Clicker Training Conditioning

The objective of this lesson is to teach your dog two things; first that the sound emitted from the clicker means that something pleasurable is coming. And second, that your dog’s behavior is what influences you to click the clicker.

Both are highly important and must be done diligently to ensure your dog understands the clicker.

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  1. As always, thank you for doing this for us.
    You make everything so clear.

    • Jean Cote says:

      You are very welcome! Thank you for watching the video.

    • Thank you Jean. I am new to this site and I am very thrilled to come across it. I have a question regarding the clicker. What do you do if your just with your dog and not training to give a command? Do I need to always have the clicker and a reinforcement? Or can I just reinforce with praise with out the clicker?

      • Hi Lenny. No you don’t always need to use the clicker, but it is used to mark a specific behavior that you want to reinforce. If you can deliver the reinforcement quick enough then no clicker (or any other type of marker) is necessary.

  2. Thanks Jean, your lessons are very informative and fun to watch.

  3. jeanniecogan says:

    i am new to this and wondered what the big deal was about the clicker. thanks so much for explaining. Makes total sense to me now. jeannie

  4. Thank you so much, this video is very helpful! :)

  5. :thumbsup: thank you for this lesson. I realized that i was doing some mistakes. But can you show how to make a dog walk loose leash with the clicker. And when should i give the treat if my dog sits and looks sonewhere when i practice outside?

    • Absolutely! I will be making a video lesson about this in the future, however for now you may want to download my eBook “The Power of Positive Reinforcements”, in it I talk about the Reinforcement Zone and several exercises that you can practice with your dog to promote good leash manners.

      However, it will be difficult because you will be fighting a history of reinforcement with your dog. Stay tuned.

  6. Thanks Jean, very clearly explained and I’m going to practice with my 2 mini Schnauzers!

  7. Wise, organized and clearly stated. You are a great teacher, Jean! Thank you!

  8. Thanks Jean…will get started…and let you know…like your explanation cool and calm.

  9. Thank you mate , your videos and e-book have helped me a bunch and now i feel ready to purchase a dog and offer him all that i’ve learned from you . I appreciate that you and your dogs spend time sharing your knowledge with us for free and i value your help as high as possible . Thank you mate , you gave me a reason to dream that me and my dog will be more than just friends , but soem sort of soul mates . Good Job !

    • No problem at all Paul, thank you for taking the time to watch the lesson and for applying some of the principles that I teach. :)

  10. puregold says:

    thankyou jean for the clear way you explain about the clicker :) as a new owner I wasn’t sure how to use it !! and did’t want to confuse akira with not knowing what I was doing :lol:

  11. i love my dogs :)

  12. jean cote, thans so much :) bear and bingo are my dogs

  13. Jean, once again – a concise and well explained video.
    Going out right now to try it out with our doberman.