Sit, Down, Stand – Game

This lesson is perfect for beginners, young dogs and anyone who want to “fine-tune” their dog’s basic obedience skills.

  • The first thing you will do is teach your dog the 3 basic obedience behaviors that will be used the most throughout your dog’s life. They are sitting, lying down and standing.
  • Then you will associate a verbal command of your choosing to each one of those basic obedience behaviors.
  • And finally, you will be playing a FUN game that will challenge your dog to really listen and pay attention to your verbal commands.

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  1. Luann Johnson says:

    Excellent training idea, fun and productive. Dog’s will learn commands and not just do a routine. Thanks :)

  2. Great, Jean! I will be sharing on Twitter. You’re doing great with all your videos.

  3. Hey, great video! I was just wondering though.. Whenever my neighbour comes home, my dog bolts to see him, ripping the leash out of my hands and once almost dislocated my shoulder when I wasn’t expecting him to pull. If by chance I get the opportunity tell him to wait, he will ( he is very good with that) but once i give the release word “Okay” he bolts. Have you done a video about how to train your dog not to do this? Also, he has awful recall.. Last summer we took him to the beach and he ran from us, right into a strangers tent in a near by campground, not listening to us calling after him.. I can’t wait to read your reply! Thanks again :)

    • Hi Samantha,

      There is unfortunately no ‘quick fixes’ to both of your problems. Personally, I would practice mini training games for both. In case of your neighbour, if he comes home at about the same time every night, you might be able to simply train him to remain in a sit/stay or standing without pulling on the leash and rewarding him for it. You might even want to begin the game at the farthest point of your neighbor, like at the end of your property, so that you can gradually get closer as your dog becomes more comfortable with it. The goal here is to reward your dog for making the right choice of staying calm and just looking at your neighbor.

      The second is a little more difficult, because you need to build layers upon layers to have a very strong and reliable recall. We just recently had a promotion to a Recaller’s course that I think would have helped you a lot, unfortunately the tuition is now full. But here’s what you need to do: get a reliable recall in a controlled environment indoors, and then slowly start adding distractions. So that your dog learns to ignore those distractions and come to you. This will take time … and you can’t go too quickly because if your dog does makes the bad choice of leaving you and chasing something else (say a squirrel) then the bad choice is also reinforced by the chase.

  4. Hi
    Iam from India and having a GSD 5 month Puppy his name is Jack ….I relay find your session useful and love browsing dogtrickacadem site for more trick.Its relay fun ….thank you so much for providing such nice training game for pet lovers.

    • You are very welcome! Have fun browsing the site and be sure to sign up as a member on the discussion forum.

  5. :) Hi jean im stacia i have a almost 4mouth old miami blue pit bull ive been working really hard with her. Her name is Molly she’s doing really good she sits gives me her paw and laydown we are working on stay and picking thing up of the floor i cant wait to teach her more.thats alot for this site.

  6. William Eberhardt says:

    I just recently added a 12wk old Siberian husky to my family and im trying to figure out whats the best way to train him. These dogs are very stubborn lol but you have to love him.

  7. My dog Rupert is very confused, because when he hears the clicker or sees a treat he automatically sits! I’m trying to teach him stand but he does the exact opposite! Also he gets quite aggressive with other dogs at the park, but that’s only because he is on leash. If we let him off leash he won’t come back when we call him! :(

  8. ifeoluwa says:

    how can i train him all these without the clicker?