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Discussion in 'Off-Topic & Chit Chat' started by Jean Cote, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. marineangel New Member

    Your dog is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!! she's beautiful!!!!!!!! i'll be getting my German Shepherd next week! i'm so excited! lol

  2. Jean Cote Administrator

    Here is the one I made for lilyr

  3. Jean Cote Administrator

    Here is one for Driving Tenacy, I hope you like it. Let me know, I can always change it! :D


    Code: (Remember to remove the extra space before and after the [*IMG] and [/IMG*] tags.

    [ img][/img ]


    Code: (Remember to remove the extra space before and after the [*IMG] and [/IMG*] tags.

    [ img][/img ]
  4. gravelhighway New Member

    Those are beautiful Jean! I'd be honored to have one with my precious pooches.

    Carmella is the yellow Lab, and Rosco (the Rascal!) is the black Lab. :msnhugegrin:



    This really shows Rosco's personality... I have taken over 500 pictures of him, and this is how most of them turn out :msngiggle::

  5. storm22 Experienced Member

    hehe gravelhighway i know how you feel most of my pictures of koda look like your last one
  6. Jean Cote Administrator

    Hmm. Those colors are a little harder to work with, hope you like the results.


    Code: ** Remove the extra space before and after [*img] [/img*]

    [ img][/img ]


    Code: ** Remove the extra space before and after [*img] [/img*]

    [ img][/img ]
  7. Jean Cote Administrator


    This service is no longer available.

    I'm happy to have served you all for these past few weeks in creating your unique doggy signatures, but unfortunately I have to end making them as it is taking too much time away from the things important to me.

    Thank you all for the people who have given me the opportunity to create their signature, as I have learned a great deal by doing so.

    I hope that you enjoy your signatures!

  8. leema New Member

    I am willing to make signatures seeing Jean has stopped. :)

    If someone would like me to make a signature, please just attach pictures of your dog(s) (or any other pictures you'd like included), the text you'd like on the signature, and any prefered colour schemes or styles.
  9. Jean Cote Administrator

    Thanks Leema! :dogsmile:
  10. drivingtenacity New Member

    I really love my sig, thanks again Jean.
  11. heidib860 New Member

    leema and Jean
    I'm just wondering what type of software do you use for making these?
  12. leema New Member

    I use Adobe Photoshop. Paint Shop Pro is good for basic stuff, too, but Adobe Photoshop is limitedless. :)
  13. Jean Cote Administrator

    Yes I also use Adobe Photoshop :) (Sorry for the late reply)
  14. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Hi Jean,

    I see you've been bombarded by replies! I would like your help too when you get time.
    As you can see by my signature.....I tried to do it, but didn't have the software to add graphics. I have several pictures on my uploads...the one I like the best is where my husband is sitting on the porch with her. (But only if you can take him out of the picture) OR, you pick which one you think is the best.

    If you get time!

  15. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    So sorry, I'm new and didn't see the post till today. Didn't realize you stopped. Hope I didn't bother you. (I knew you were a GUY though!!) LOL
  16. Jean Cote Administrator

    Actually Leema has volunteered to create these graphics. Perhaps if she has time she could do one for you. :dogsmile: You got such a nice dog by the way, if Leema doesn't have the time then I will do it. :)
  17. leema New Member

    Maggie's Mum, I made this for you - I hope it's what you wanted. :)


    To add it to your signature, use the code [img*][/img*] without the *s.
  18. Jean Cote Administrator

    Wow that looks great Leema!!! It almost looks like you had a fan to blow on Maggie's hair !! HEHEHE Great job!
  19. leema New Member

    It looked like that in the original picture!! She's a very photogenic girl. ;)
  20. maggies mom Well-Known Member

    Wow, that was fast. I was just about to log off and saw it. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you so much Leema. Jean, don't know about her being such a nice dog. She was the one with aggression issues. I love her very much tough. We'll get through it.


    Let's see if it works!

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