Free Service: Your dog in your signature.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Ok, Let's see if it works now. Had to change my avitar.


  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yup it works! :)
  3. leema New Member

    Works fine. :)

    No worries in making it. I was a long time waiting for customers. ;) Unlike Jean where they were lining up.
  4. leema New Member

    I thought I'd give this a bump for those who still are signature less - and show the sig I made for goldencheddar. :)

  5. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hey that looks really awesome Leema! I like the blend between the two pictures!!! :D
  6. goldencheddar New Member

    Isn't it great?

    Leema did a super job blending these two pictures for me. The vicious looking dog on the right is "Chamois' Golden Cheddar" aka Cheddar. The one on the left is my new youngster "Trifecta's Betcha Can" aka Canon. I use the GoldenCheddar log on just because it is part of my doggie email address! These are my two dogs!

    I love the signature. I may put it in my Outlook email if Leema would not mind!

  7. leema New Member

    That's fine. :) I'm glad you like it that much.
  8. goldencheddar New Member


    I had Leema change the name so that both dogs are in the name. Like?

    I L O V E it!
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    looks great! i bet your dog loves cheese! :D
  10. goldencheddar New Member

    Oh yeah. She loves cheese!
  11. good_doggie New Member

    oooohhhh! I would like to have one. I will just send to you the picture. Tnx a lot!

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