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How to Train a Shih Tzu & Choose Your New Dog With Care

Written: March 29, 2012

The Shih Tzu as a family pet, an article describing health risks and training tips focused on this breed of dog.

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How to Train a Yorkie

Written: March 29, 2012

An article offering information on the Yorkshire terrier, this stubborn, interesting and fun dog explained. The write up includes breed differences and common problems encountered by the Yorkie owner.

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The Fundamentals of How To Train a Labrador Retriever

Written: March 29, 2012

An article about the Labrador retriever, comments on weight whilst training with reward. Teaching your dog to focus and prevent fear barking and how to train a Labrador from jumping up to greet.

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How to train a Siberian husky – Canine of Intelligence

Written: March 24, 2012

The Siberian husky. An article that touches on the intelligence of the breed, dealing with husky stubbornness and the inevitable need for intense recall training.

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How to train a Golden Retriever with kindness.

Written: March 23, 2012

A brief introduction to the golden retriever. Clicker training as a technique for training the breed. A healthy and happy dog and breed traits to be aware of when taking a golden retriever into your home.

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How to train a German Shepherd by reward and reinforcement

Written: March 22, 2012

Training tips breed traits and things to look out for from the German shepherd as a pet. Covering a little background on the breed, potential hip problems and socialization.

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How to train a Border collie with positive reinforcement.

Written: March 22, 2012

This is a post concentrating on the breed traits of a Border collie. The article mentions popular breed traits and the best training methods to use with this particular breed of dog. Concentrating on chase instinct, reactivity and positive reinforcement this information should prove useful to anyone living with or thinking of offering a home to a Border collie.

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Has Clickertraining Revolutionized the Dog Training World?

Written: March 11, 2012

Clickertraining is a revolutionary animal training method that has been in practice for more than 50 years. Clickertraining has become especially popular amongst dog trainers in the past decade due to its user-friendly, effective learning style.

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Training Your Puppy Using Food & Praise

Written: March 9, 2012

Positive reinforcement can be used for training your puppy with tools like toys, treats, and praise. This reward-based training can be used to teach a dog commands and tricks, as well as to discourage bad behavior.

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Housebreaking a Puppy in Only 1 Month

Written: March 3, 2012

Believe it or not, housebreaking a puppy can be done in less than 30 days. For the best results, begin crate training your puppy from an early age and never leave him unattended to prevent accidents in the home.

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