 'help' in blocking anywhere. Walks along properly and is not getting ahead any more.

LOL the other day, wasn't during training, I was standing with my legs apart and guess who stuck his head between them??? Yes, Ra Kismet!!!!!!!!!!! Had to scramble to find a treat, he was so chuffed with himself. Will have to watch how I stand in future!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:

He's a bit too quick on taking his treat, lOL hardly get it down on the ground before he's taken it, doesn't snatch but that little nose is right onto the treat!

We're moving on to the next step and so far all is going well. LOL he did manage peekaboo complete with a wrecked football in his mouth, he's ball mad!!!!!!!!!!! And he's still at times doing it in 'reverse' - no treats for that but am thinking on how I can convert this to a new trick once we've gone right through the peekaboo work. Maybe between the legs, head up and walk backwards?????Could be a good move for when he starts Dancing with Dogs - where's the dog gone??? I have a routine in my mind already for his first dance.:D

And he's kinda targeting a little, it's slow progress and I have to 'wipe' my hand over the target stick to get some 'treat smell' on it to get him to just touch, but again it's progress, albeit slow on that one.:rolleyes: He still will not 'follow' the target stick, it has to be held right in front of him and a lot of just 'waiting' on my part, but he's slowly getting it.


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Glad you are making progress !! Yay for you and yay for Ra Kismet.
The more excercices you train, the easier it will become to see when you can progress to the next step and what parts you can combine in one training session.

The targetting: did you start by throwing some treats on the ground and pointing them out with the target stick ?
Once he fluently finds the treats that you point out, point to a spot where there's no treat. Click (for going to the target) and treat from your hand. Throw a few treats on the ground (just 2) and again point where there's no treat. Then leave away the treats on the ground and see if he goes to where you point the target stick. Gradually raise the target stick and you should be off. Then look at the clip about targetting once more and see if you can figure out how to continue.

Was wondering if his name has a meaning ??


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I thrilled with his progress. The more I learn the faster he learns as he's one very smart dog and, when I get it right, picks thing up very quickly. I find with Ra Kismet I need to combine high energy level tricks, like jumping through his hoop, with slower tricks in his training sessions. He loves the high energy ones so I mix it up, that way he doesn't get bored with the slower tricks:D Today wasn't the best, the weather is horrific, so hot and humid you can hardly breath but we managed to get in some training inside, not much room here, but we did as much as possible and went after dark for our walk.

Oh dear no I didn't start with treats on the ground with targeting. I will start tonight that way, he's bound to go for the treats LOL the hardest part there will be getting him to wait long enough for me to point with the target stick before he gobbles up the treats. But I'll manage somehow, good practice for him to learn 'self control'/leave when it comes to treats. He'll leave now, when we're out for our walks, if he sniffs and goes to pick up rubbish so hopefully he'll leave when I place treats on the ground. Maybe I could change his treat to something he doesn't recognize as treat?

His name: Ra is after the Egyptian Sun God, because when I got him I was devastated over the loss of Zeus' sister Tiger Lily. She had cancer, was operated on and it all seemed well, though my vet did warn me there was a very, very, slight chance it could respore in 8 weeks. He's the top surgeon in Australia for cancer patience so she had the very best treatment possible. Tragically it did and as he he said if it respored, it was VERY aggressive, no second chance. So Ra Kismet brought sunshine back into my life. You cannot cry and mourn when a little puppy needs you. And I laughed again which I hadn't done much off after losing Tiger Lily. She was the sweetest little girl on this planet, even vets said that about her.

His second name Kismet came about because it was fate which brought him into my life. I was searching the web for a No Kill Shelter in this State, found one and signed their Guest Book, saying I had just lost Tiger Lily but not sure if I could immediately get another dog (didn't state why but partner was saying no more hee hee he underestimated me). I also had a list a mile long of possible dogs but the Shelter was over 300 Kilometers away and no chance my partner would drive me there with his no more dogs policy! Anyway, email arrived next day from a volunteer saying a young German Shepherd X had been rescued from Death Row. He and his mother and sister were found wandering the streets of a very tiny town near the shelter, he was born 'wild' and they appreciated it may be too soon but didn't want him to go into the shelter. No idea of his sex at the time either, but I just KNEW that puppy was my puppy. Loads of emails, my cell phone broke down of course, and a lot of arranging to get him home before my partner arrived. The lady who runs the shelter brought him all the way down for me, so very sweet of her. So at the shelter they gave him the name Kismet, as it was fate that he immediately found a home. Straight from Dog Prison down to me, via the vets for his puppy injections. He won my partner over in record time, after his initial NO WAY he goes BACK statement, Ra Kismet went into 'cute shy puppy mode' and LOL my partner was soon laying flat on his back on the grass making 'puppy noises' and 'encouraging words' - Ra Kismet knew his stuff even at that tender age. The shyness however wore off and LOL he's never been shy with anyone since! And he amazed the shelter owner by immediately answering to his name of Ra Kismet - she was stunned and it takes a lot to stun her - but he did. It was like he knew it was absolutely right for him:D:love:

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Hey MaryK,
I have been thinking and, in my opinion, there's no need to throw the last treat behind you. Since you reward frequently IN position and give a relase cue BEFORE throwing away the last treat, you can throw it where ever you want. You're dog always needs to find the position again. Teach your dog to go around you once he knows the position and then ask him to do a "peekaboo" when he's halfway to stop turning around.
Remember I'm no pro in making clips on dogtraining (first time I do this) and I'm no pro dog trainer. So here's me trying to explain and show how I teach peekaboo and what you can use it for later on.

Hope this helps you out a bit. This was the first time a trained copcop with Jack by the way. But he knows my way of working and is a very smart dog.
Excellent video!!