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Hi all! I've been here for a little while just lurking but as I've put my name down for a pup I thought I should introduce myself. :)

I've had dogs (as well as a menagerie of other animals) since I was born. Everything from tiny little terriers to great danes. About 95% of our animals have come from rescue where I had the privilege of taking care of them by myself until they settled in with the rest of the family. However, when I went to university I couldn't have any pets so I have been dog free for a number of years (apart from visits to my parents) but I now have a lovely little house with my partner that has a nice size garden.

We were going to get a dog from rescue however due to wanting a breed that isn't very populous in this country means that getting one though rescue is very rare especially to the requirements we would like. So a pup it is. We were so hoping to skip puppyhood :p But cute puppy! :D We're hoping to get a beauceron from a very good breeder. The pups are due in a couple of weeks and so we'll know for definite if we're getting one from that litter then. As I know all you like pictures:

Mum with last litter:

Looking forward to trick training. Any advice for a new puppy owner that's been out of the loop for a while? :)


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//Any advice for a new puppy owner that's been out of the loop for a while? :)//

Lol, *my* advice would be, rescue an ADULT dog, but, that's just ME!!! ha ha!!

I'd say, do plan on using POSITIVE ONLY training methods, don't hit a puppy, ever. Even most scolding can be avoided, as that does not teach a baby dog what you DO want him to do, instead.
Reward what YOU DO like the puppy doing.

Most of us here are big "clicker" fans. Really helps a dog understand things faster.

Avoid anyone or any source that recommends shock collars, e-collars, choke collars, prong collars and move on. Become suspicious of that source as outdated, if they even mention such things as good ideas. I myself pretty much dismiss all the "pack leader" type of nonsense out there, too.

Read some books on properly socializing and raising a puppy,
and learn up on how to PROPERLY socialize a puppy, making sure his interactions with other dogs and strangers are all GOOD times to him.
(not ALL socialization is fun in dog's opinion, nor properly done.)

If you want this puppy to be friendly to cats, bunnies, ducks, etc, puppyhood is often considered the best time to introduce the two creatures. dogs are usually tolerant of creatures they grew up with.
Never leave babies, toddlers or young kids alone with your puppy or dog. Always supervise, to protect the dog.

Seek help right away --from a positive only source----when you hit a trouble spot. (and, if you are like most dog owners, sooner or later, you will be stumped by something!) We are not born knowing how to solve puppy troubles, we all have to learn from others to know what to do.

If you plan to use a trainer, go OBSERVE the trainer in action first, and avoid any trainers who scold, intimidate, hit, or yank around dogs. Go for "positive only" trainers.

Read up on dog nutrition. many dog foods are pure crapola, so you can now begin to do some research on how to feed a dog. Learn what you do not want in a dog food,
and what you DO want.

Realize some experts put limits on how high a puppy under 1 or 2 years old should be jumping, and how far they should be running, til their hip bones are 'set'.

When your puppy does things, like jump on ppl, it may be cute when he is 15 lobs,
but you always have to keep in mind, "will this be cute when he is full grown?"
to help begin to choose which things you may want to teach a dog a better thing to do instead.

Remember, the dog is very willing to do what you want, if only he can be helped to understand what you want, and helped to develop the skills necessary to do what you want. Force is never the best option,
but trust and training in a positive only way IS.

and that ALL dogs love learning TRICKS AND CUES, so do stick around!!!


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For specific things a puppy owner will face, our site admin, Jean, has great blogs to read.

right now, i am unable to access his blogs :oops: (he's updating the server this week)
i can strongly also recommend KIKOPUP on youtube as great source to turn to.
NOT EVERYONE on youtube should be listened to, any idiot can post a "how to" dog video, and some are terrible,
but you can trust Kikopup on youtube, for advice for when your puppy won't stop biting your toes, potty training, barking, chewing your table legs/doing stuff you do not want him to do,
loose leash walking, etc etc.

(again, all these things are way easier to teach an adult dog, hee hee)

Here is kikopup on potty training: (you can find her other videos by googling "kikopup biting" or "kikopup unwanted behavior" or "kikopup barking" etc etc,
or "kikopup loose leash walking" which you will want to learn how to do, as that looks like a big strong breed.

AND CONGRATS ON NEW DOG OR PUPPY!!! AND DO STICK AROUND HERE, there are so many helpful members here!!:D



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OH! and DO RESEARCH the breed to match your energy level,
with that breed's energy level. I think that is KEY to a harmonious dog + human match.

If you bring home a high energy working breed of dog, but spend most of your time watching tv or not home, it might not go so well.
If you are a distance runner, and want a jogging companion, but bring home a low energy breed, you may be disappointed.
Of course, all dogs ARE individuals.

energy match ups are KEY to harmony, imo.


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WELCOME!!!!! LOVE your dogs!!!!:D Good luck with your new puppy!!! (Tigerlily pretty much said it all:ROFLMAO: )


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Thanks for the warm welcome :) Sorry about the long reply.
We chose the beauceron after doing a lot of breed research. We were originally looking at getting a malamute however we decided that due to its high prey drive and that it was more of a winter breed that we should look at what other breeds were around. I'm a wheelchair user but my partner is fit and able and one of the things I want to try and do is train the dog to be a service dog. We looked at the classic breeds (labs and goldens) and then further afield onto GSDs, dobermans etc. Finally we came across beaucerons and they seemed to tick all the boxes. They are supposedly very trainable and we love the way they look. Also they do very well in agility, obedience, search and rescue and even have competed in sled dog events. My partner is happy as that means she can still go scootering with the dog (something she was looking forward to with the mals).

The one thing that researching only told us once we had decided on this breed is how rare they are in this country. Supposedly there are only about 200 in the country, and most of those are from our breeder either from her importing them from France or from her breed lines. I do actually feel really bad that I'm not going to get a rescue this time however as I want the best possible chance of getting my dog certified as a service dog in this country we decided that going through such a good breeder was best.

I, like some of you, have also come from the "traditional" training background. That's the way it was always done and hence I didn't know better. However, with this pup we're going to start with the positive training. We're getting a clicker (actually a couple so my partner can wear out the first one with constant clicking and get it out of her system before we get the dog :p ) and researching socialisation and crate training. We're also going round the different vets and trainers in our area seeing about their services. My partner is also taking walks around our area to see what parks and woods there are. Also this is going to be a big dog once it's grown hence jumping up/biting is not something we would be encouraging anyway.

Part of the agreement with the breeder is that we feed the pup on Arden Grange until it is 12 months old after that we'll probably change to a modified RAW diet. We have a lovely butcher who is happy enough to give us the stuff for free/very low cost. Our breeder will also be helping us choose the most suitable temperament pup and she does a lot of socialisation with the pups.

I've actually been on this site for a while lurking so I will be sticking around but I don't tend to post much on forums generally. Thanks for all your advice and the warm welcome :)


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Wow, are you on the ball or what!! Now i feel stupid to have posted such basic info, for someone as knowledgeable as you obviously are!!
<----- (cringes and crawls off to hide under a rug).:notworthy:

I LOVED EVERY WORD OF YOUR POST!! i SO understand your inner struggle with rescue vs. get this breed of dog,
but, it certainly sounds like you are making a very rational, well thought out decision, in your choice, and i fully understand it. completely, 100%.
I hope you can get the pup of your dreams!!
I'M SO SO EXCITED FOR YOU, and hope so so much, that you will keep us posted in your progress to acquire this pup, and we want photos and updates when you do!!
I wish more ppl put the thought and research into choosing a dog as you two are doing.

//(actually a couple so my partner can wear out the first one with constant clicking and get it out of her system before we get the dog :p ) //
way too funny!!

//so I will be sticking around but I don't tend to post much on forums generally. //

no, no, DO post more often, i love your posts!! and THANK YOU for sharing your decision, your knowledge and your plans, i am SO EXCITED for you, and for this lucky dog, whoever he is!!


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Aww Tigerlily don't hide. I left my first post mostly vague on the research I had done so your advice was spot on. Thank you. :) Also under the rug is worst place to hide, the dust bunnies are quite territorial and quite vicious :p

The pups are born the week of the 17th so we should know around then if we're getting one. Thanks again for the warm welcome and advice :)


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May 17th then??
i wonder when you find out, if you get one or not.
oh wow, i hope so much you get one! I can sense, some part of you, has probably already gotten excited that you may get a pup,
and wowza, is it a let down to have excitement over a dog building up (even if you try to fight it) and then not get the dog. (happened to me via rescue orgs a time or two).
But, certainly, if not one in this litter, then the next litter, i'm sure.

Probably no harm in writing a note to the breeder, about your plans to have your dog become a certified service dog, <----as what breeder wouldn't want THAT on her resume?? but, anyway, best of luck, keep us posted....
we all have our fingers crossed for you!!

btw, you were right about those dust bunnies!!:ROFLMAO:


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Yes, supposedly the week of the 17th May is when the pups are due. I am excited about getting one but I'm trying to keep it in check just in case there are no suitable males in the litter.

The breeder already knows about my plans (I suddenly feel like doing a evil laugh :p ) and is also offered to help us with the dog.
Thank you :)


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LOL, love this post. I like you, stick around. :ROFLMAO: Kudos to you for doing everything right!!! You did your research carefully, spent time finding the breed that fit both you and your partner's needs, you're planning ahead for exercise and training needs of the pup, you're preparing, you found a good breeder...you're going to have one lucky pup! Way to go! (y)
Although I have only known a couple, I love love love Beaucerons, such incredible dogs. Best of luck to you and your pup. There are tons of informative threads throughout this website, and if you have any questions do feel free to post them. We have many helpful members here. :)

WELCOME! Enjoy the site!


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SQUEAL!!!! TOO CUTE!!!! WAY TOO CUTE!!! Cute overload!!!

Keep us posted, and good luck! Tell the truth, have you already started picking out names?


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Actually we had a load of names picked out for when we got a malamute, but then we changed breed and so none of them fit now. Any suggestions for names? Geeky ones are preferable (we are huge geeks ourselves). :D I just love their cute little red noses...


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OOH! it's fun to come up with dog names!!

Interestingly, there are TONS of websites to scroll through dog names. Several of these dog name websites,
have ways to sort out the dog names.

I've always wanted to name a dog after a book or movie character, but, haven't yet.....My current dog, being "almost" dead, (he had 18 hours left til they put him down)
i toyed with idea of naming him "Almost" after that character out of movie "Apocolypto"
but, my daughter said, "mom, picture yourself calling 'Almost Come!' at the park.." ...:ROFLMAO:

So no movie character names on my dogs yet--------However, my current dog
has a LAST name,
so his fullname is Buddy Shawshank.
cuz he did live in a cage for a long long time, and we worked somewhat on redemption.:ROFLMAO:

I am a geek too, or, a geek-wanna-be.
If there is a famous inventor, scientist, explorer, author,
or book or movie character you admire, you could consider those names, too.

Here are some websites to consider, and if you type in "dog names websites" 1,000s of sites pop up. (these are just first five of 2 million that popped up, no idea which is best site)







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