Doggy Dandruff


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One of the reasons I feed a variety of foods, extras and add on's, is they wont get stuck on one specific kind of food, and will get a variety of ingredients. Some have potatoes as the carb, some sweet potatoes, some grains (no wheat or corn EVER), and some red lentils. They also have a variety of proteins, Chicken, Whitefish, Salmon, Beef, Bison, Turkey, Duck, Kangaroo, Venison, Pork, and Lamb, and well as a huge variety of veggies and fruits.

Brands that I will feed my dogs

Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul,
Natural Balance,
Blue Wilderness,
Taste of the Wild,
First Mate,
Merrick 5 star Entrees,
Before Grain,
Horizon Legacy,
Horizon Amicus,

Dehydrated Raw:
K9 Natural,

Merrick 5 star Entrees,
Before Grain,
Blue's Stew,

Raw meat, Dachshunds only, Oliver get's sick from Raw meat (usually chicken legs, necks, wings, turkey necks, oxtails, but anything will do)
Canned Salmon
Cooked eggs (apparently raw eggs can be very bad)
Petchup multivitamin powder
Olive Oil
Salmon Oil,
Fruits and Veggies (veggies are pureed)

The only thing my dogs get every meal is Kelp. Every dog should be supplemented with it! Amazing stuff!

My dogs no longer get tummy upset from eating something different, they are not flatulent, are a healthy weight, a good energy level, have gorgeous coats and good teeth.

I will never again feed my dogs only one food day after day... I think that builds intolerances, besides, it's been proven that dogs who eat a variety have a better sense of smell!


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WOW!!!! I NEVER knew that!!!!:LOL: So, how many different foods would you recommend That I feed her over the course of a week???? How do you feed your dogs different foods????? (do you have a schedule????) I don't want to feed her canned (at least not a lot) because she gets bloated from it. Shivon has also had flatulence lately. Smells toxic. LOL!!!! You can't sit close to her!!!:sick: Do you think it's the food???:poop:

How do you give your dogs kelp??? I mean, Is it a powder, or you cook it, .....??? I also don't want to feed Shivon raw yet (sensitive stomach). It's SOOO AWESOME that feeding more foods builds tolerances. Whippets are know to have a sensitive stommach, and frankly, Shivon doesn't know that.:rolleyes::sick: I WOLD REALLY, REALLY like to improve her tolerance to a variety of foods.

What is Petchup multivitamin powder and what does it do??? Do you recommend any othe supplements???? I'm just curious.:)


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Sara, i LOVE that plan!!
Now, since your dogs are accustomed to many foods, do you have to slowly swap out the kibbles when you swap them up, or you can go straight from a full bowl of only this brand,
to a full bowl of only that brand,
in one day?
or do you have to slowly wean them over each time? or how do YOU do it?


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By the way, dandruff came back again this morning, now I'm confused.....O_o How can it disappear and appear again the next day????


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ok here's a typical week, but it changes all the time, and the brands and flavours of dog food change as I buy a new small bag of dry and 12 cans every 2 weeks, as needed, I dont have a set plan, except not to feed the same thing within a couple of days:

Day 1, Meal 1:
Oliver- 3/4 cup of Fromm Pork and Applesauce soaked in hot water with a 1/2 teaspoon of dried kelp powder, 1/4 teaspoon of parsley, 1/2 tablespoon of Olive oil, and 4 shakes of Petchup

Mouse- 1/4 cup of the same as Oliver, and 1/4 cup of Addiction Dehydrated Venison , soaked in hot water. 1/8 tsp of Kelp, 1/8 tsp of Parsley, 2 shakes of Petchup, and 1/2 squirt of Pet Tek Re-Gen Liquid Max(joint supplement) 1 tsp of Olive Oil

Boo- 1/3 cup of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul soaked in hot water, , same extras as Mouse, but with 1/2 the parsley

Day 1, Meal 2:
Oliver- 2/3 large can of Merrick 5 star entrees canned food , 1/4 cup of Orijen Regional Red , 2 squirts of Pet Tek Wild Salmon Oil , Kelp, little bit of hot water.

Mouse- 1/2 cup of CaniSource soaked in Water, Kelp, Salmon oil, a sprinkle of dried Rosemary,

Boo- 1/3 of same can as Oliver, Kelp, Salmon Oil, A few peices of CaniSource

Day 2, Meal 1
Oliver- 3/4 cup of First Mate soaked in hot water, a tablespoon of Addiction Dehydrated Raw, Kelp, Petchup,

Mouse- 1/2 cup of First Mate soaked in hot water, petchup, Olive oil, kelp

Boo- 1/3 cup of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison soaked in hot water, Kelp, petchup

Day 2, meal 2:
Oliver- 2/3 can of Tripett , 1/4 cup of Go!, little bit of Hot Water, Kelp, Olive Oil, Parsley

Mouse- Raw Chicken drumstick, bone in, fed in the bathroom

Boo- 1/3 can of Tripett, Kelp, Olive Oil, Re-Gen Max

Day 3, Meal 1:
Oliver- 1/2 cup of Now Fresh , 1/4 cup of Addiction dehydrated Raw, soaked in hot water, Kelp, Salmon oil, petchup

Mouse- 1/4 cup of Horizon Amicus , 1/4 cup of Addiction Dehydrated Raw soaked in hot water, Kelp, Petchup, Re-Gen Max, Salmon Oil

Boo- 1/3 cup of Horizon Amicus soaked in hot water, Salmon oil, Re-Gen Max, Petchup, Kelp

Day 3, Meal 2:
Oliver- 1 cup of Chicken Soup FTDLS soaked in hot water, Kelp

Mouse- 1/3 cup of Addiction Dehydrated Raw soaked in hot water, Kelp

Boo- 1/4 cup of Chicken Soup FTDLS soaked in hot water, Kelp

Ok I did 3 days... this is getting boring... you all get the idea. I might feed scrambled Eggs with a meal, or Sardines, or Canned Salmon, raw purred veggies, or just fast a meal. I will adjust amounts fed depending on if the dog looks like they're losing or gaining weight, I feed good quality foods, but not all necessarily grain-free (though most are). Mouse cant have canned foods, as she is allergic to metal, Oliver cant have raw meat as he gets sick from it, and Boo cant eat the richer foods like Orijen, Acana, and First Mate.

Mouse has always been able to eat anything and everything without getting sick, but when I started this, I had a base food (Natural Balance LID Fish and Sweet Potato) and would feed half that and half a new food every meal. When Oliver showed no signs of being sick, I started just feeding the different foods. I started adding in canned foods now and then, figured out Mouse is allergic to the metal in cans too and bought some of the dehydrated foods, I have fed Kelp for a long time, but added in the vitamin powder a few months ago, the oils and joint supplement have been used for more than a year.

Boo and Oliver used to get flatulent alot, but that has completely stopped, I think the mix and match of ingredients actually help that, as there is no excess amount of anything.

Meal times are alot of fun for the dogs, and me :)


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Sara, thank you for the schedule!!! And thank you for how to start the process!!!! Since I only have 1 dog, I was thinking of these foods:
Do you think that I should still feed Shivon's original food, Lotus ???? I was also thinking of dehydrated raw and maybe canned:
Is this enough, I mean, I hope it is. I will buy the kelp and the petchup, is it just online???? should I buy the joint supplement too??? Thank you SOOOO much fo all the info.:)


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//"Do you think that I should still feed Shivon's original food, Lotus ???? I was also thinking of dehydrated raw and maybe canned:"//

i vote YES, yes, do slowly slowly wean your dog over to any new food, swapping out only a few of her old kibbles, for a few of the new, untested brand, over a week or two. I'd do that with each and every trial of a food NEW to your dog...some dogs do get sick if you swap out their foods too fast....
and then once you DO have Shivon used to all the flavors you want to use,
you *might* be able to swap them back and forth rapidly, i have no idea.... that might vary a bit from one dog to another dog..(?)

i guess, you will notice how Shivon tolerates a rapid swap of foods that she has been previously proven to tolerate before when slowly might work out that way. (?)

WOW SARA, quite a lil regime you have there, LUCKY dogs!!!


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Sorry, I was not clear enough with my last post. How stupid of me!! I will wean her out of Lotus, I was just asking if I should feed it afterwards, as one of the foods. I`m not sure, because I don`t know if she`s allergic to it or not.O_o


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No problem!

I like Orijen, TOTW and Chicken Soup. I dont like Wellness, as it was just bought out by mars, and that does not make me happy. Also, Orijen and TOTW are both rather rich foods, try to have a variety of proteins and types. Maybe TOTW or Orijen, Blue Wilderness, Chicken Soup, and Natural Balance. 3 are grain free, one has good grains. there are many different flavours to all the foods, so pick a red meat, Chicken, fish and a unique Protien like duck or bison, etc.

I buy the Kelp, Salmon oil and Petchup at Global, but then the Kelp I buy (from Mountain Dog Food) and Pet Tek stuff is made here in Alberta, so I dunno if you can get it out east. Petchup is something new they just brought in, but if you ask Global to bring it in for you, they will.

I like both kinds of canned you mentioned, but I also like Merrick and Blue's Stew, which aren't quite as rich, so a variety of canned works well.

I only started buying the dehydrated raw for Mouse because she cant have canned, and I didn't think it's fair for her to only get kibble and the other 2 get canned. But I really like it, Mouse is doing extremely well on it (she finally put on weight!!!)


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As to her old food, you can feed it, if you want. But what I do is go to Global once every two weeks and pick up a new small bag of dog food. Sometimes it's one we've fed before, sometimes not.

For you Dogster, I would feed one meal straight her old food, and one mixed with a new kind, for a couple of weeks, then mix both meals, but still using her old food as a base, then after a couple of weeks of mixing different foods (one or 2 at this point) try one meal a new food, and one mixed with old food and a different new food. If she's still tolerating that then you should be able to start feeding something different every day.

This is how I started with Oliver, who had an extremely sensitive digestive system... he used to get diarrhea if he got one treat that had a protein other than fish in it (including peanut butter!) but within 6 weeks he was eating 6 different proteins, a different one every meal... now I can give him whatever I want.

If Shivon was allergic to her food, she'd have alot more issues that flatulence, she probably isn't digesting properly, and the Kelp should help that right quick.


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THANK YOU, again Sara!!!!!:D That`s how I`ll feed her from now on (well, once I buy the food). I`ll let you know how it goes!!!!!:ROFLMAO:


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it is some type of preservative, and it is B vitamin,
but it does not make the list of ingredients to avoid:

chicken soup is not perfect, but, for the price, for some one on a budget, it is hard to beat. It's not the best ever dog food, but it is good dog food, and we do make each meal about 1/3 to 1/2 meat. We have sort of advanced from a sliver, to about 1/3 to 1/2!! ha ha!! But, we've had yet another kid move out lately, so we have more meat now!!:ROFLMAO:
Would you recommend Chicken Soup? Right now my dogs are eating garbage because my mom is back and school so we can't really spend a whole bunch of money on dog food :( I would buy the dog food ( if I had a job :ROFLMAO: ) because I'm pretty much the only one in my family who cares about what the dogs are eating. Right now the dogs are eating complete garbage :mad:


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I do recommend "Chicken soup" dog food, i do. It is what i feed my dog. There are better dog foods, but, for the price, of about $1 per pound, it is hard to beat "chicken soup". I also embellish each meal with meat scraps of whatever meat we have had that day-------
fish, deer meat, beef, chicken, pork, turkey, eggs, whatever,------------
but i rinse off all spices of the meat first.

I also bust a fish oil capsule into his dog food a few times a week. I give him raw meat about once a week, but it is a ton of work:rolleyes: to get my dog to "like" raw meat...but i will try Cwolf's idea on searing the meat first.

I think Sara's feeding method is far superior to my own, and i may try to add a new dog food or two, as well, but my dog gets gas on many of the grain free kinds, which often have just too many potatoes for *my* dog to digest well,
so i will have to go slow.
If a dog is truly allergic, they usually tend to get skin problems, but not being able to digest a food well, is not usually quite the same thing as a true allergy. All dogs are unique, and a dog might do well on one dog food, and another dog might get gas or skin problems or whatever.

but my dog has thrived well on "chicken soup" dog food.
ALSO, while we are talking dog foods, most dogs do NOT need to eat as much as the bag recommends........i do think, that is one (1) factor on why in USA we have so many many fat dogs, is the bags tell ppl to feed sometimes twice what the dog actually needs.

Bekah, some of the "garbage" dog foods cost more than chicken soup,:eek:
so if budgets are a concern at your home, (seems true for most ppl)
you might find that "chicken soup" is cheaper than whatever you are currently feeding. But if you can talk your parents into trying a bag,
you have to swap it out slowly, or some dogs get upsets if it is done too fast.

Also, you have to go to a Pawmart, or a Petsmart, or a pet shoppe, to get "chicken soup" but DO call ahead to verify they sell it prior to driving over there. But, it's fun, you can bring your dog in WITH you!!! :D and it is only a once-a-month trip.


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I have a petvalu down the street from me that I believes carries that brand. My brothers dog Jenny hasn't really had a solid stool most likely beacuse of the food she is eating


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LOVE the post, Tigerlily!!!! "Chicken Soup" is a really good food, and pretty cheap, too!!!! I want to feed it to Shivon. Bekah, I think that if Jenny has a loose stool, you should change the food, if you're positive that IT IS the food. :)


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well, i just learned this very week, that if a dog has ongoing diarrhea, one should stop feeding solid foods for 24 hours, and give dogs liquids only.

Give dog PediaLYTE liquid to drink. You can freeze some of it---to get your dog to eat it. Or "flavor" the PediaLYTE with some water out of a can of tuna which was water-packed (NOT oil packed).

THEN, after that--------aftera 24 hours of no solid foods, if there is no diarrhea-------- THEN begin a bland diet, of just plain rice,
then if no diarrhea,
then add a few scraps of low fat pieces of chicken scraps onto next bowl of rice,
and slowly, over a day or so, progress back to normal diet again. If the diarrhea resumes when the dog food is slowly added back into the bowls of rice and chicken, the dog food :cautious: very well might the culprit.

Then, if that is the case, then I'd stop that dog food,
go back to rice again,
(if the diarrhea continues on plain rice, guess you'd have to go back to liquids only all over again!!! just to rest the colon again, and maybe try some PeptoBismol or other ideas on that link)

and then slowly try a new dog food, too, as well as bring a stool specimen to the vet to rule out bacterial infection. My vet says about stool specimens, "It doesn't have to be fresh, but has to be YOUR dog's stool":ROFLMAO: ,
other tips here:

but, prior to this, my dog's first-ever bout of diarrhea, i did not know to stop all solid foods for 24 hours, to "rest" the colon, and wow, did my dog get soooooo so so sick and lethargic, when i KEPT ON FEEDING HIM!!! i did not know any better......:rolleyes: it was scarey to me to see him so so sick and lethargic:eek: like that!!!


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My dog used to eat ``Chicken Soup`` but after a while she stoped eating it:(.
Now she eats Preformatrin Ultra and she loves it!!