What Breed Is My Dog?

What Breed is my Puppy?

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He really looked Dutch Shepherd-ish in those puppy pics, but sure doesn't now - wow, what a difference!! :D Now he does look like maybe some Gordon Setter .... and/or ..... ?? Who's your daddy, huh? :LOL: (and who's your mommy, too?) :ROFLMAO: Whoever they were, they sure made a cutie of a puppy!!!! :cool:


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I think we can safely say Mommy and Daddy were very social dogs, def non racist, along with their Mom and Dad too and probably the Grandparents!:LOL: Whatever mix they were, they sure produced a beautiful little puppy:love:


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Just thought I would send some updated pictures of Pico. He is now about 25 pounds and reaching 5 months old. He recently graduated from Puppy 1 training class and was great. I am thinking he definitely has some herding genes in him. But I agree, he is cute none the less.



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AWW he's just ADORABLE:love::love::love: A real studmuffin:love::love: Looks a little like my youngster too, same intelligent, cheeky look:love::love:


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My guess would be Dutch Shepherd x Golden Retriever. His head looks very much the shape of a GR, honestly... though he is a tad small, so I think I'll revise my first impulse and go with Dutch Shepherd and Australian Shepherd:)