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Obedience Training For Dogs in 8 Weeks

Written: February 24, 2012

Teaching your dog to be obedient doesn’t have to be a complicated task when you follow proven methods developed by Professional Dog Trainers.

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10 Essential Puppy Training Tips

Written: February 4, 2012

These 10 simple puppy training tips will make it easy for you to reinforce good behavior in your puppy from a young age. Using positive reinforcement will help your puppy to learn that his good behavior is rewarded so that he will be likely to repeat it over and over again.

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Best Dog Training Motivators: Food, Toys, & Praise!

Written: February 1, 2012

The best dog training motivators to use to teach your dog good behavior are food, toys, and praise. Training with these positive methods can reinforce good behavior in your dog without having to resort to harsh methods of punishment.

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