He Caught The Frisbee!!!


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You can phone or email a company who cells compeet frisbees, ask a brand frisbee which is 'soft' to the dogs mouth.
Sometimes I find a tiny bit off blood on the frisbee, such a mix between drool that has a red line in there...
When i check her mouth them she hit her tongue between her teeth or something like that. It's always over when we walk out again. ;)
Doesn't stop her catchig the next one.... She must have it!!
Thank you Madeleine, will email the company Southerngirl has suggested. Ra Kismet manages to scrape himself playing soccer:rolleyes: But it doesn't stop him either!!!!!!!!!


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It could happen, if Ra Kismet decides to destroy his plastic frisbee. a chewed-up frisbee can be pretty sharp, and it can hurt their gums. Dogs usually prefer soft frisbees to harder ones, so I recommend starting out with a soft frisbee, then you can get a harder one when your dog learns to LOVE frisbees, and learns how to catch them.:D
Thank you Dogster. Rakins wouldn't deliberately chew his frisbee (Zeus would though so would have to watch he didn't get his teeth around it) but he may pop it (as he does with his soccer balls). Thanks, was wondering which type to get, LOL never knew there were so many frisbees, will start with the soft one as Rakins also goes 'full tilt' at anything thrown, like his soccer balls!!!!!

I'll need to learn how to throw one before I start with him though, not sure how he'll go catching one of course, LOL probably MUCH better than I would!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you Southerngirl. Not sure which one is best but cost will depend on the overseas postage.:rolleyes: They do quote before processing, which is great, as sometimes the postage to Australia is ridiculous - like $60 + for a $10.00 target stick. Not the companies fault of course, but all the same, I'm not prepared to pay that much. Plus, not sure if they will incur Customs costs either, will need to check that out too. Such a pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes:
If I ever come to Australia I'll bring the targetstick allong in the suitcase for you :D Would love to see your country!