k9 crazed

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He's here! and he's wonderful! of course aren't they all?

The first day was just super. After getting more rest and feeling more at home we are beginning to see more of him. Gonna need to be on our toes with this little guy, he is quick!



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Thanks! He's much cuter in person, my camera and I are not getting along! It is making me crazy!
Amateur started a thread to help me become a better dog photographer - from Memory it was called Let's Help Mary K Become a Good Photographer - or something like that. Everyone gave such good advice on how to use a camera and photograph dogs, you may want to find the thread. LOL I physically wrote down all their tips!

k9 crazed

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Thanks ya'll! I think I've been doing a good job whiffing the pup breath and kissing on him enough for everybody, he's really fun! This weeks been a bit crazy with Turbo and then my kiddo was sick, and Diesel had to go to the vet and be on tummy meds seems he has gastritis for some reason, probably the upset in the status quo...poor baby! Anyway, yes he's a GWP. He does definitely do the contortionist thing very weel, but his Grandma still does Maryk, so there's a chance he'll continue! I think he's so cute and if he turns out even near as cute as his Daddy I'm going to be soooo happy Dogster!

648117 I love that "Fluff and Scruff!" I'll definitely be using that one!