Doggy Dandruff


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is there any internet nickname for that? for simultaneous posting??


Postaneous replies.

Replytaneous remarks.........

sooner or later, there WILL be a name for that...when ppl post replies at exact same moment.

okay, sorry, bye!!


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OK, She's not throwing up anymore, but she still won't eat. I suspect it's the same problem as when she had the cold last year....:rolleyes:

So basically she won't eat the food she ate before she got sick.:rolleyes: Too bad, 'cause she LOVED it... I may have to abandon it then come back to it later... I don't know what to do... she barely ate 3/4 of a cup today....:( Let me tell you, it has NOTHING to do with her not feeling well, she will eat anything else.:rolleyes:


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glad to hear Shivon is not throwing up now, but worried she is not eating. HOpe she IS eating by the time you read this????

if not, i'd certainly fix up her favorite dinner, or offer rice +chicken. something.

Nothing wrong with abandoning the new food for now, it will not spoil. (The bags we buy at the store are months old already.)
You can try it again later, once Shivon is good and healthy again, this will also help you sort out if Shivon's sickness had anything to do with the food at all.


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ALSO, since Shivon IS a known and proven princess, :rolleyes: you might want to think about keeping some Pedialyte in the freezer. for times she throws up, or has diarrhea, or won't eat.

I pour lil amounts into dishes, like less than 1/2 inch deep,
set them carefully around in the freezer til frozen,
then bag those slabs up, and store in a freezer bag in freezer.:D

then if buddy ever gets sick, my dog LOVES ice, and he will EAT frozen pedialyte, even though i have a heckuva time getting him to DRINK it.:rolleyes:

LIke dogs with diarrhea--------Puking dogs also lose electrolytes so they need Pedialyte replacement, too.


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Yeah, I will DEFINATELY buy some pedialyte.:) And Shivon LOVES ice too. I froze some yogurt and penut butter....:D

Shivon ate more today... I don't know why she does this. She is not sick, she is acting like her *usual* self:rolleyes:. I think I will have to start the switching foods thing all over again, so she can forget about these foods, because she loved them before...
But Shivon is getting a special dinner tonight!!!!:rolleyes: (Ohhhh boy....)


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if Shivon had not vomited prior to her fast, i'd be less concerned. Just skipping a meal now and then is fairly benign behavior for some dogs.
for MY dog, i'd freak out, as my dog has most marvelous appetite you ever saw...he has never skipped a meal in his life, that i can remember, (except for once when he decided he was SO DONE with eating raw eggs on his kibble on Sundays, and he refused to ever eat one again. lol.)

Buddy happily ate raw eggs every sunday, for a long long time,
and then suddenly decided raw eggs were disgusting:cautious: , and THAT, was THAT.:ROFLMAO: He even seemed to worry for sometime after, if i might be sneaking in a raw egg into his food for sometimes afterward, approaching his dog bowl very cautiously, was hilarious.

but, since your Shivon IS a princess, perhaps is no big deal, one(1) meal anyway.................a whole day, would worry me, and two days would def worry me a lot.

Sara once taught me, that dogs were never intended to eat twice a day, every single day, and that she, on purpose, skips a meal for some of her dogs, every now and then, just to perk up their metabolism. so now, i do the same thing, esp if buddy is looking a bit slower, and wow, it does seem to perk him up!! this also works on ME, too!!:ROFLMAO:

so maybe Shivon just does that???
also, lots of dogs do NOT need to eat as much as the bag says to feed the dog.

keep those foods, who knows, Shivon might resume eating them later on. If nothing else, you can donate the leftovers to the dog pounds. It will be the best food THEY'VE had for a long time, i'd bet!!


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LOVE your post, Tigerlily!!! Shivon started to eat the Blue Wilderness again!!!!! YAY!!!!:LOL: I also started to give her Natural Balance (to FINALLY) make her eat. IT WORKED!!!!! WOOT!!!!:ROFLMAO:

About the amount to feed Shivon, I really don't know how much to feed her. Shivon is about 30 pounds, by the way. For dry food, it says to feed her 2 (and sometimes 2 1/2) cups per day. For canned it says to feed her 3/4 of a can for every 10 pounds of dog. I think it's a bit much.O_o I really need advice on this...


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My 35lb boy eats 3/4 cup per meal. for canned food he eats 2/3 can per meal. sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on his weight. (winter he get's less as he get's less exercise.)


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Thank you Sara!!!! I feed Shivon 1 cup of dry food per meal, so maybe I should change that. It seems like she wants to eat 3/4 of a cup now (she left a 1/4 cup in her bowl:rolleyes:) I'm worried about how much to feed her because I don't want her to gain weight (I'm NOT going down THAT road again...:rolleyes:)