Stop Dog Barking by Using Technology P+

By Sally Gutteridge | Behavior

Nonstop dog barking is enough to drive any pet owner insane. If you’re at the end of your rope and can’t seem to stop your dog from barking any time that he meets a new person or that the doorbell rings, it may be time to consider how to stop dog barking using technology.

For dogs that do not respond well to basic positive reinforcement training to stop dog barking, several devices can be used to capture the attention of a dog and discourage him from barking when he is surprised or afraid.

These advanced gadgets to stop dog barking include:

  • Scent Collar: A simple and humane gadget used to stop dog barking is a scent collar. Often called an anti-bark spray collar, a scent collar is relatively inexpensive at less than $50 and will release a harmless, scentless spray every time that your dog barks. The spray is citronella scented and guaranteed 100% safe for all breeds of dogs and puppies.

The purpose of this device to stop dog barking is that each time the collar releases the spray in front of the snout of the dog, the dog will become distracted and stop barking. He will soon learn to expect this distraction each time he barks; this will cause him to quit barking excessively in order to avoid spray in his face. This is a beneficial gadget to use to stop dog barking since it will not cause pain, fear, or any side effects when training your dog.

  • High Frequency Device: Another popular gadget to stop dog barking is an electronic device that emits high-pitched frequencies. This is a powerful and effective way to train to stop dog barking without using crueler methods of shocks or pulses in a collar. The device is equipped with a high-power speaker that can cover a 60 foot radius. It is compatible with any size or breed of dog.

When the dog barks at a stranger or at the doorbell, the device will emit an ultrasonic sound that only a dog can hear. The dog will soon learn to associate this high-pitched frequency with barking and automatically stop. Ideally, this device should be used to stop dog barking in a home with multiple dogs that are difficult to control. If you have one dog that is a constant barker and that excites the other dogs whenever you have a guest, this high-frequency device can be used at home to humanely control and train multiple dogs at one time.

  • Training Tone Collar: Another effective and humane way to stop dog barking at home is with a training tone collar. To clarify, this device is not a shock collar, which should not be used as a method to stop dog barking at home since it will instill fear in your pet. This training tone collar produces three positive training tones that are activated through the collar. As the pet owner, you can associate the tones with positive commands like “sit”, “fetch”, and “heel”.

The negative tones on the collar can be used to encourage your dog to stop unpleasant behaviors, like barking, chewing, or digging. This electronic training system is a method that can be used to get the attention of your dog to stop barking and provide positive reinforcement when he learns a new, good behavior. As a word of caution, many training tone collars are also equipped with electric shocks. Take the time to purchase a training tone collar that does not have an electrical shock; it is not recommended to train your dog using this harsh method of punishment.

Last but not least, if you are struggling with neighboring dogs that bark constantly throughout the night or excite your dogs and cause them to bark in your yard, you can try a high-frequency device that is attached to a tree or fence post.

This electronic device comes with a specialized cone to send high-pitched frequencies into a neighboring yard. The speaker will pick up a dog’s bark and send out a correcting signal. This will keep neighborhood dogs from barking constantly throughout the night – without having to confront your neighbors…

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