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  1. Dogster Honored Member

    Awwwww!!!!:love: They're adorable!!!!
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  2. Anneke Honored Member

    I hate puppies.... when I can't cuddle them myself!!!:ROFLMAO:
    Sooo adorable!!
    Very nice of this breeder to help out and suggest this next litter! Hope it works out!
  3. southerngirl Honored Member

    They're so darn cute.:love: I hope you find the right pup for you.
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  4. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    THREE WEEKS?? YESsssssss!!!

    and wow, those pups are getting to be lil chubs already, aren't they? way too cute roly-poly balls of cuteness!!
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  5. Mutt Experienced Member

    Awwww. How cute!
    Okay I'm kind of jealous.
    The beauceron is my favourite breed!
    One day....
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  6. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Hi all. Getting the house ready for the pup has eaten all my time recently hence why I've not been around. However, I'm going to see the pup tomorrow and so will know for definite if we're getting that one then. Any last words of advice? Anything in particular to look out for etc. ? Keeping in mind this may be a future service dog. Thanks all for your brilliant advice so far. :)
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  7. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    salixfire, here's one article to read, if you have time. this is something i came across, when trying to discover how early one can notice shyness or dog-aggression in a puppy.
    Both are recessive genes, the parents are usually 'normal' dogs, however, if these parents have produced other litters, one or two pups of previous litters would have grown up to be shy or dog-aggressive dogs. Unfortunately, many breeders can be unaware that one or two of each of their litters ever turn out to be shy dogs or dog-aggressive dogs.

    Dog-aggressive dogs don't usually manifest til the dog is about 9 mos old, but most experts say one can spot a shy dog even in the litter box. Not all shy dogs ever develop aggression, but, when they do, it's towards humans primarily.

    Many humans believe if their dog is shy dog, or da dog, it's their own fault,:notworthy: so they might even ever not report it to a breeder, out of shame even,
    and, even if they did, most breeders would dismiss it, thinking "Well, they raised it wrong."

    You might want to ask if any previous litters have produced either even one or two shy dogs or a dog-aggressive dogs, and of course, the breeder would say "That's not genetic, that's how the dog is raised":rolleyes: but, worth a try to ask if breeder has ever ever been given this info by previous customers.
    Again, the parents can be 'normal' dogs, so breeder may be insulted by the question, because he/she DOES test temperments of parents,
    but the genes for both disorders are recessive genes. And it's not an entire litter, only 1 or 2 will have the disorders. (that is, IF IF IF either parent carries the genes.)

    Here's an article which sort of / kind of gives some things to look for, to help reduce the chances one brings home a shy dog. I'm not as convinced the article could help avoid choosing a dog-aggressive dog, as i can't find anyone who can state there is any way to spot a da dog in a litter box........just like there is no way to spot a great herding dog in the litter box either.....such inherited behaviors don't develop til dog approaches maturity.


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  8. jackienmutts Honored Member

    Wow, I'm really really late to this party - I totally missed this thread, not sure how. I'm usually drawn to puppy and new dog threads like a magnet! :ROFLMAO: You and your partner sound like the perfect puppy/dog parents - so whatever puppy you bring home will be the right one. I hope this one works out for you, can't wait to hear, but if this one isn't the one, I'm one of those who has to believe that there's a reason - and the right one, the one meant for you, is still out there (maybe not born yet). ;)

    All the pics have made me melt into one huge puddle - one pic is cuter than the next. Having a major puppy 'issue' here now. *sigh* :love: I need a fix, may have to go run around the neighborhood til I find one I can cuddle with :ROFLMAO::LOL:. Keep us posted!!!

    And I'm with others - please don't go away, stick around and post all the time - please!!!
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  9. Dogster Honored Member

    Word of advice:

    You will get punished if you don't give us pics of that DARN ADORABLE PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sneaky::ROFLMAO:

    Just kidding. But PLEEEEEEEEEASE bring back pics!!!!!:D
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  10. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Will I still be punished if it's a video instead of pictures? :p I'm sure you won't want to watch this then:

    Sorry for the shaky camera and the pictures of the floor. Ahh puppies in the chewing stage. Given the lady locked us in there with them and left I can only imagine she intended for us to be some sort of sacrifice to the cute ones ;) Now it's panic time getting everything ready. We're picking the puppy up next Friday. A friend of ours demanded that he have a full name so he is now going to be Mori Vetinari Tesla but will be actually called Mori. We're geeky, what can I say :whistle: The pups were brought down into the kennels as part of their socialisation and because I wouldn't be able to get into the main house where they were normally raised. They thought my wheelchair was an awesome chew toy. We have a crate, two vet bed type beds, leash, 2 clickers, soft frisbee, antler puppy chew (on the way) and now that I've seen the size of the pup I can order the rest. What would people suggest? I'm getting a puppy kong for definite and getting an adjustable puppy collar. Squeeky toys won't be allowed unfortunately (for the pup). Thanks all :)
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  11. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    ADORABLE, SO STOKED YOU ARE GETTING YOUR DREAM PUP!! Can't wait, hope you post a lot about your experience and your pup!! I BET YOU ARE SOOOooo EXCITED!!

    (i still can not tell these pups apart, one from another!:ROFLMAO: )
    How old are these pups in the video?

    Mori is an adorable name! Is it just you like the sound of that word, or is this name have some reference or meaning? at any rate, it's a great name! and whichever pup there is YOUR pup, it is sure is cute!! They are all adorable lil furballs!!

    btw, i'm so nosey, why no squeaky toys? might be something i don't know/never considered.
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  12. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Yes we are really excited. The pups are just under 7 weeks old in the video. We named him Mori from a character in an anime/manga (Ouran in case anyone wondered) we both like. Mori is the gentle guardian of another character so thought it would suit a service dog. Mori means woods in japanese. Vetinari is from Terry Prachett books and Tesla is from Nikola Tesla (a very good inventor/scientist). I have a no squeaky toy policy because the dog would never get the toy, my partner would be too busy squeaking it :p Also because I couldn't tolerate the high pitch for too long. There are people who say not to use squeaky toys if you don't want your dog attacking small animals but that's not my reasoning. :)
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  13. tigerlily46514 Honored Member

    I had a feeling you had put some thought into this name! COOL! LOVE IT!! I'd like to do that, too, someday, with a dog's name.

    btw, they have low pitch squeaky toys, too, like the sound a cow or a goat makes or the geese honk sound, very low pitch. yeah, i agree with you, i don't think there is link between loving squeak toys and bunny slaughtering.
    My dog adores squeak toys, and does slaughter prey as often as he can, but, we are working on it.:rolleyes: (<---said Buddy's mom, in 2012........... save that quote..:ROFLMAO: ......i think i will be reposting that quote, each year of my dogs life,:unsure: but, i could be wrong )

    I know dogs who loves squeak toys, never kills prey. I know some prey killers, who don't like toys.
    I agree with you, it's two different things.

    I DO think there may be a link between early exposure to prey animals during one's formative puppy times-----often and regularly-------- and not killing these creatures as an adult, though. Even on DTA, there are photos of dogs and their best friend, a hamster, or a mouse, or a cat, etc, cuz dog grew up with these creatures, and so he did not kill them when he grew up. Can happen as adult too, but, it's way easier for baby dogs to learn not to kill bunnies than it is for adult dogs.

    I have No idea if this is safe "vaccination wise" or germ wise, or whatever,
    but, if you want to reduce the chances your dog will grow to be like mine:rolleyes: (Captain Bunnykiller)
    you might want to investigate chances to introduce your pup to various prey animals, when he is still a baby dog. (bunnies, cats, squirrels, hamsters, geese, etc etc, and reward calmness when pup is by these animals, etc)

    It's a lot easier to get a baby dog to accept strange lifeforms and learn how to be cool around prey,
    than it is with an adult dog....strange lifeforms can include kids, too..:ROFLMAO:
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  14. Dogster Honored Member

    LOVE THE VID!!!!!:love: Wow, AWESOME!!!!! You're finally getting the puppy of your dreams!!!!!:D HOW EXCITING!!!!! LOVE his name!!!!:love: Very cute!!!! If you're looking for toys, JW, Chuckit, and Kong have very good (and durable) toys. Try to avoid toys with stuffing bcause puppies LOVE to chew. :rolleyes: And get him interested in balls and frisbees early on(y)

    For the antler, Don't get a thick one for his first one. Get one with a very thin amount of bone around it. Since he is a puppy he will not be able to chew through a think one.

    And I can se how squeakers can get annoying:rolleyes: Shivon LOVES squeaky toys, they're her favourite. I will never be able to take them away from her, she loves them too much.
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  15. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know about them, but the first problem would still exist :p

    We've bought a puppy antler, which is an antler that has been cut in half so the core is showing. Here's a link:
    (I have a £5 off your first order code if anyone wants it)

    Thanks for the encouragement. We're really excited and I think my parents are even more excited than us, if it were at all possible. As soon as they knew the day we were picking up the pup they asked for a list of toys we wanted to get and bought some for us. Though my father is slightly upset that we're not taking the pup directly to their house first before we go home. :LOL:

    We also went to see the main puppy training class in the area and they seemed nice. It was really obvious the ones who had been practising at home and the ones that hadn't. Also I don't know if it was just because I've read lots about trick training and hence understood what the trainer was saying or if some of the people really didn't listen to her. :confused: Though there was one amusing thing and that was a woman treating her grandson exactly the same as the dog. "Good lure. Good boy! Good girl (pups name)!" :ROFLMAO: The class doesn't use clickers but said they didn't mind if we did. They use only positive reinforcement as far as we can see and one of the trainers has trained under Gwen Bailey and met her beauceron, Spider, so was super excited we'd be bringing ours.

    Now I need to get back to work sorting out the house so we're done in time. Thanks again all :)
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  16. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Our first couple of orders have come through for our new pup. Crate with divider and 2 brown vet beds that you can't really see clearly and in the bowl is two poop sack containers and a clicker (the other my partner is still playing with :LOL: ). My parents have also got a load of toys for the pup and we're waiting until we get a neck size from the breeder to get the collar. Grooming brushes are on the way and a collar ID tag. Anything else people can think of? Oh, food will be bought on the day from the breeder (she gives us some anyway but buying a bag then saves having to buy one later). Only a few more days...
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  17. Dogster Honored Member

    Wow, you're prepared!!!!!:eek:(y) I bet you can't wait 'till your new arrival!!!! You must be sooo excited!!!! I know I am!!!!:p I see that the pup will have no shortage of toys!!!!:LOL:
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  18. TiflovesBCs Experienced Member

    Thanks for that link I'm thinking of getting Bella one for her teeth (I do brush them) they are getting bit brown because I now add a trip wet food(a little bit) to her dry food.

    My mum worries they will splinter but from what i've read on here they seem a good choice
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  19. Dogster Honored Member

    The antlers don't splinter or chip.(y) Shivon has had a couple and there is never any mess left behind.
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  20. salixfire Well-Known Member

    Yeah we're very excited. :D Antlers are very good. If you want here's a code to get £5 off your first order (I think it's a £9.99 minimum spend): VCH105667 Hope it helps :)
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