Golden Retrievers … The Perfect Family Dogs!

By Sally Gutteridge | Breeds

So, you are looking for a Golden Retriever? I’ve written some important facts about Golden Retrievers that you should read to get a better understanding about this great family dog.

Golden Retrievers make excellent family dogs. They are very easy to train and have a willingness to please their owner, so if you are planning on bringing your Goldie to obedience school, be prepared to be in the top of your class.

Golden Retrievers love to play with his owner and especially loves to fetch. Since they are natural retrievers, it is a breeze to get them to retrieve almost anything. This makes it extremely easy to give Golden Retrievers exercise, since you can simply go to the park and throw the ball a dozen of time.

When choosing a Golden Retriever, especially a young puppy, the color of their coat will change over time and will usually darken once they become adults. A trick is to look at the color of the ears and it should give an approximation of the adult coat color.

Golden Retrievers are big dogs and need quite a bit of activity to stay healthy. They are great for bringing anywhere you go. You can bring them camping, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. And since they are one of the lowest barking breeds, they are excellent for bringing to work with you (if your boss allows it).

If you choose to get a Golden Retriever, you will need to groom him regularly. Their coat requires a lot of attention so that knots are taken out before they become problematic. You will need to set aside at least an hour per week just on grooming requirements.

One of the most important decisions to make when getting a Golden Retriever is where you will get him from. It is very important to research the line from which Golden Retrievers come from and to make sure that there is no history of aggressive behavior or biting.

Golden Retrievers are not guard dogs by any means. They are very friendly to strangers, kids, and anyone that they meet. So if you want a dog to warn you or to protect you from robbers then you may want to look into getting another breed.

If you choose to get a Golden Retriever puppy, it is important that you start the obedience training as soon as possible. Since they are eager to learn anyways, the training will be fun for the both of you and it will save you headaches down the road.

To summarize, Golden Retrievers make one of the best family dogs ever. But you must be prepared to have a large dog in your house and to give him an hour or more a day for mental stimulation and physical activity.

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